Facebook Timeline Templates

Take your photography business to the next level with our professionally made Facebook Timeline templates for your Facebook page.

Sleeklens Facebook Timeline Templates

One of the main challenges of contemporary photographers focuses on the moment of promoting our work to attract more customers. And with the growing popularity of digital media, the work of a professional photographer is often placed in question. If we talk about promoting our work, we cannot ignore the potential of Social Media, and above all things, Facebook, as the main platform for the sharing content worldwide; therefore, a campaign via Facebook will ensure a unique potential for our business. This is why the overall look of your profile is important. And Facebook timeline template can contribute to a more professional look.

I am a photographer – how do I start a campaign on Facebook?

First of all, as photographers… What is our goal? The quality of our images. And even though there are hundreds of tools and techniques to use within Social Media to promote a product or a service, nothing will speak better of us than a well-accomplished image. Digital portfolios, whole albums dedicated to showcasing the quality of our work, our creative instinct and our experience… However, as many already know, despite offering hundreds of photos, that often come in a disorganized way, far too tedious to explore, it will be a complete waste of time if we don’t capture the attention of potential customers through a first impact. Give the best first impression with Photoshop editable Facebook timeline template by Sleeklens!

That first impression is the one that matters in this job, and given the strides on Facebook since its inception to the present day, we could say that our Facebook profile (or page) is going to serve as a secondary service to what may be our website. Fortunately for us, there is an easy and efficient way to promote our well-accomplished effort with style and elegance: Photoshop Facebook timeline templates.

Sounds cool! How can I use these templates?

You will need to start by picking which of your images you are going to use, as well as the Facebook timeline template that is best suitable. After you get into your chosen Facebook timeline template, you will notice that the first two layers are instructions, like pattern guides. The first layer shows the cut lines for when the time comes to print, and the second layer is the instructions for the clipping mask, both of which will need to be hidden before saving the final file.

Once you have got your images selected, you will need to drag them into  Photoshop and then work with the Clipping Mask method, which allows a neat interface as well as an efficient method to work with. With this method, you also won’t have to worry about how the image will affect bleed during your print. For more complete instructions on the installation and use of our “thank you car” templates, our step by step guide can be found under the FAQ tab.

Is there anything else I should know?

Fortunately, no. Facebook timeline templates became a trend that came to stay, such as with wireless devices and so on with pcs, for us, Photographers won’t be like that as we don’t need to be doing a constant investment of our products; Photographers templates prove themselves to be similar to puzzles, where you need to fill your blank spaces with content in order to know what to do next.

Taken with extra care, these Facebook timeline templates can surely become lifelong companions for any user; with an immense display of options for the photographer to test. Take a look below for a brief summary of the Photoshop Facebook timeline templates we are currently offering – the sky is the limit for us.