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Sleeklens - No. 1 Resource for Photoshop and Lightroom

Lightroom Workflows

All Lightroom presets were designed to speed up your workflow and bring high
caliber creative looks to your photography.
$570.00 $330.00

The Complete Sleeklens Lightroom Collection

The entire collection of Sleeklens workflows. It includes over 1500 Presets and 400 Brushes for Lightroom. This is the best deal you will get if you are looking to go big!

$340.00 $195.00

The Complete Brushes Collection

All the +800 brushes from all the Lightroom Workflows in one heavily discounted package. Take your Lightroom editing to the next level!

$340.00 $195.00

The Complete Presets Collection

+1500 Top Quality Presets for a fraction of the normal price. This bundle include all the stackable presets from every workflow on Sleeklens.

Sale! portrait essentials
$115.00 $75.00

The Portrait Essentials Workflow Bundle

Perfect your Portraits in Lightroom without having to use Photoshop at all. Chasing light, Runway Fashion & Strike a Pose combined into one bundle with a great discount

Sale! landscape essentials
$115.00 $75.00

The Landscape Essentials Workflow Bundle

Landscape Essentials will give you all the tools you need to perfect Landscape editing. Spend less time editing images and produce some of your best results to date.

Sale! wedding lightroom presets
$41.00 $31.00

Forever Thine Wedding Lightroom Presets

Give your Wedding pictures a beautiful and sophisticated touch & cut down your editing time dramatically with 112 Presets and 23 Brushes.

Sale! Landscapes-Sleeklens-Adjusted-LowRes-11
$41.00 $31.00

Through The Woods Lightroom Workflow

The Ultimate Workflow for Landscape photography. Designed to enhance, tone and sharpen your landscape photos in a natural style.

$41.00 $31.00

Newborn Delights Workflow

This comprehensive workflow gives you the tools to enhance any newborn picture with a clean, crisp and soft look.

Sale! Strike A Pose Portrait photography
$41.00 $20.00

Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow

This Workflow gives you the tools to edit any portrait picture professionally. A must in any photographer’s portrait arsenal

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Photoshop Workflows

All Photoshop presets were designed to speed up your workflow and bring high
caliber creative looks to your photography.

The Complete Photoshop Overlays Collection

All our Overlays in one convenient collection. This is for photographers who wants the complete solution for overlays!

$250.00 $199.00

The Complete Photoshop Collection

The entire collection of our Photoshop products. It includes over 700 Adobe Photoshop actions & 11 workflows for a greatly reduced price

$135.00 $79.00

The Great Exploration Essentials

Unleash your creative flair with this amazing pack of 219 Photoshop actions for urban and landscape pictures

$61.00 $41.00

Autumn Pumpkin Glaze Overlay & Action Collection

Bring out the beauty of Autumn outdoor & nature shots with this complete collection of Actions, Overlays and Brushes for Photoshop.

$51.00 $41.00

Portrait Perfection: Photoshop Actions for Portraits

Portrait Perfection is all you will ever need for portraits! More than 56 Photoshop actions to retouch skin, eyes, hair, light and much more!

$51.00 $41.00

The Urban Decorations Collection

Master architectural photography with this versatile pack of 82 actions for Adobe Photoshop – urban retouching like you’ve never experienced before!

$51.00 $41.00

The Fashion Nova Collection

Transform your shots into stunning fashion edits with our complete Fashion Collection for Photoshop.

$51.00 $41.00

Black & White Actions – Illustrated Collection

Transform your images with this unique set of PS actions developed to take your B&W editing to the next level


The Light Flare Overlay Collection

Adding Light Flares to your photos has never been so easy. With this pack you get 35 Flares to cover all your needs.

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Photographer Templates

All Photoshop presets were designed to speed up your workflow and bring high
caliber creative looks to your photography.
T11 front preview

Graduation Card Template | Sparkles

Do you imagine Graduation Cards that will second as a great memory down the road? That now becomes a reality, thanks to our Photoshop Templates


Price List Template | Ready, Set, Action!

This Photography Price list has that golden touch which will surely impress your clients. Edit the text and add your own prices in a matter of minutes!


Price List Template | Delicacy

Do you want to add a cute & interesting layout to your Price List? Give your photography business a unique touch with this template


Price List Template | Minimalistic

When design comes first, so does our impulse to seek new trends. Go minimalistic with this amazing Photoshop template for creating a Price List.


Collage Board Template | Distant Memories

Incredible memories, real smiles. Try this collection of tools for framing memories for a lifetime with Adobe Photoshop


Collage Board Template | Forest Trails

Relive some of the amazing moments in your life with this collage board template for Adobe Photoshop


Collage Board Template | Little Dots

Discover a new way of showcasing your photographs using this adorable template, with an elegantly feminine touch, for Adobe Photoshop


Save the Date Template Card | Be Mine

An invitation template for the most special moment of your life –  Be inspired by our “Be Mine” card template,  handcrafted by our graphic artist


Print Release Template | Photobook

Keep your own unique style while maintaining the artistic integrity of your business with our new templates.

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Professional Photo Editing Service

Having already served thousands of customers with our unique and advanced workflows for Lightroom and Photoshop actions, we have finally decided that is was time to launch our own Pro Photo Editing Service. This was developed primarily in response to a high demand from many of our customers.
Editing Service


Our Lightroom and Photoshop products are all about quality…


Sleeklens is your one-stop shop for the best Adobe Lightroom PresetsPhotoshop Actions and Photoshop overlays on the internet. We provide professional, well-crafted, high-quality Lightroom presets, thereby helping you take your creative photography to the next level. We are always innovating our products and services in a bid to meet the ever-evolving needs of all kinds of photographers. Our workflows are easy to use – you will be making changes in as little as one click and undoing them just as easily. All our presets are non-destructive, meaning that if you use RAW image formats, you can undo all the changes, edit and tweaks you make without any fear of destroying your original images. Checkout our photography blog that often explore topics in areas such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Photography in general


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