Thanksgiving Card Templates

A traditional family celebration like no other, and also the perfect opportunity for some stunning autumn photos. Celebrate your family with the help of these Thanksgiving Card Templates for Photoshop.

Sleeklens Thanksgiving Card Templates

Sending out cards to wish your clients the best during the Thanksgiving season is undoubtedly a great way of maintaining a rapport with them and letting them know that you care. The same way, your clients will want to send such cards to their family members and friends but rarely will they find cards that resonate with their feelings and personality. As such, using thanksgiving card templates is always a great way for you and your clients to strike a chord with every message you send out a year in, year out.

Sleeklens has a number of templates to offer and these can help you design some of the most amazing cards for your clients thus giving you an opportunity to increase your earnings. The templates also do allow you to send your own cards to whomsoever you want at a very affordable rate since you will not need to pay a graphic designer to do the work for you. Already, the template format is designed for you and all you need is to add your own information in terms of wording and images to customize.

The customization can be done without any inconveniences as the templates come with unique and easy to use features which you’ll find friendly even if you do not have prior graphic design experience. Some of the features you’ll get from these templates include clipping masks which are suitable for adding and editing your pictures, fully editable text and a list of fonts which you can download online for free.

An overview of our Thanksgiving Card Templates for PS

Golden EmbroiderySend your Thanksgiving greetings in style using this unique and colorful template. If you are looking for a combination of simplicity and classiness, this Thanksgiving card template delivers perfectly well yet it is very easy to use. The size of the template is perfectly suited to allow you to add your pictures with the front and back file options making your work more organized and attractive. This flat card has a dimension of 13 by 18 centimeters and comes with Layered Photoshop (PSD) files, 300 dpi. You can showcase your expertise photography using this template by adding those colorful photos you’ve shot or create cards for your clients using their own images. This is always the best way to market yourself and lure prospective clients to your studio.

Chalk Frames: This is another superb Thanksgiving Card Template you can choose especially if you want to use those lovely portraits or landscape photographs as the face of your cards. The template offers a subtle combination of colors which makes it one of the best you can find in the market. Add to that the provision of customizing with your own colorful images and you have something out of this world. Your card recipients will surely fall in love with your designs and this is always a great platform to use when you want to give your photography business a boost.  You can play around with different fonts and images when creating your card for unique presentations. How much can you market your work with two file options? Take the challenge and enjoy the space provided by this 13 by 18 centimeter Thanksgiving card template.

Sparrow Feathers: This is another attractive template that will capture the attention of everyone who receives your customized cards. Sparrow Feathers is a unique template with a lovely background but also very customizable when you need to change the fonts and add your own photos. When you download this template, you will find some detailed instructions to help you work on your card design, something you’ll like especially if you have never done it before. Additionally, you’ll get a list of fonts (not included due to copyright issues) which you can download online for free and with ease.

In The Garden: If you love landscape photography, then this template will look like a perfect endorsement of your work. Sophisticated in design, the template is very easy to customize as you turn it into a masterpiece that will display your own preferences or that of your clients. Whether you are designing cards for your own distribution or creating premium ones for your clients, Thanksgiving card template | In The Garden will surely come in handy for you.

All these templates are available at a low price and could help you grow your business tremendously. Once you pay for your template of choice, you can go ahead and download it ready to get started. You can follow the installation guide for Adobe Photoshop templates once you download your thanksgiving card template.