Year In Review Card Templates

Ending a year is a time to reflect and be grateful for the experiences that happened. With our Year in Review Card Templates, you can be certain there’s a space to expose your best memories of the year that’s just ending.

Sleeklens Year in Review Card Templates

We all like celebrating the major milestones of our lives and especially when ending the year. Holiday photo cards are also a favorite for the entire family and always help us remember and share our joy in a special way. There is no better way to look back into the months which are gone and put the memorable moments together than by using the year in review card templates from Sleeklens. You can let your family and friends know the broad strokes you’ve experienced throughout the year and the predefined space is ideal for you to add those sweet and short details regarding your milestones and proud moments. The templates are designed for Adobe Photoshop and you do not need any prior graphic design skills in order to do your edits. Pick the one that best suits your preferences and enjoy the ease of use and perfect results.

An overview of our Year in Review Card Templates

Mr Snowman: Mr Snowman is one of the best year in review templates you can use to organize your experiences in a meticulous way. It is designed to allow you to add some of your favorite moments captured on camera and do so in a way that gives you high-resolution results. The flat card template has a dimension of 13 by 18 centimeters and comes with 2 file options, front and back.

In addition, you will enjoy working with the different tools it has to offer the clipping masks which are designed to help make your work easy, faster and precise. Considering that everyone wants to work with a template that saves time, you will be able to appreciate the fact that all your images can be added by simply dragging and dropping them on the canvas and then resizing them without getting those rough and uneven edges. The clipping masks work better than cropping tools and this is one this you can be guaranteed of when using this year in review template.

This template is in Layered Photoshop (PSD) file graphics of 300 dpi and its text is completely editable. Although fonts are not included in the download pack due to copyright issues, you will be able to find and download them easily with the help of the names you receive. Mr Snowman works can be used in both Mac and Windows and are compatible with Photoshop CS+, CC and Photoshop Elements 6+. You can share your year in review cards digitally or print them ready to hand over to those you want to celebrate your story with.

Herbal Red: This is another great template you can use to design your cute year in review cards. It has a dimension of 13 by 18 centimeters and you can use the two file options (back and front) to design your cards without worrying about space. The text can be fully edited to help you describe different events or say something about the photographs you use in the design.

Additionally, adding the images can be done very fast and with precision thanks to the inclusion of clipping masks. You do not need to be a graphic designer to edit the template and this also helps you cut on the expenses that would otherwise need to be diverted towards such a venture. As a professional photographer, you can use this year in review to boost your business earnings and design gorgeous year in review cards for your clients.

Golden Highlights: Have you had a great year or faced challenges but came out victorious this year and would like to share your story with friends and family members? This colorful template offers you the perfect space to do so using more than words. You can now tell your story in an interesting way using both text and images and this year in review card template allows you to simply drag and drop your favorite images capturing the milestones you’d like to share. Additionally, you can also use these same clipping masks to resize your photos and have them perfectly in place. Golden Highlights as the name suggests will help you capture those priceless moments if you have Photoshop CC, CS+ or Photoshop Elements 6+. It is designed for both Windows and Mac users who want nothing but perfect results in all their graphic design.

Crispy Dreams: Just share those moments you’d like to relive again and let your family members and friends be part of the great experiences of your year. Your year has been eventful since January and as you come to an end, it is time to look back and put together those moments which have made it a great success in a dreamy way. With 2 file options available (you can use the front and back file options to capture more events), you will be able to select those unique highlights and have them printed or easily shared via emails or through the social media platforms. The template has a colorful background which will easily work with any images you want to use while leaving a captivating impression. You can use this template to design colorful Christmas cards for your loved ones and crown the year in a memorable way.

The customizable year in review templates are ideal for any professional photographer or individual seeking for easy to use tools to organize their memorable experiences in a unique way. You can also use it to build your photography business by designing a year in review cards for your clients.