Why You Do & Don’t Need a Tripod

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Michael Moodie
  By Michael Moodie
Why You Do & Don’t Need a Tripod www.sleeklens.com

Are you a new and excited photographer ready to all the tools you think you need to excel in your photography work? Well before you go out and get a tripod let me give you an idea of a few things that your tripod will help benefit you in and the other things as to why you wouldn’t need to waste your money on this tool. It fair to say that a tripod is pretty much one of the most common tools used by some and gathering dust by other photographers like myself today. I often can’t remember the last time I intentionally took up my tripod for a job and used it all day. It pretty much one of that thing you probably end up getting just because you see everyone else with one and want to be apart of the crowd. But I mean don’t get me wrong it does serve its purpose in some cases, and in others, it just seems to be laying around.


Your tripod’s main reason it enhances the stability of your camera, so it prevents any form of shaking if you’re capturing video or help to improve how sharp your images are if you’re taking photos. Camera shake can often be annoying and cause motion blur in images and ruin what could have been a good shot. Not to mention when seeing a video and it’s obvious how unsteady and shaky the camera is in the hands of the videographer.

Long Exposure

If you’re looking to capture those shots that require a long exposure from your shutter then, again this should be very close to your camera bag or better yet in your camera bag at all times. Images were taken with a long exposure usually need your camera to be as steady as possible to the point you may have to use an off camera shutter release trigger or timer to begin your capturing your shot. Any form of movement from the camera usually shows clearly at the end of the shot, and that’s not something you really want to see when trying to capture shots of that nature.


Well, this was a given, and anybody thinking logically would already know that you can’t do a video to its fullest potential without using a tripod. Unless of course, you’re doing a live reality series and in constant movement with the camera, otherwise, the tripod and your camera will become best friends.


Most heavy duty tripods tend to have the option of making you camera site at an extended height or be dangerously low but steady all the same time. This may be of a help you when shooting subjects that may be out of your reach of if you want to change up perspectives a little during your videography.

Tripods Can be Clumsy

Tripods aren’t always the safest tools to have and can cost you a very expensive accident if not careful. I have experienced first hand where a photographer had his camera sitting high on a tripod under the impression that it was safe. Well, it’s safe to say that was a mistake because the tripod was later bounced and the camera tumbled over damaging the lens and camera body on impact. My heart cried even though it wasn’t my camera I could almost feel the pain he was probably feeling also.

Slow You Down

If you’re an active shooter like me and like to manoeuvre yourself into positions on a shoot to change your perspective, then hauling around a tripod can be pretty annoying. In addition to that it takes years, well not maybe years but it takes so long to have a tripod finally set up and balanced before you can begin shooting. Especially because if all is not right and levelled along with the feet of the tripod, you may find yourself with a bunch of lean shots that you didn’t plan for.

Extra Baggage

With camera lenses already being so heavy, it can also be a hassle to then walk around with some extra pounds inside or on your backpack on your way to a session. So many times I’ve looked on my tripod and consider the extra weight I’m going to be travelling with and then became discouraged from taking it along with me. If you don’t need it, save yourself the hassle and back pain because it just might not be worth it.

Lastly, If you can’t tell if it’s a good tripod I urge you not waste your money. When it comes to a tripod, cheaper is always the better option as they tend to be so frail and barely sturdy enough to withstand the wind. I don’t see the point in having a tripod if you have to walk around with extra weight to hold it down so before wasting your money on the first tripod you, give it a test first and see how sturdy it is. I hope these tips have been a great help to help you decide as to whether you need a tripod or not. Thank you for stopping by!

Rating: 3.00 based on 2 Ratings
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Michael Moodie
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