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Owning a drone can be one of the best tools a photographer can use to progress and further their business. Even if you don’t have your own photography business and you just want to take better aerial photos and videos, it may be difficult to find the best information to do so. This is one of the reasons why we have created the Mastering Your Drone Beginners Video Course.

Throughout this course, we cover all of the aspects that a beginner drone pilot might need to know to make the most of there aerial video and photos. We will cover everything from popular accessories to make getting the best images and videos easier, safety tips, and useful drone pilot apps. We will also cover the settings to use for getting the best photos possible as well as take you on a real-world commercial drone shoot complete with a “how to” editing guide. Next, we will concentrate on getting the best cinematic video. We will cover the most popular basic and advanced cinematic drone movements as well as how to compile an entire video project together from start to finish. This course will not give you enough information to pass the US Part 107 sUAS exam. It is meant to give beginning drone pilots the skills to get better photos and video.

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You will learn:
bg Useful Apps and Accessories
bg Drone Safety
bg Jobs for Drone Pilots
bg Real-World Job Shadow
bg Aerial Photo Editing
bg Video Settings
bg Basic Cinematic Movements
bg Advanced Cinematic Movements
bg Creating a Video Project
Useful Drone Accessories

Much like other gadgets out there, accessories are available to help make getting great photos and videos easier. But what are the accessories you really need? In this video, we talk about the main type of accessories any beginner drone pilot needs to jumpstart the quality of their products.

Drone Safety

It doesn’t matter if you are about to capture the most amazing photo or video ever, being safe with your expensive equipment is top priority. In this video, we will cover some basic tips for being a safe as possible with your new drone.

DJI Go / 4 App Overview

In this video, we will take a quick look at the app that powers your drone, the DJI Go/4 App. Even if you don’t own a DJI series drone, most of these features are compatible with all manufacturers.

Useful Drone Apps

Whether you are using a DJI drone or any other popular drone type, it is no doubt that these apps have great features. But,

Jobs for Drone Pilots

Most people thing that drones are just for fun but that is far from the truth. In this video we will go over a few examples of the types of jobs that almost any drone pilot can take on. This can hopefully give you some ideas on how to market your drone skills.

Camera Settings

Just like any DSLR or mirrorless camera, you will need to learn how to control your camera settings to get the most out of your images. In this video, we will cover all the main camera settings to pay attention to.

Real-World-Job Shadow

In this video, I will take you on a real-world drone shoot for a client and show you the types of things to think about when taking drone photos of a commercial property.

Photo Editing

Now that we have taken the photos for our client, it is time to edit them. In this video, I will show you the editing process and the types of things to concentrate on before sending the final photos off to the client.

Video Settings

Now, it is think to concentrate on capturing great video. The first place we need to start is getting the right settings before starting to film. In this video, we will talk about the best settings to change for great video.

Cinematic Movements

In this series of videos we will cover some of the most popular basic and advanced cinematic movements to incorporate in your videos. Movements such as flyovers, flybys, pedestals, panning, orbiting and more.

Editing Your Video

In this 3 part series of videos, I will take you through the whole process of compiling a video together just using the drone footage taken throughout the course.

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Ubgh I used to be so annoyed about flares and how awkward my videos used to look. After almost giving up and selling my drone I found this course - thanks Jordan! you gave me more than just tips on how to improve my skills

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I bought this course to prepare myself for the drone license exam. Now a happy aerial photographer and coming for more content to keep developing my skills :)

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