Save the Date Card Templates

Invite your friends with style or become your client’s favorite photographer by designing stylish and professional looking save the date invitations. Easily adjustable in photoshop

Sleeklens Save the Date Card Templates

The most important day of your life is getting near and everything seems to be in a chaotic state? That day in which everything is going to change and begin a new endless adventure together with the person with whom you decide to share your life. There are a few things in the wedding day process which can often become an incredible headache when planning the finer details of the event: catering, list of guests, party location, coordinating the event, photographers, etc. Without a doubt, you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of elements that go into organizing such an event, but we can take a big step beyond the conventional ways to give a unique touch of elegance to our wedding with these Card Templates.

Save the Date Card Templates? What are those?

As the name suggests, these are templates for Adobe Photoshop, specifically designed to go along with most wedding invitation ideas and styles.

Part of the elegance of the event comes early with the style of your “wedding invitation” which you choose to use to inform the guests of this upcoming memorable event. Would then… In what will help the templates help us? Simple: you do not have to design the style of invitation, but choose a picture more important to you, and let Adobe Photoshop do the magic for you.


Amazing! Where do I start?

This whole process can be an animated experience which you start by simply picking which of your images you are going to use, as well as selecting which one of our templates will best match the needs of your preferred style. Once you decide on which template you plan to use, you will notice that the first two layers are instructions, like pattern guides. The first layer is non-usable as it shows the cut lines for when the time comes to print, and the second layer contains the instructions for the clipping mask. Be sure to change the status to hidden prior to saving the final file.

The procedure for crafting your invitations is really simple, you’ll just need to drag the images you want to use into Adobe Photoshop and then work with the Clipping Mask method, which allows a neat interface as well as an efficient method to work with. With this method, you also won’t have to worry about how the image will affect bleed during your print. For more complete instructions on the installation and use of our “save the date” templates, our step by step guide can be found under the FAQ tab.

An overview of our Save the Date Card Templates for PS

Touch of Pink: Petite and delicate like a rose. Are there any softer or more pleasant words that can be used to define a future wedding? Elevate the soft style of your dream wedding with this invitation design.

Our Classy Wedding: An invitation which has been designed with the specific thought of those people with more traditional and classical taste. Serious, elegant and refined – the perfect invitation with a style that will never disappoint.

Confetti Dreams: Fall in love with the fun, energetic effect of confetti that will give your invited guests a taste of what fun lies ahead at your wedding event! Ideal for invitations in which you are planning to use images in B & W.

Be Mine: Just as romances tend to be: whimsical, blissful and decided among other things to mention. Don’t miss this incredibly useful tool kit for creating your invitations in Adobe Photoshop, Starting the occasion out with a perfect memory of your ceremony.