The Landscape Adventure Collection

The Landscape Adventure Collection

Editing Landscapes can be a tricky and lengthy process. The Landscape Adventure workflow consists of 56 Photoshop actions made to transform any Landscape image into a stunning beauty!
  • 56 Landscape Photoshop Actions
  • Instant Download
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Photoshop 4-6
  • Photoshop CC
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Summary of Photoshop Actions included:

1.Exposure Actions

  • Brighter
  • Darker
  • Reduce Highlights
  • Brighten Shadows
  • Contrast

2.Base Actions

  • Expanded dynamic range
  • Standard
  • Morning Light
  • Low Contrast
  • Clarity
  • Dynamic Contrast
  • Autumn colors
  • Desaturated
  • Retro
  • Split tone
  • Basic

3.Tone Actions

  • Cinematic
  • This is cool
  • Red and blue
  • Blue and yellow
  • Color pop
  • Less color
  • Frosty
  • Dark and stormy

4. All in one Actions

  • Intense sunlight
  • Subtle Sunset
  • Warm Shadows
  • Hollywood splittone
  • Dull weather correction
  • Punch black and white
  • Expanded dynamic range
  • Subtle dawn
  • Calm sunset
  • Dawn rising
  • Soft golden hour
  • Super smooth
  • Shine into the sunset
  • Love me tender
  • Vivid pastel painting
  • Faded film
  • Deep cinematic

5.Enhance Actions

  • Dynamic sky
  • Sky enhancer
  • Detail enhancer
  • Sunset
  • Cool shadows
  • Warm highlights
  • Deep blue sky


  • Dreamy Landscape
  • Dark dreams
  • Sunset flare
  • Digital image
  • Film grain


  • Warmer
  • Cooler
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Learn how to install and use the included Photoshop actions by watching the easy to follow video below:

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About Landscape Adventure

This collection includes every type of landscape photography action that you may need. From editing colors and contrasts to adjusting the temperature of your images, we give you everything you need to take your audience’s breath away. We have worked with some of the best designers and landscape photographers from around the world, to ensure that all the actions included in our ”Landscape Adventure Collection” are professionally made, easy to use and capable of reducing your editing time dramatically.

The 56 custom Photoshop actions/brushes allow you to adjust the light, colors, contrast and much more in your images, giving you stunning and professional looking results. These easily adjustable actions are compatible with Photoshop versions 4 through 6 and also Adobe Creative Cloud. In addition, like our other products, this collection will also work for Mac and PC users alike.

Get ready to unleash your full creative potential by boosting the natural details of the images you shoot while applying interesting tone/tint effects that will inspire some admiration in your audience. And if that’s not enough, our actions are also designed to make web media sharing an easier task by adjusting the image format for most digital publications.

Before and Afters
What is included:
56 Actions Designed for Landscape Photography
These actions are specifically designed for landscape photography so you can greatly enhance your photos in just a few clicks.
Works With Both RAW and JPEG File Formats
Whether you are shooting RAW or JPEG, these Photoshop Actions will give you amazing results.
Installation Instructions
Easy to follow installation Instructions for both PC and MacOs Operating Systems.
Recipe Guides
Our recipe guides include sample before and after photos showing the exact workflow combination used to help jumpstart your creative edits.
Instant Download
Immediately after you purchase your Photoshop Actions, you will be sent a link to start downloading and start making great photos.
Sleeklens Members Club Access
Access to the Sleeklens Members Club Facebook Group page where you can share your photos, ask for help and stay up-to-date on future products.
The perfect companion for any photographer
The Landscape Adventure Collection
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Verified buyer

Works realy fine!

Verified buyer

The actions interface is somewhat crude looking, but it's a list and they probably have to keep it simply to comply with Adobe rules. I was pleased with the actions overall. A major time saver. Now - if you really want to go all in on an image this is not going to replace that, but for simple processing it is quick and easy. I liked the effect on the "dreamy" actions the most. It gives you a blur that is easy to adjust.

Verified buyer

This collection saved me so much time and delivered powerful results. I'd definitely recommend for use with landscape photography. I used this collection with Photoshop 6 and most heavily used the Use on a Dull Day action, and then decreased it's opacity 10-50%.

Verified buyer

This collection added some great options to my PS actions. The action does the hard work, and I add some subtle tweaks to get the perfect look — a great tool for any developer.

Verified buyer

Love all the actions and so easy to use!!!!

Verified buyer

Awesome product. Easy to use.

Verified buyer

Changed my images from plain to BANG in just one click! Love love love this set!!!

Verified buyer

Just bought it and I still have some things to learn using it but I surely recommend you to buy it !!! It helped me a lot in understanding landscape retouching. Not only you use these actions as a edit shortcut , you learn to edit like a PRO !!! What you're waiting for? (P.S. use creative cloud when using these actions, its alot easier )

Verified buyer

Very god action :-)

Verified buyer

A very god action for Photoshop :-)

Verified buyer

The effect is wonderful. It seems fun to master it. I'm glad I bought it.

Verified buyer

This set contains many good stuffs for retouching landscape photos. If you are a beginner or never bought such a actions, I recommend you to purchase.

Verified buyer

I recently purchased this actions pack from and I have nothing but good things to say about it, it's made my post processing work that much simpler with great results. I would highly recommend purchasing from this company.

Verified buyer

I wrote a review about this workflow in my blog racheltellesphotography/2017/09/29/sleeklens-review

Verified buyer

Fantastic actions for photoshop, I always use them to give the finishing touches to my photos. The results are impressive.

Verified buyer

I love these Photoshop actions for my photos! There seems to be an action for every need I have and they really enhance my photos. I definitely recommend them!

Verified buyer

I haven't played around with them too much yet but they're great so far!

Verified buyer

Does what it says on the tin.

Jun Jung
Verified buyer

I used Sleeklens to give final touches to the image. Basic color correction and lens profiling is done through Lightroom, and brought to Photoshop to use Sleeklens to finish it off. I really like it; The user interfaces are easy, filters are intuitive, and has quite of variety to it. Some filters result unrealistic colors and/or contrasts, but with minor opacity adjustment and masking, you can make your photo look really good at minimal time. Check out my blog at ( to see the full review!

Verified buyer

Unfortunately, I could not use this workflow as it was not compatible with my version of Photoshop Elements (I use PSE 14). Since then, I have started using the Lightroom equivalent and absolutely love it! The workflows are very easy to use and greatly improve my photos.

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