Birth Announcement Templates

Whether you are a newborn photographer or just a hobbyist, these birth announcement templates will surely impress your clients & friends.

Sleeklens Birth Announcement Card Templates

The arrival of a newborn is always filled with joy and a desire to share the good news with all and sundry. This tiniest and newest member or members of the family is always the fulfilment of dreams and long moments of waiting and sharing the news with the world need to be done in style and professionalism. With our Birth Announcement Templates, you can create some adorable and personalized cards to break the news to your friends and family members thus making the moment memorable and unique.

Birth announcement card needs to be colorful to capture the mood of the moment and what you feel might not really be captured in the standard cards you find in the shelves. As such, you can easily come up with your personal designs using these Birth announcement card templates which are fully customizable to suit the needs of every new parent. The templates feature fashionable designs specially created by skilful designers to give you nothing but the best results. These templates are advantageous in that you can easily work with them to come up with birth announcement cards which will be enviable and attractive.

Why do I need to use Templates for Birth Announcements?

Regardless of if you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast who sees photography as a hobby, there are moments that are special in your life. Using a Birth Announcement Card Template to announce the arrival of the newest member of your family is going to turn that special day into an unforgettable memory, and above all, a way to bring your family closer, since you can send these adorable cards to those family relatives who live far away from you.

Go beyond the normal, do it in style…

With fully editable texts and space for photo addition, you will be able to capture some of the most dramatic moments since the arrival of your baby and share them with the world even as you announce the arrival of the new member/s of the family. Your announcement doesn’t have to be standard and doesn’t have to follow the common path followed by everyone else. Instead, you can take your design a notch higher using the different birth announcement templates available to come up with the best cards possible.

A personal touch is always possible…

All the templates come with a wide array of colors, different fonts and delicate calligraphy to help you work on your announcement in a way that beats the rest. You can use these templates to announce the birth of your girl or boy using different colors while expressing your joy with different shades and tones. You can add the photos of your newborn right from the very first hours using the simple drag-and-drop tools available with the template. These templates are designed to allow you to personalize every detail in the card including the baby’s names, photos and even the parent’s details. Everyone who receives the birth announcement card will definitely be mesmerized and be a part of the joyous moments.

A wide array of printing options

All the Birth Announcement Templates feature the perfect design that will really set the theme and the mood of the occasion. You can easily print the announcement cards with some of the major pro labs including MpixPRO, Miller’s, and WHCC among others. Your family and friends will definitely be pleased to share those magical moments with you right from the onset. Do not make the moments dull or go the standard route. Instead, let your artistic, personal touch be evident in each and every birth announcement card you send out to your folks with these selected templates.

Multiple effects and looks

The different templates are designed to give different effects and you can get different looks on your cards including retro, vintage, rustic and the like. If you thought that retro was already outdated, try some of these baby arrival announcement card templates and you will be surprised at what you get. You can easily keep those old values intact but with an aesthetic touch using the incredible card templates even as you share the good news with your family and friends.

If you are seeking new ways to pass the same message to different people in your life, these templates will prove to be of great help. The photographer templates are designed for those special moments in your life were making an announcement in style is all that matters. Every card you create using these templates can be a valuable reminder presentable to your friends and family members.

Sounds great! How can I use these newborn birth cards?

A fast and neat process! Start out by choosing your own images that best fit the occasion which your templates will be used for. Once you decide on which template images you plan on using, It will be time to look at the template’s layers. You will notice that the first two layers are instructions, like patterns to act as a guide. These first layers are not usable for the finished product, as the first show the cut lines to follow for when the time comes to print, and the second layer contains the instructions for the clipping mask. (Before saving the final image, you’ll want to make sure that the first two layers are set to hidden status.)

Next, the images that you decide to use with the template simply need to be dragged into Adobe Photoshop and work your way through using the Clipping Mask method. This method offers a neat interface as well as an efficient process to work with. Also, with this method, you won’t have to worry about how the image will affect bleed when printing. For more complete instructions on the installation and use of our Photoshop templates, you can find our step by step guide under the FAQ tab.