Photo Release Form Templates

Every photographer needs Photo Release Forms. These templates are easy to adjust and make your business appear professional and creative.

Sleeklens Print Release Form Templates

Photography is a great business and could without a doubt help transform your life. However, things could also not go how you planned if you are not careful, especially if you consider the ever-increasing competition. Unlike in the past when you could only release the photos you’ve shot in form of print and negatives (film), today you are able to release CDs and DVDs to your customers, which is a great development in the industry. Whenever you release such products to your clients, it should always be accompanied by a photo release form which not only allows them to print the photos but also indicates that you as the photographer have all the rights for those images.

Print release forms are very essential, but can also be challenging especially if you have no idea how to design them. With our Picture Release Form Templates, it is easy for you to grow your business and protect it from any eventualities or challenges that the current or future market may throw your way. Photography Print Templates are a must-have for any professional photographer, as it helps relieve the constant worry of copyright wording whenever you release your photo prints to a client.

The different templates are beautifully designed to coordinate with the various types of photography sessions including children photography, wedding photography, graduations, newborn photography and much more. Each of these templates offers unique advantages, which you are guaranteed to enjoy every time you use them.

Why do I need to use Print Release Forms?

Whenever it is time to distribute your photographs, it is necessary to preserve the work that has been done. The dissemination of such images by any means without proper consent can actually harm your business, given that other “photographers” could take the opportunity to accept credit for your work, presenting it as their own.

Therefore, when you use these templates, you are ensuring the integrity of your work; establishing a healthy exchange between the customer and your ability, allowing the use of these images only after prior authorization.

Completely editable

Each of our release form templates can easily be edited to meet your needs and reflect your personality. The templates allow you to add your photos and use different texts to communicate your message to those who come across the forms. You can, therefore, include your business name, photos or art and the client’s name as well. Since they are 100% compatible with Adobe Photoshop, you will always be guaranteed of high-quality results which are presentable and positively representative of your brand.

They are convenient

These templates are designed to suit your own style. You can create “fill-in-the-blank” cards which expressly define the parameters within which your clients are allowed to print the digital files for different purposes. The files will surely help identify and sell copyright information without complicating the process. With the photo release form templates, you will always be able to give clear instructions to your clients on how to use the granted permission but on a positive approach thus helping create returning customers.

Saves time

These forms are definitely time-saving since you only need to briefly explain the parameters within which your work can be printed before signing along the dotted line. Unlike other long processes of explaining how copyright laws work or how certain actions should be avoided, these release forms are simple and straight to the point thus making them ideal for any photographer out to protect his turf. With any of our Release Form for Photos, you only need to write down a short statement and all your work will be protected. A short statement like, “This release form offers guidelines on how the digital prints should be used while at the same time giving permission to my lab/studio to do any future printing for you.” Just something simple and everything is clear and uncomplicated.

Helps you maintain a professional look

Your business toolkit should, at least, look professional and presentable if you are to continue marketing your venues. Each of the templates has a unique design that is representative of different photography aspects. Whether you are dealing with children photography or wedding photography, you will always have a design that perfectly suits that field while portraying a very high level of professionalism. The use of these templates will also help remind your clients that you are in professional photography while reminding your clients of the necessary parameters within which the images can be used or printed. This has been happening in our digital industries including online magazine subscriptions and digital music and your photography business needs to upgrade to enjoy the same protection.

The fact that you can instantly download these templates into your Window PC or Mac for unlimited use makes them suitable for any photographer. The fully customizable PSD files from Sleeklens can be used an unlimited number of times within the outlined parameters and this is something that will surely help you to save more money and put a personal touch to each release form. You can also enjoy the instructions provided to help you in the installation and utilization of the templates at any given time.

How can I use them?

The advantage of working with templates for Adobe Photoshop is that any work to be done becomes an easy and efficient process. You simply have to select the image that you want to use as part of your template and import it into Adobe Photoshop.

With Clipping Mask work mode, all that you need to do is drag the image over as a new layer, position it with the Move Tool or adjust its size, and then apply the Clipping Mask method as shown in our instructions in the FAQ section. But have any other questions, each product brings with it two layers of support: one contains the instructions and another to show the margins of the template to work within before it’s time to be printed. Remember to turn them off prior saving your file!

All the photograph release form templates are designed to allow you to print in the standard professional labs such as MaxPRO, WHCC and Miller’s among others. Once you have designed your forms and are satisfied, you can easily print them anywhere as long as there are professional printing services available. It is, however, important to print in the recommended labs to make your final print results more professional and of high quality.

 The templates are available in different fonts and all the fonts have been clearly named for easier identification and use. However, you will appreciate that these fonts are not only unique but also easy to install in any system. It is also worth noting that our collection of templates are compatible with different Photoshop versions including Photoshop Elements 7-14, Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS.

Each photo release form template is designed to not only protect your business but also help impress your clients with quality, stylish and professional results right from the beginning. Every release form you design and create using these templates will go a long way not only in safeguarding your work but also inviting potential business opportunities in future. Just choose the one that best relates with your photography style and enjoy a combination of a professional style and delicate details.

An overview of our Photo Print Release Form Templates for PS

PhotobookA print release template with charm and style. You can show the best photographs of your portfolio with this contemporary design, ready to give you that professional touch to your business.

Petite BouquetWhen you are looking for that unique effect of classic elegance, this template can be your best ally. A hand script typeface, a pristine composition and much to say add a photograph to make that leap to the professional level that your business deserves.

Make It GlitterCheerful, youthful effects. Ideal for any photography business geared on children photography or creative photography. With this nice design, you won’t be making any mistake when giving your customers the last receipt of the end of their photographic project.

Studio LightsMinimalistic, appealing design for most photography studios, with our “Studio Lights” template you’ll find a lifelong companion for your business adventures.

Color SplashThere isn’t something as perfect as a colorful, delicate design to promote your photography business; and, why not, apply the same concept to your business templates? Inspire your customers with this tender card, ideal for most children photography businesses.