Photoshop Thank You Card Templates

Designing thank you cards for your clients, is a great way to impress them. Our thank you card templates can be used by anyone and you can easily alter them in PS. Check out our editable thank you cards below.

Thank You Cards Template for Adobe Photoshop

There are not many things capable of sinking deep into people’s hearts like a simple but sincere “Thank You.” This can even be taken a step further and given more meaning by taking the time to create a customized “Thank You” card with the recipient in mind. Amazingly, saying thank you is never a one-off event and you most likely need to do it throughout your life, especially if there are people and things that bring a smile to your face.

With this in mind, buying greeting cards, every now and then, could be an expensive move and might also deny you the opportunity to express yourself as you would really like to do. For a minute, let’s look at your experience in the past. Someone did something for you or friends were there to help you during a trying time, but when you went to the mall, you couldn’t find a card with the right wording to express how you truly felt. What did you do? You either bought some of them half-heartedly or even ignored them altogether.

There is no need for you to go through such an experience again because you can easily design and create your own card with our Photoshop Thank You Card Templates. These templates are designed in such a way that you will find them easy to use plus you can enter the text that perfectly helps you express your feelings. With the Sleeklens Thank You Card Templates, you can easily personalize your card with art, text and pictures.

These Thank You Card Templates will work well for individuals and business people seeking to accomplish different things. For example, if you are in the photography business, you will find the Studio Thank You Templates to be ideal for you especially in extending your gratitude to your customers for allowing the opportunity to serve them. It is always good to remember that as a photographer or photo editor, you are surrounded by a lot of competition. However, the fact that those people came to you, either through referral or after research, is not something you should take for granted. With the delivery of the photos or videos you have done for them, it is always good to follow up with a personalized ‘Thank You’ card as a way of appreciation. This not only makes the customers feel appreciated but also depicts your level of professionalism thus creating customer loyalty.

An editable thank you cards template can help create more business for you and act as an ambassador where you are not. Considering that these templates are both professional and artistic, you can easily come up with a card that not only attracts people but also gives them an idea of where to look for services when they need them. These unique Thank You Card Templates are absolutely affordable and capable of helping you save time and money whenever you need to communicate your deepest felt gratitude to your customers.

In addition, you could also choose a thank you card template that serves your needs at different points in your life. You could opt for a wedding greeting thank you cards template to appreciate the people who attended your wedding or contributed in one way or the other. With these templates, you will have the option of adding your wedding photos as part of the personalization process or add text that best expresses your gratitude. We also keep in mind those memorable occasions, such as thanking those who took part at an intimate moment as welcoming a child can be – there is so much you can do using these Photoshop Thank You Card Templates and the most amazing thing is that they will take you “Thank You’ gesture to a whole new level.

Are you telling me there is an automatic way to do this?

Our team of designers has put together a collection of “Thank You” templates, in different styles to meet the needs of specific occasions. You may be wondering, why would I need to use templates? Each of our “Thank You” templates has been designed with specific occasions and life events in mind. Paired with your own unique images, our templates give the user an ability to easily create stylishly, custom made editable thank you cards, which specifically cater to the exact occasion or recipient which they are intended for. Each of our Thank You Card Templates has been designed with the sole purpose of giving the user control of the specific card which they are creating, allowing them to have an end result that matches the one which they had hoped for. With the ability to work with both the front and back of their card, the user is also able to completely edit the text, allowing them to provide a message which is their own, rather than a generic message from a store-bought a pack of cards.

Is there a fast way to learn how to use Templates?

Fortunately for you, there is. Our current thank you templates only require Adobe Photoshop in order to be used. We would recommend you to close unused tasks that gather an undesirable amount of RAM consumption in order to operate.

Select your range of images to apply and think of the best way to sort them – then you only need to arrange the order of layers to use, remembering to put the images above of the Clipping Mask layers offered at the template, and then select Clipping Mask on your own into each selected image. Bleeds will be cut automatically, but keep in mind that you need to enable the first two layers of this graphic file, otherwise you would get the instruction text to cover all the work you did

In case you still have doubts about this application process you can check our full guide at the FAQ section or check out our YouTube channel, with many videos for inspiring young, keen photographers into this passionate journey.

They are cost-effective

Using editable thank you cards offer you a cost-effective way of expressing your appreciation to the people whose actions matter most to you. Instead of spending a lot of money on cards at a shop, in which message doesn’t even express how you really feel, you can easily personalize your messages and print the cards cost-effectively. You only buy the template once and can use it for as long as you want.

They are editable

One of the greatest advantages of using these unique and aesthetic card templates is that they are easily editable. You can change the text to express your true feelings and add art or photos to make the card more personal.

There is so much to enjoy when using our handcrafted Photoshop Thank You Card Templates, as the level of professionalism and style will always leave you amazed. You can add them to the cart and even use the photos you have edited from Lightroom or Photoshop to take the personalization a notch higher.

Overview of some of our Thank You Templates for PS

Sleeping Beauty: This thank you card template is ideal for sending warm and sincere “thank you” to those who were there showing their love and support during the birth of a newborn. With warm and gentle tones, this template would pair perfectly with a beautiful image of a newborn baby. Just like our other Thank You Card templates for Photoshop, this also contains fully editable text, as well as the ability to work with both the front and back to create a stunning 13×18 flat card. Share your sincere thanks, while including your friends and loved ones in this wonderful memory in this unique and personal way.

Dreamers: Ideal for use by a photographer or studio, our “Dreamers” card template, for Adobe Photoshop, is sure to convey your sincere appreciation for those who support your business. With this new 18×13 flat card template which contains fully editable text, as well as the ability to work with both the front and back, you will be able to easily create a way to thank your clients with a message and style that is completely your own.

Pink Delights: Another great option that we offer, which is ideal for photographers and studios, is our “Pink Delights” greeting card template, for Adobe Photoshop. As the name would suggest, this template is great for creating thank cards which have more of a warm and colorful style. Just another way to show your appreciation in a way which best caters to your specific clientèle and business needs. Of course just like “Dreamers” and “Sleeping Beauty”, this 18×13 flat card thank you card template also contains completely editable text, as well as the ability to work with both the front and back of the card. A creative and unique way to let your clients know that their support is appreciated.

Golden Days: Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. What makes it even better are the friends and family who are there to help make that memory an unforgettable one. Rather than settling for a generic “off the shelf” option, show them how much their attendance and support is appreciated and cherished with unique and personal cards created with our “Golden Days” template for Adobe Photoshop. This easy to use template allows you the ability to quickly create 18×13 flat cards for your loved ones which share your thanks in a stylish and creative way that is your own. With completely editable text and the ability to work with both the front and back of the card, sending a message which is a genuinely sincere one.

Roses: We also offer “Roses”, another wedding-themed thank you card template for Adobe Photoshop. With warmer tones and intimate text, this 13×18 flat card thank you card template features fully editable text and the option and ability to work with both the front and back of the card. When searching for a way to say “thank you” to those who were there to celebrate this special moment in your life with you, why settle for a generic and less personal option when creating a genuinely meaningful card can be done this easily with a great template for thank you cards like this one.