Marketing Board Templates

Marketing Boards are great for every photographer who wants to promote an event or service. Make them personal within minutes of editing in Photoshop

Sleeklens Marketing Board Templates

Want to give a professional impression to your existing and prospective clients without hassles while still keeping your expenses to the minimum? These marketing board templates from Sleeklens will surely help you do that and promote your studio to the next level of business. The templates are easy to customize and you can use them to market your business thus making your photo session booking experience more engaging and rewarding. The templates can be used to create mini session announcements, flyers, postcards, and social media blog boards and promo materials among other things. You have a wide range of templates to choose from and you can enjoy the leisure of selecting the ones you like.

An overview of our Marketing Board Templates for PS

Lime Spray: Create any of your promotional materials with the help of this unique marketing board template that has a dimension of 13.3 by 13.3 centimeters. It is designed for use with Photoshop and is compatible with Photoshop CC, CS+ and Elements 6+. Working with this template is easy and fast since you have been provided with stress-free tools including clipping masks to help you add you images and resize/crop them within a matter of seconds. Your flyers, mini session announcement materials, postcards or whatever you want to design will always be gorgeous and catchy.

Forest Badge: This is a nature-themed template that promises to unleash the beauty that is hidden from the common eye. You can now take your business to the next level without breaking a bank, thanks to this gorgeous Forest Badge template. It features Layered Photoshop (PSD) files of 300 dpi and the binding has been considered by the inclusion of a bleed. This template is customizable and you can add your desired images or write your personalized text to help engage your clients effectively.

Haunt Me: Let your message “haunt’ all those who receive your marketing materials and attract them to your mini sessions and studio altogether. This 13.3 by 13.3 centimeter marketing board template will always come in handy as you seek to breathe in some fresh air into your photography studio. You can easily give it a personalized feel using different font styles and also add your favorite images to help advertize your work. It is easy to use and instructions are included to help you get started even if you are a beginner.

Night Owls: This Adobe Photoshop template is designed to work with Photoshop CS+, Elements 6+ and CC versions. Its text is completely editable using a wide range of fonts whose names you’ll receive when you download the product. It will be worth noting that fonts are not included owing to copyright laws but you will be able to access them free online. With clipping masks included, adding your photographs only take a simple drag & drop process and you can resize them to get the kind of display you want.

Delicate Dots: Elegance is what you get from this Adobe Photoshop template and you will be delighted to use it to create all your marketing materials. Since it allows for customization, you can create as many flyers or postcards as possible, all bearing a different look and character. The marketing board template has a completely editable text and measures 13.3 by 13.3 centimeters. It comes with an added advantage in that you will receive clear instructions to help you do your edits and customize it to look just the way that you want your materials to appear. To edit the Delicate Dots, you will need to have Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements 6+ versions installed on your Mac or Windows computer.

Peppermint: This unique template comes with front and back covers which gives you the power to unleash your message in an unstoppable style. You can enjoy the attractive background and color combination to enhance your marketing while at the same time creating a lasting impression with your customers. Peppermint marketing board template is designed to work with both Mac and Windows operating systems and you can always expect to get great results for all the advertising materials you make. You can print your marketing materials in all the big pro labs or use them digitally online.

Snow Rose: Spread a word about your business and enjoy new frontiers opening right before you. Snow Rose has some captivating colors and you can enhance it even more by adding your high-resolution pictures as you include your message therein. With the summer quickly approaching, the marketing board template will be great for you to announce your upcoming photo sessions and make your potential clients know about your studio. Even if you are not a graphic designer, you will find the template to be an easy one to use and thus you can save more money on your marketing campaigns. Why hire a designer while you could do it yourself with the help of this customizable template.

Winter Puzzle: Unravel the advertising puzzle and score big with this tantalizing marketing template from Sleeklens. Winter Puzzle is an absolute marketing tool which you can use to reach out hundreds of clients within a short time and impress them with your professional, artistic skills. As a photographer, you need to showcase your skills in an unrivalled style and there is no better way to do this than to use the customizable template to design your advertizing materials. The font names that you can use will be provided with your download thus making it easy for you to find and download them from the internet. You will also get instructions on how you will use the template for all your work.

Paint Me Winter: Enjoy the unique atmosphere of winter and the effects it brings to the photography business with this adorable template. Paint Me Winter comes with some sweet colors which will make all your marketing materials look gorgeous and also create the exact kind of effects you’d want to have on your clients. As you plan to push your business to the new limits, you do not have to spend a lot of money in the process or feel cocooned in a state of helpless with such amazing tools readily available. You can easily edit the fonts and use the clipping masks to add your selected images in a way and style that will drive your message home. Just engage your clients in a more personalized way with the help of this fantastic marketing board template.

Pink Lush: If pink is your color, this template will come highly recommended. It comes with a blossoming pink color that will easily be noticeable and hard for your clients to ignore. As with every other template on offer, this one is editable with Adobe Photoshop and is compatible with Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 6+ versions. You will also receive instructions to help make your customization work easier.

Spring Playtime: Spring Playtime is also a great template you can use to promote your mini session and market your business with ease. If budget is your concern, this unique marketing tool will work great for your business. you card send your flyers, postcards, mini session announcements and any other marketing material you create using emails or post them on your website or social media pages. Additionally, you can have them printed in the big pro labs ready for distribution. The template has completely editable text and you can splash a few photos across the front and back covers just to spice things up a little bit.

Herbal Essence: Green is always a great color and you can never get it wrong when it comes to the design of your marketing materials if you choose this wonderful template. Herbal Essence is a Photoshop template that is compatible with Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements 6+ versions and you’ll need to have any of these versions installed on your Mac or Windows computer in order to do your edits. You can work with different fonts (a list of font names will be provided) to clearly articulate your message as you engage your clients.

Orchids: If you have ever enjoyed the beautiful colors and fragrance of orchid blooms, then you agree that they are always pleasant. This template is capable of unleashing the diverse effects identical with the family of the flower plants on each and every one of your marketing boards. The template is gorgeous to behold and gives an instant effect on your flyers, banners and postcards by making them attractive and professional looking. The Photoshop marketing board template comes with clipping masks for easier photo addition and editing, thus making your work absolutely stress free. If you would like to spread a word about your studio or upcoming mini sessions, then Orchids will be a handy tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

In The Garden: Imagine the captivating nature of a flower garden and the effects of the beauty of nature and you’ll appreciate the power of this great template. In The Garden is an easy-to-use template designed for Adobe Photoshop and works with Windows and Mac. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 6+. As such, you will need to install any of these to your computer in order to edit it. Amazingly, this template has completely editable text, comes with a list of cute fonts which you can use to expressly outline your message. You can also drag and drop your images with the help of the clipping tools thus customizing the template to suit your taste. This template works well for marketing campaigns of all kinds and will come as a great plus for your photography business.

Cozy Autumn: This 13.3 by 13.3 centimeter template is another valuable addition for any photographer who is keen on spreading their message to existing and prospective clients. It unleashes a cool effect that will impact positively on your marketing campaigns and spray all your marketing material with a pleasant touch. Cozy Autumn is compatible with Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS+ and Photoshop Elements 6+ versions and can be used with either Mac or Windows operating systems. Its text is fully editable but the colors cannot be changed. However, you will find its brilliant colors to be attractive and befitting for all your target clients as they are not repulsive in any way. The download will also include clear instructions to guide you on how to edit plus a list of fonts you can use to write your message.

Baked In The Sun: If you love the beauty and coziness of the beach, then you will fall in love with this amazing marketing board template. Squared in shape, the template offers two file options, front and back, thus giving you a sizeable canvas to advertise your business or upcoming mini sessions. If you want your campaign to be successful, this cost-effective tool will prove to be of valuable importance and turn your advertisement into an effective endeavor. The template works with Adobe Photoshop and you will need to at least have Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements 6+ installed in your Mac or Windows computer so as to do the edits. You can effortlessly add your photographs to the layout and edit the text to outline your agenda in a clear, precise and unmistakable style. The cool-looking template can be used to design as many marketing boards as possible.

Rise & Shine: Awaken the potential of your photography business and let it dominate with this powerful marketing tool. The template will surely give a boost to your photo studio as it helps you breakthrough the competition like the rays of light in the early hours of dawn. You can now reach thousands of potential clients digitally or via print using social media blog boards, postcards, flyers and mini session announcements while keeping your budget to the minimum. The layout of this template will undoubtedly be suited for all types of marketing materials and it’ll surely help you spread a word about your business in an unparallel style. If you have Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements 6+, you can go ahead and purchase this cute template ready for customization.

Pink Spray: Looking for an easily marketable and attractive marketing board template for use in your advertisement campaigns? Pink Spray is a great deal to consider as it offers some great features which you can enjoy as you design your materials in a matter of minutes. Whether you are a skilled graphic designer or not, this template will come in handy as the layout has been done for you and the only thing you need to do it customize in a way that best matches your taste. Pink Spray is a real cutie but very powerful for you as you seek to break through some new business frontiers. At a highly affordable price, you can now jumpstart your marketing strategies and add flavor to the already flourishing business. Just release the cool charm, tenderness and sweetness of your photographic business with the help of this lovely Pink Spray.

Cake Smash: Cake Smash is another attractive marketing board template designed to make your advertisement fast, powerful and rewarding. You never get it wrong with this template and the effects can be felt within a short time. Right from the customization to the distribution processes, the template will have a huge impact not only on your budget but also in the responses you receive. You can now slash your advertising budget by more than 60% and increase your returns by a huge margin. The template allows you to add your favorite images using a simple ‘drag and drop’ process which is made possible by the inclusion of clipping masks. You can also edit the text using a list of cute fonts which are available for free from the designers. The fonts are not included due to copyright issues but you can easily search and download them online.

Getting Fancy!: Planning for mini sessions and seeking to make it a huge success? Getting Fancy! is the template to go for in order to realize your dreams. This template for market boards can be used for different marketing campaigns with a little bit of customization. The text is fully editable and the images you see are only meant for preview purposes. However, you can add your own images using the clipping masks which allow you to drag & drop and also resize or edit them to suit your preference. As a photographer, you can use this template to create your own advertising materials or to make money from the same as your design for your clients. The flyers, postcards, mini session announcements and other promotional materials you create can be shared freely online or printed in some of the big pro labs.

Christmas Red: Make your photo studio the center of attraction with this remarkable Photoshop template. Designed for ease of use, this template will help you dispense your business information and draw the attention of the locals thus giving you an edge over your competitors. As you might already be knowing, the first impression really matters and the Christmas Red will help you create the most appealing impression of a true professional. You can use the template anywhere even without an internet connection once you install it in your computer system. All you need it to have the compatible Adobe Photoshop software version installed and you will be ready to go. The template works with both Mac and Windows and is compatible with Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 6+. As such, you need one of these installed before you go ahead with the editing process.

Fresh Winter: Fresh winter means an impressive crop of berries and this can translate into a good harvest for your photography business. You can enjoy new business opportunities with the help of this template while at the same time keeping your advertising budget down. As a professional photographer, you appreciate how expensive it is to spread a word about your business and this can be crippling for anyone especially if you are not well established. You do not have to be hidden forever waiting for the day you’ll generate enough income to market your business. Additionally, you do not have to spend a lot of money hiring graphic designers to put your marketing campaign together. With Fresh Winter, you can break through the barriers and put your photography on the map for all to see. Just pick this template, do a little bit of customization in a matter of minutes and you’ll be ready to go. It’s easy, fast and offers you great precision.

Herbal Inspiration: Enjoy a calm background from this easy to customize template as you spread a word about your photography studio. This template works with both Mac and Windows and is fully compatible with Photoshop CS+, Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 6+. The marketing board template will be a great inspiration to your design work while helping bring out the best out of your photography advertisement campaign in a fresh way. Working with the template is easy and stress-free due to the features and tools included in your download product. Just edit your text using some cute fonts and add your images by a simple drag and drop method with the help of clipping masks. With your design complete, you can distribute your material digitally or print them in any of the big pro labs.

Snowflakes: Do you love the little white specks that accompany winter spell and the ones we wish we could have on the Christmas day? We all love their beauty and sparkle they bring to a dull day and this exactly what you infuse to your marketing campaigns with the help of this gorgeous template. Designed for Photoshop, the template has features such as layered psd files, list of downloadable fonts and fully editable text. Additionally, you will receive clear instructions to help you get started and this is ideal especially for people who are not familiar with such templates. You can create unique marketing materials with this template even if you are a beginner thus taking your photo studio a step ahead of your competition without spending a lot of money in the process. Just purchase this template to redefine your advertisement campaign and infuse some fresh life to your business.

Snowy Smiles: Like taking those cool shots during winter and would like to spread a word about the upcoming mini sessions? Winter is definitely a great time for photographers to reap big and you can spread a word about your photo studio and capture the attention of many prospective clients. As the saying goes, the first impression really matters and there is no better way for you to create a lasting impression than to come up with a high definition, professional marketing boards. Whether you are designing a flyer or a postcard, getting it right from the beginning is really important and nothing helps you do this than to choose this template. You can cut down on designing cost by picking this easy to customize the template and work on your own material even without prior graphic design skills.

Old Tales: Ever thought your photography success is a far-fetched reality? Well, not any longer as you can now achieve your dreams easily with the help of this lovely marketing board template from Sleeklens. Old Tales promise to offer a unique platform which you can easily customize to create your own exceptional advertising materials in a captivating style. No longer to you have to play second fiddle to others while you can easily take your campaign to the next level. The squared 13.3 by 13.3 centimeter template comes with completely editable text and you will also receive a list of cute fonts which you can use to outline your message. You will also be able to use clipping masks to drag and drop your photos for that unique and unmatched appeal. Just take a few minutes and design your exceptional flyers, banners, postcards and multiple other advertisement materials as you amplify your advertisements.

Tiny Bats: Looking for a unique way to market your Halloween photography sessions? Tiny Bats is your solution for this and many other photo seasons throughout the year. The template is easy to use and you can create desirable marketing boards within a matter of minutes. You will be able to drag your photos and drop them on the spacious canvas in a way that gives your campaigns a unique look. You can also edit the text and write your own information including mini session dates, studio name, location and charges the template comes with clear instructions to help you get started and come up with clean marketing material which you can either print and send out digitally. The text is completely editable.

Purple Kitten: Ever seen a purple kitten? I guess not and that’s how unique this template is. The mention of a pink kitten immediately stirs some interest and using this template to advertise your photography work will undoubtedly arouse curiosity in all who receive your material. The template has a dimension of 13.3 by 13.3 centimeters and is large enough to help you create gorgeous flyers, blog and promo boards, mini session announcements and photo newsletters. This high-quality design can be downloaded instantly and used offline as long as you have Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS+ or Photoshop Elements 6+. The marketing board template works with Windows and Mac.

Perfect Match: Interested in a perfect match for your photography business and marketing strategies? Look no further as this elegant template will do the magic and help draw great attention from all who come across your marketing material. It can be customized within a matter of minutes and the results will always be unique and unmatched. You can start generating more sales as you target potential customers through social media or offline. As you plan for the mini sessions in the days ahead, you can make use of this marketing board template to create powerful email newsletters or even create banners for your blog. Why not pick this design rich template and use it even without prior graphic design skills? It is cheap but the results are rich and impressive. It is time to spread a word about your professional photography business and this template gives you the power to do exactly that.