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Matthew Stallone, a real estate photographer out of Canada, has worked years perfecting his skills to produce some of the most breathtaking photography ever seen. His photography and videography company, Stallone Media, is amazingly successful and now Matthew has partnered with Sleeklens to produce the perfect course for helping those who have been wanted to get into real estate photography make the jump! The Mastering Real Estate Photography course showcases all of the basic skills needed to get started and the step-by-step editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop to get the best results possible!

This course covers all of the common questions that many new real estate photographers have when it comes to getting started. First, Matthew talks about the basic flash units and transmitters needed to pull off his signature style. Next, he covers the basics of on-camera flash as well as the basic compositional elements when photographing a home. Then, Matthew covers the basic principles of combining flash photography with ambient shots and how different that style is compared to HDR (high dynamic range) photography. Finally, to finish up the interior section, Matthew will show you all the techniques for not only photographing a room but creating a mood using light painting. This is a great way to make your photography stand out from other photographers who simply take a photo and move on. In the following section, Matthew talks exclusively about exterior real estate photography. He will show you some simple things to think about when photographing exteriors during the day such as composition and the different angles to capture. In the last video for this section, Matthew covers creating one of his signature twilight exteriors just using one image starting in Lightroom and moving to Photoshop. You will also receive the files used in this course so you can follow along and learn step-by-step.

If you have ever wanted to learn real estate photography from a real professional, this course has everything you need to get started and create amazing images!

You will learn:
bg Flashes and Transmitters
bg Compostion
bg Combing Flash and Ambient Exposures
bg HDR vs Flash
bg Light Painting
bg Editing in Both Lightroom and Photoshop
bg Simple Twilight Photography
bg Creating LR Presets
Flashes and Transmitters

In this section, Matthew covers some of the basic types of flashes and transmitters you might need to consider to start taking your real estate photography to the next level.

Basic Off-Camera Flash

In this video, Matthew covers some of the basic concepts for using off-camera flash as well as the editing process.

Composition and Editing

Matthew takes you around one of the most important rooms in a home, the kitchen, and shows the different compositions to consider as well as some simple editing techniques in Lightroom to produce the final image.

Combing Flash and Ambient

Combining an ambient shot with a standard flash image is a great way to step up your interior photography and get out of relying on HDR. In this video, Matthew shows a simple way of making a “Flambient” image from start to finish.

Light Painting Interiors

If you want to set your real estate photography apart from the others in your area, creating a scene using light-painting will certainly achieve that. Matthew will show you exactly how to do this on location as well as showing you how to create the photo using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Exterior Photography Practices

Exterior real estate photography can sometimes be overlooked but in this two-part series, Matthew walks you around a home showing the different shots to consider as well as some different aspects for editing exterior images.

Creating Easy Twilight Exteriors

One of the most “show-stopping” photos you can create in real estate are Twilight exterior photos. In this section, Matthew shows you how easily and quickly you can create an outstanding twilight photo using just one image.

Creating Real Estate LR Presets

When it comes to real estate photography, working quickly to deliver your final photos to the realtor is a must. One way to work as quickly as possible is to create custom presets to allow you to apply common edits to your photos automatically. In this section, Matthew will show you some different things to think about when making your own custom preset.

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Excellent content

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Great course! I was looking for content on how to properly start working with real estate photography, and no YT video covers this much in depth. Thanks Sleeklens!

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Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I found it really helped me understand real estate photography. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into this business!

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