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Lightroom presets are a popular tool for the craft of digital post-production. Many users worldwide enjoy the capability of not only applying one-click effects in seconds but also syncing said adjustments to batch photo sessions.

What used to take 20-30 minutes per photo could be simply reduced to seconds. In fact, it will take longer to define the mood than to actually develop your photos to their best.

Save time by using Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

We understand the struggles of photographers as we started the road the same way you did: without any prior knowledge, trying to gather knowledge as fast as we could, and practicing 24/7. That arduous journey translated into experience, which we apply to every single one of the tools we produced. Professional tools for people with any degree of experience in the industry.


Depending on the version of Lightroom you own, the kind of product you can use. We offer presets and brushes for Lightroom legacy versions (LR 4-6, LR CC 2015), but also to Lightroom Classic CC – its nowadays counterpart. These preset come in both LRTemplate and XMP format. For Cloud Subscription users (Lightroom CC), we offer a broad range of products under XMP format. Brushes are not available for Lightroom CC given Adobe’s limitation. If instead,

you want to process photos on the go, don’t miss our variety of Lightroom Mobile Presets, in DNG format. We cover different niches for each product, and detailed install instructions can guide you to import into any device.

Compatibility for each product is listed next to its main features.


Expand your creativity with a wide variety of Lightroom Presets


The best part of using Lightroom presets is that you also get an insight into other artists’ editing styles. This is an instant boost of creativity and can also determine the mood in which you plan your photo sessions.


You don’t need to feel restricted to just one niche: give free rein to possibilities!

Vivid Colors

If you felt disappointed about your photos feeling dull, washed out, let us tell you that feeling should remain in the past from now on.


Our presets are infused with vivid tones, aimed to pop up your images and expand their dynamic range while letting you feel as if the scene is live. Don’t worry about overdoing it! The whole idea behind using professional quality presets is to keep the feeling as if this is the original look at the image, not something overbaked or “photoshopped”, as many people label overdone edits online.


You can start little by little, testing effects, tweaking them to your style with the options Lightroom gives you, or even opt for third-party helpers such as The Fader plugin.

Landscape Photographs

We invite you to become one with nature. To explore its vast immensity and enjoy a fresh breeze of air while packing your gear. Our landscape Lightroom presets and brushes are tailored to extract the vividness of green pastures, enhance foliage, or correct washed-out skies.


For different scenarios, we offer product alternatives that bring you resources to expand the original image potential. Say your camera isn’t weather-sealed – a common occurrence for old gear or beginners that cannot afford hefty investments. Our winter lightroom presets consider that and can even emulate the ambiance of a stormy winter day by adding digital snowy effects and correcting the color balance of your photo.

Portrait Photography

How many times have you wondered what could it be if you just had the proper tools to process portrait photos? Well, now you can have the answer to your questions as we offer different solutions for every portrait photographer’s needs.


Some of our bundles are directly inspired by world-renowned photographer Dani Diamond, others are the result of countless hours of editing sessions.


We cover niches such as vintage photos, studio portraits, outdoor portraits, fashion photography, nude photography, wedding photography, and way more. Even your pets can get the benefits of this thanks to our pet photography Lightroom presets!

Street Photography

We love adventure as much as you do! Daylight or night-time, that won’t be an issue. You can plan your upcoming sessions with the help of Lightroom Presets tailored for urban photography, or let yourself be spontaneous since you can acquire the needed tools for the craft in just minutes.


Architectural photography presets, beach-inspired presets, astrophotography, night photography Lightroom presets, and way more!


The best part? Our architectural presets and real estate photography presets are the result of the experience of professional travel and real estate photographers with vast knowledge in the field. Just the best out of the best at your fingertips.

Learn more about Lightroom Presets

In case you were wondering expanded information and insights on what’s Lightroom, how to work with the presets, and gear-related questions, we invite you to visit our info page. More relevant information about how to install Lightroom Presets & Brushes can be found there as well.

Have you been featured anywhere on the internet?

As a matter of fact yes! We have been featured on Infoparrot.com as having some of the best free adobe Lightroom downloads and Lightroomfanatic.com – awarded because of our continuous high-quality products and customer service.


You can also check detailed reviews on the quality of our products at Photofocus.com,

Creative-Photographer.com, Velox.jp (review in Japanese), and many other sites that endorse our expertise in this field.