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If you are just getting started in photography you might be wondering how to edit your images.  Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular editing programs (the other is Photoshop) and it has all of the basic editing power of Photoshop but also has the best organizational features. This Beginners Course to Adobe Lightroom CC is specifically designed to give you a complete overview of all of the tools in Lightroom Classic CC including customizing your Lightroom, how each slider affects your images in the Develop module, working with Camera Profiles, Presets, and Snapshots, as well as ratings and organizational features.

Also included in this Lightroom for beginners course are four real-world edits which give you a few things to consider when editing different photography scenarios. These edits include portrait photography, landscape photography, real estate photography, and night or astrophotography. You will also get sample images to follow along. Lastly, we will also cover the Lightroom CC / Mobile versions which are great for taking your images on the go with you.

This course includes over 5 hours content with 33 videos along with downloads of sample images and even a free, exclusive starter pack of Lightroom Presets to get you started with making awesome looking images. Learn Lightroom with professional Sleeklens course today!

You will learn:
bg Importing and Organization
bg All Editing Modules Explained
bg Creating and Editing Panoramas
bg Creating and Editing HDR Images
bg Lightroom Interface Walkthrough
bg Round-Tripping to Photoshop
bg 5 Real World Edit Examples
bg Exclusive Sample Presets
bg Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and CC/Mobile Walkthrough
bg Brushes and Filters Explained
Lightroom Classic CC and CC Introduction

In this video, we will quickly cover the differences between Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC and the accompanying smartphone app, and even the differences with Photoshop. This will give you a better understanding of Lightroom basics so you will become more familiar with it.

The Interface and Customizing Your Lightroom

The Library Module and the overall interface of Lightroom Class CC can seem intimidating, especially for a beginner. In this section we will cover a complete walkthrough of the Lightroom Interface which includes importing, customizing, all of the default modules, and even setting up a custom watermark. Learn Lightroom interface easily with our course!

Everything You Need to Know About the Develop Module

The Develop Module is the hub for all of the editing tools you will be using to make your amazing images. In this Lightroom for beginners section, we will cover every slider in the Develop Module and see how they affect your images. We will also cover Lightroom Presets, Profiles, Snapshots, all of the Filters, and even the Exporting Process.

Advanced Editing Features

Along with the basic editing features included in the develop module, Lightroom also has some more advanced features for those who want to take their editing to a new level. In this section, we will cover how to create and edit a panoramic image, how to make and HDR (high-dynamic range) image, as well as how to edit your images in Photoshop while still keeping them organized in Lightroom.

Ratings and Organization

One of the best features and main differences between Lightroom and Photoshop is the organizational capabilities. In this section we will cover different ways of rating your images so you can find them later as well as collections so you can better keep your images organized.

Real World Example Edits

Even if you learn all of the ins-and-outs of Adobe Lightroom you might still be lost when it comes to actually editing your images. This is why we have included 4 different real-world example edits which include portrait photography, landscape photography, real estate photography, and night/astrophotography editing. You will also get the the files so you can follow along with the lessons as well.

Lightroom CC / Mobile App

Along side Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe also gives you access to Lightroom CC, the slightly stripped-down version of the classic Lightroom. In this section, we will cover the walkthrough of the Lightroom CC desktop program as well as the Lightroom CC mobile app.

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By far one of the best courses on Lightroom. I had some basic operative knowledge from YT tutorials but I had no idea so many things were possible with Lightroom!

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Took the course as a refresher for Lr, it was great, I learned new tricks and shortcuts, so basically I’m glad I took it!! Loved the pace and clear instructions

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