Professional Online Photography Classes

Online photography classes by Sleeklens are the best place to start honing your photography skills. Whether you are getting started in photography or have been in the business for a few years, finding a place for learning new skills and techniques to improve your photography can be difficult. We don’t talk about just digital photography as a discipline but to get a complete course for photography, from beginners to professionals, with easy-to-understand lectures on the fundamentals.

Streaming only, not downloadable.

Why Sleeklens Photography Courses?

Many courses on photography will show you how to use a program like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom but just learning how to use the program isn’t enough. Photographers want to learn the skills that many of the professional photographers use to make amazing photos, not just how to use the programs. This is why we are creating the Sleeklens Online Photography Course Library which allows you to stream premium courses to any device: just log into your account, access the videos you want to stream everywhere. PC/MAC, smartphone, tablet, smart tv, you name it! A digital university on creative content waiting for you.

Available 24/7, you can re-watch the courses as many times as you need, with digital downloads like photos or PDF resources to help you become the best version of the professional photographer you aspire to be. Our content is made by professionals, tailored for both amateurs and professional photographers, covering a wide range of topics like Beginners’ Guide to Photography, Digital Camera managing, how to build a business as a professional photographer, Lightroom and Photoshop Essentials, Color Correction, Drone Photography, Real Estate Photography, Landscape, and Portrait Editing, and many other etcéteras you can picture on photo graphics course and photo editing.

If all that wasn’t enough, we offer you to become part of our ever-growing community of photographers. Our forum will give you room to ask questions on those topics you were always curious about, with speed answers by the authors themselves. A truly effective way for not only learning about the fundamentals but also broaden your knowledge whether we talk about portrait photography, videos, camera, the classes, or any other question related to online photography classes. A photography community made for you.

What is More Important? Better Gear or Training?

One of the most common myths in photography is that using better gear will make you a better photographer. That is simply not the case. No amount of expensive gear will produce better photos unless you have a basic knowledge of photography. One thing you can invest in is training and the education of photography. This is why photography courses are so important as they allow you to learn from other photographers to learn from their mistakes.

What should I focus on learning about photography these days?

First of all, let’s debate on where do you currently stand in photography knowledge. If you are someone who didn’t move past compact cameras or smartphone photography, it may be a wise idea to take on the fundamentals of photography as your start point in this long journey. By fundamentals we mean the basics of photography: exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO values, the best hours to take a certain kind of photo, how to use accessories… you get the point. There’s no need to feel frustrated or rush this process as practice only makes you better, that’s the hard-earned lesson masters of photography have been teaching us for many years.

Consider your photography training as something more compelling than just a hobby to approach. The internet today offers you a complete online school, with online courses, video lessons from multiple sources – either from professional photographers offering their knowledge to their YouTube audience, paid online courses, blogs, gear review – the possibilities are infinite.

The next natural step would be to evaluate your goals. Don’t fall short on this, and citing Grant Cardone’s “10X Rule”, let’s do this tiny exercise of 10Xing your potential goals for an exciting photography journey.

  1. Your average goal: Become a professional photographer // Your 10X goal: Become a master on the photography niche that appeals you the most
  2. Your average goal: Start your photography business from home // Your 10X goal: Become an authority in the photography industry by building a massive audience, a big client portfolio, and even teaching photography as part of your craft.

You get the point, right? The options are endless, and you shouldn’t put a cap on your dreams just because you feel insecure about how quickly you can develop your skills to take effective photos for your online portfolio. Now let’s cover some essentials you need to master for this constant-growth mindset in photography:

  1. Social Media: If your content gets no audience there’s no growth. Scale-up your business by expanding your channels, meaning don’t just stick to Facebook/Instagram and aim for photographers platforms like 500px, Flickr, DeviantArt, or even Behance and Dribble. Reddit also offers interesting forum-like places to learn, share, and practice your networking skills. For networking, LinkedIn and Twitter are your tools for the craft.
  2. Graphic Design: Graphic design goes hand-by-hand with photography these days as customers seek for an integral service. It’s not just taking the photos but preparing them for print, arranging albums, maybe even create an advertisement out of it. But what about promoting your services? Your message should be loud and clear, it has to speak about quality, expertise, delivering professional results – and instead of feeling frustrated about how much money you need to spend to make your business a reality, why not learn the skills required for it? Learn how to create your brand’s logo, how to deliver your pitch via powerful social media publications, how to engage potential customers with your services by admiring your aesthetics on your professional website. It may seem a bit too much right now, but believe us, the journey is 1000% worth the effort.
  3. Patience: Results don’t come overnight. If anyone approaches you with such statement, it’s not only misleading but downplaying their own journey as photographers. You will fail and learn from the outcome, you will constantly reach for better results, you will be frustrated but move past those feelings and look back – not even believing how much you achieved since day one. It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, what’s not acceptable is to give up.
  4. Find the best knowledge resources for your needs: Learn early how to tell the difference between a click-bait and expertise. Research, find a voice that gives you the spark to continue learning. Don’t just seek for “the complete guide to reach X” but rather “how to learn how to master X”. It’s not just about the destination but the lessons you learn along the journey; many niches may seem boring today as you’re just starting, but eventually, an image, a conference, a book, or any other element may spark your curiosity about “what if” you explore the said niche. This is how amazing photography can be, so get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life.
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Which Online Photography Courses Should I Start With?

If you are new to photography, consider our Complete Course to Beginner Photography course. It covers all the essential aspects that we, as photographers, ought to know for both hobbyists and professionals. You can learn the fundamentals of using gear like getting to know which equipment will work best for you depending on your style of photography as well as learning about digital post-production. The perfect solution for those who have just bought their new camera and not sure where to start learning!

Next, we would recommend you to take a look at our “Beginners Guide to Lightroom CC Course”, as one key element of photography these days is digital post-production. Just like the old, analog days, where photographs were developed in studios to get the most out of them, digital post-production is the way most everyone develops images these days. Adobe Lightroom is the leading software in the photography industry. Being closely related to Adobe Photoshop, its vast range of tools can produce professional-quality effects to your photographs: from sharpening details to fixing composition, toning, and many other aspects that most every photographer needs.

This course will cover all the basics of how Lightroom operates, importing and exporting, various types of editing techniques and many more aspects that will start you on the journey to masting photography editing. We love Adobe Lightroom, and our range of solutions for it can speak of our expertise in this field. Our Photography Classes are available worldwide, including Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

I’m Familiar with Photography Basics, Any Suggestions?

As our photography courses are not only focused on beginners, you can improve your current skills depending on what you would like to learn next. The Complete Photographer Photoshop Course is a comprehensive guide on how to get the most of your images by using Adobe’s world-renowned software, Adobe Photoshop. Ranging from the basics to complex edits, this video course can start you on the path towards incredible, convincing effects to enhance any photo.

ThePortrait Retouching Essentials Course and Landscape Photography Editing Course are two of the courses focused on portrait and landscape photography respectively. With these courses, you can concentrate on learning just the essentials for producing great images. These courses are not just a “back to the basics” style course, but they also offer a completely different perspective on editing that you might not have seen before.

In case you decide to take your skills to a new level, our Photoshop Compositing Essentials Video Course is the perfect go-to companion for those who have amazing images but want to create something totally different… With this course, you will learn the essentials and advanced techniques on how to walk your way towards world-class Photoshop composition scenarios. Using real-life examples, our instructor will walk you through creating three separate composited images from start to finish just using stock photography. This is typically the hardest style of compositing and will give you the confidence to create anything you can dream up! You will also get all of the project files so you can follow along!

Since one of the key factors in photography – besides light – is color theory, our “Mastering Color Essentials Course” will guide you through creating great images using color effects. Starting from the basic notions of color theory, these videos will explain the usage of often neglected tools like HSL and Selective Color, while also covering Levels, Curves, Color Match, etc. We will also show you how to work with a compelling feature and that is LUTs (Lookup Tables), which are not only compatible with Adobe Photoshop but also many other video editing software available in the market. Color Grading, Insta-looks, Cinematic effects… those are just some of the exciting elements you can learn during this course. If you are looking for photography classes in Washington DC, ours is the best.

Finally, for those who are interested in photography as a method for broadening their knowledge beyond standard photography practices, we have two exciting solutions: “Mastering Real Estate Photography” and “Mastering Your Drone for Photographers”. Real Estate Photography is a whole discipline of its own; perhaps one of the most relevant factors for acquiring and selling property these days. Real Estate agents often seek the services of professional photographers to come up with quality images of the properties to include in their portfolio, but what if your Real Estate business is just starting and you cannot afford some of these services?

Photography is available for everyone. It just requires dedication and joy for this art. Counting with the expertise of real estate photographer Matthew Stallone, we tailored this course to meet the demands of those who already have some background on this area of photography, but also for those who are completely unaware of what’s needed to succeed in Real Estate Photography. From gear to composition rules to get the most out of the scenes you need to portray, this course will also cover advanced techniques such as Light Painting for interiors, the techniques of combining ambient light with the flash, and many other outdoor conditions to create quality images. On top of this, you will also learn how to create your very own Real Estate Presets to make your editing workflow even faster.

Drone Photography, on the other hand, has become the new exciting feature to try out not only for professionals but also for amateurs who want a new perspective. It’s an ideal resource to pair with the Real Estate Business, due to its capabilities to showcase properties from many different angles that cannot be achieved by traditional photography methods; but also, it can quickly become a new way to tell your travel adventures while keeping everlasting memories of the places you visited.

While it’s not a science to operate a drone these days, some caution measures have to be taken to ensure your safety and those around you (not to mention, your pricey gear). With Jordan Younce’s expertise in this field, we’ll cover the essentials of drone operating techniques, safety, how to pick the best accessories for the kind of work you would like to get done… but that’s not everything. We will also explore post-production techniques to come up with breath-taking aerial photographs, video editing workflow, cinematic moves and more! Now is the moment to build up your skills for a promising drone career that can certainly get you an extra income.

And what if I don’t work with Adobe products?

Good question. Depending on the location you live, many customers are opting for non-subscription based solutions but rather the perpetual licenses Adobe used to offer in their non-CC products.

As we keep tabs with the latest trends in the photography industry we offer a course on Skylum Luminar 4 for Beginners, covering from the very basics on how to use the tools, what means AI technology for photography, how to achieve any kind of desired results out of your work, and much more. Luminar Presets, known as Luminar Looks are also covered in this course.

Other leading options in the market such as Affinity Photo, Capture One are among our plans for upcoming products, but still, free software options as Snapseed can bring much to the table: you just need to be in touch with the core concepts of photography and photo editing – which we offer in a wide range of online photography courses, blog posts and YouTube videos.