Sleeklens Photography Courses FAQs

Hello and thanks for your interest in our Photography Courses! To grant you the best experience with the courses we’re offering, we would like to answer the most common questions we have been getting so far. Let’s get started!

Q.: How can I access my courses? I’m not getting a download link via email.

A.: Sleeklens courses are only available through Live Streaming. We do this to protect the quality of our content and make it accessible everywhere, either from mobile phones, tablets or PCs/Laptops. To access your course you simply need to get back to the product page where you purchased your course and all videos will get unlocked after the purchase is made.

Q.: Do these courses expire? How long can I access them after purchase?

A.: You’ll have lifetime access to the courses purchased in our site. As courses are not being offered anywhere but in the site, the access method mentioned above is the only way to access the courses.

Q.: I cannot access my course after purchase. What should I do?

A.: It may be an issue with your network connection (possibly), but it can also be a bug from our site. If after testing your network connection you are still experiencing issues when trying to access your course please contact us at [email protected]. We’re here 24/7 to help you to solve these issues as quickly as possible.

Q.: Do I need to have any special hardware to stream the videos?

A.: No. As our videos are not very graphic-demanding you won’t experience any issues when streaming them through your devices. Word of advice: please consider plugging your Laptop/PC to your Television for the best streaming experience, you won’t regret watching FullHD video learning resources!

Q.: What’s the average learning level of these courses?

A.: Our courses have a friendly learning curve as they are targeted for users who do not have any previous knowledge of the topics we’re covering, but they also work gradually towards advanced and mastery level for the topics to be exposed. If you happen to be entirely new to this fascinating world, don’t lose the chance to access our courses to get the best tips from professionals about photography. In case you are a well-experienced user… what can we say? Well, there’s always room for improvement!

Q.: Is it essential to own a copy of the software used with the video?

A.: The short answer to this would be yes. Photography these days require us to do a great deal of post-production to get the most out of the images coming from our cameras. It’s the digital version of old darkroom procedure. We recommend that you visit Adobe’s website to get more information about the best subscription plan for the product you would like to purchase (yes, Adobe now works on subscription program rather than old perpetual licenses).

Q.: Can I gift this course to a friend after completing it?

A.: Unfortunately our courses cannot be transferred to other users as gifts.

Q.: Are there any resources included in the course?

A.: Depending on the course you purchased, yes. Resources will come in zip files ready to download.

Q.: I cannot download the resources file! What can I do?

A.: Please contact us at [email protected] to get more help with this.