Letterhead Templates

The perfect business pitch starts with a quality layout. Become a master of your industry niche with the help of these letterhead templates for Photoshop.

Sleeklens Letterhead Templates

Want to create your own customized letterhead to grow your photography business without spending too much in the process? With these letterhead examples for templates from Sleeklens, it is now easy to customize your own letterhead within a few seconds and communicate effectively with your team and clients. The templates are beautifully crafted to assist you not only communicate but also showcase your artwork in a way that is personalized.

The templates are user-friendly considering that they have clipping masks that make your work simple even if you are not a graphic designer. The letterhead you design with these templates can either be printed in the big pro labs or used digitally when making your official communications. You can choose from a list of multiple letterhead examples for templates and once you download, you will be able to get started using your Photoshop software. All you need is a little bit of knowledge in Photoshop and the compatible version of the same. With these ready, you will be able to get started and letterhead designs your own colorful and professional letterheads within a matter of minutes. Letterhead design for templates helps in building your brand identity. Get your hands over a creative letterhead example to understand the importance of contemporary design. While replacing the provided illustration with your logo, it would be better if you got creative.

Check out these bold, creative and eye-catching letterhead examples to understand more

Starting to Use Letterhead Templates

As you buy any of these templates, you will also appreciate the instructions which are included in each pack to help get you started. All you need before installing the templates in your gadget are any of the compatible Photoshop software versions which include Photoshop CC, CS+ or Photoshop Elements 6+. Which any of these and some working knowledge of the software, designing your letterhead design will be easy since the format is already in place. You can also use the trial version of Adobe Photoshop to get you started. Before you start building your brand identity, you must check out some letterhead templates.

Non-traditional Letterhead

Spread across the 3 sides of the paper, this letterhead’s design, along with the spaces, also includes the contact info of the company or business. It also comprises of their tagline. Due to the presence of a single color, the look stays professional and clean even when the layout and style are non-traditional.

HR Management Services Letterhead

This letterhead particularly emphasis on the logo of the company or business all over the design. This one has every element of the logo (company) used constantly. Although the overall look is simple, the branding of your company improves.

To use a business letterhead template, it is important to follow these steps:

– Choose a business letterhead template that matches with the aim of your company or business.
– Using the drag and drop function, one can easily add, remove or rearrange the elements.
– Then you may add your name, logo, and address.
– The fonts, colors, and icons can be customized accordingly.
– Customize the colors, fonts, and icons to match your brand.
– Now, you can save this customized business letterhead template which can be used again and again.

The beauty of using a letterhead template is that it gives you the power to letterhead design multiple styles and even tweak things up every time you want. You can create different looking letterheads based on the kind of communication you want to send out or use different elements to achieve different goals. With the templates ready, you do not have to spend so much money and time with a graphic designer but instead you will become one and create your own letterheads at your own convenience and from any location. The template does not require an internet connection to work with. A brand identity built with a unique letterhead design stays in people’s mind for long.

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An overview of our Letterhead Templates for PS

Exquisite CharmExquisite charm is one of the best and bold templates available from Sleeklens. This lovely letterhead template comes with clipping masks that guarantee to make your work easier and faster as you add pics and write your text. You can easily drag images and edit them without complications, thanks to the clipping masks. It comes in Layered Photoshop (PSD) files, 300 dpi which will make your final results clear and catchy. With a lovely background and a list of fonts that you can use for your editing, this template promises to give you amazing results that will click with your existing and potential customers right away.

Minimal Pink: Minimal pink is yet another simple letterhead template that you’ll fall in love with. It includes some unique features such as clipping masks and font names thus making it easy for you to add your details and edit your text anytime. You can easily drag and drop your studio or business logo to the letterhead during the editing procedure and this is done without consuming much time or giving you any stress. If you are looking for an immaculate template for all your letterhead needs, then Minimal Pink is your best choice always. Minimal Pink template puts you a step ahead of your competition and also helps your communication to stand out from the rest perfectly and inexpensively.

Cute Lines: Nothing beats the excellence of organized communication as it helps drive the point home without stress. With the Cute Lines letterhead template, you can now communicate effectively and give a good display of your professional skills since it’s clean, organized and easy to edit. The template allows you to personalize all your studio or office communications and you can use it for your needs or help your clients communicate conveniently. The instantly downloadable Photoshop template is A4 sized and comes with Layered Photoshop (PSD) files, 300 dpi.

Petite Flowers: Enjoy the efficiency of communication with the assistance of this A4 sized letterhead template within a matter of minutes. This template also has some great features and comes with two file options in total which include the cover and text area. It has completely editable text which you can personalize using multiple font styles whose names are given in a list you will receive when you download. You can organize your details immaculately thanks to the Layered Photoshop (PSD) files, 300 dpi and clipping masks which makes it easy for you to just drag and drop your pictures during customization.