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How to stack Lightroom Presets

Stack LR

Stacking Lightroom Presets is crucial for the achievement of professional post processing results. Most Lightroom Preset bundles have been created to make life very easy for you, but in reality, using them doesn’t do you any favor.

Most presets come in an “all-in-one” package, which means that after you apply only one preset you are basically done. We all know that it is almost impossible to get great results with just one preset. Every image is different and should be treated differently. For that reason, we have many different presets and brushes in our new workflows which are divided into sections to make it easier for you.

Watch our video tutorial for a quick summary of why you should stack your presets and how we use this principle in every workflow we make.

Here is an example of our how each preset is grouped and categorized in our “Color Fantasy Lightroom Workflow“:

all in one color fantasy

base, color correct and more

tone color and tone tint

polish, vignette and reset


Note: These images do not contain all of the presets included in this workflow