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Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow
Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow
Instantly turn your boring portrait images into eye-catching photos with the Strike a Pose Workflow. Using this collection you can easily turn your portrait images into amazing shots with a fast, easy and professional approach.
  • 62 Portrait Brushes
  • 69 Portrait Presets
  • Easy to Follow Recipe List
  • Instant Download
  • Ultimate Portrait Workflow
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom Classic CC
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About Strike and Pose

Our ”Strike a Pose” workflow includes more than 69 Portrait Presets and 62 Portrait Brushes, which enables you to edit any part of your portrait whether it be lips, eyes, skin tone or anything else. You will find the right brush for any portrait.


Portrait photography can be tricky, especially if you really need to get the color, contrasts, shadows and even the quality of the final images right. This presets allow you to adjust tones, improve colors and contrasts and bring out the best versions of your images. The most impressive aspect of this bundle is that you can use it to give your subjects flawless skin.


In our ”Strike a Pose” workflow collection, you will find over 69 Presets and 62 Brushes. These Lightroom Presets will allow you to apply a wide range of effects and adjustments to your images. It is important to keep in mind that these Adobe Lightroom Presets only make non-destructive changes. This means you can revert back to the original image if you make any mistakes. Using this collection of high-quality presets you will be able to not only improve the quality of your subject but the overall image and make it look like the pros.


 65 Presets and 56 Brushes

1. 25 All in One Presets

  • Beach Glow
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Crisp Dawn
  • Deep Portrait
  • Dream A Little Dream
  • Duo
  • Edgy Radiance
  • Golden Shadow
  • High Key Sunset
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Love Bug
  • Muted Butterflies
  • Portrait Golden
  • Portrait Glow
  • Portrait Warm Magenta Haze
  • Simply Sunkissed
  • Sparkle Sparkle
  • Sunset Portrait
  • True Verde
  • Uncolor
  • Velvet Paisley
  • Violet Mazes
  • Warm Duo

2. 15 Base Presets

  • Auto Tone B&W
  • Auto Tone Color
  • Cinematic Portrait
  • Cool Portrait
  • Forest Breeze
  • Glow Baby Glow
  • Greyscale High
  • Greyscale Matte
  • Greyscale Medium
  • Hide and Seek
  • High Key
  • Into the Woods
  • Portrait Base Edit
  • Portrait Studio Headshot
  • Soft Fade

3. 6 Exposure Presets

  • Brighten Shadows
  • Brighten
  • Darken Shadows
  • Darken
  • Less Highlights
  • More Highlights

4. 6 Color Presets

  • Fix Green Skin
  • Fix Red Skin
  • Reduce Blue (subtle)
  • Reduce Greens (subtle)
  • Reduce Reds (subtle)
  • Reduce Yellows (subtle)

5. 5 Tone Tint Presets

  • Cool Down
  • Golden Glow
  • Less Saturation
  • More Saturation
  • Warm Up

6. 5 Polish Presets

  • Color Pop
  • High Contrast
  • Low Contrast
  • Sharpen
  • Soften

7. 4 Vignette Presets

  • Black Dreamy
  • Black Heavy
  • White Dreamy
  • White Heavy

56 Brushes

1. 8 Color Brushes

  • Cooler
  • Desaturate
  • Fix Green Skin
  • Fix Red Skin
  • Green Tint
  • High Saturation
  • Red Tint
  • Warmer

2. 31 Face Brushes

  • Add Eyeliner
  • Brighten Eyes
  • Enhance Blue Eyes
  • Enhance Brown Eyes
  • Enhance Green Eyes
  • Enhance Catchlights
  • Enhance Eyebrows
  • Enhance Eyes
  • Whiten Eyes
  • Add Shine to Lips
  • Rosy Lips
  • Shine and Color
  • Subtle Whiten Teeth
  • Whiten Gray Teeth
  • Sharpen Face
  • Add Blush
  • Add Contour
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Fake Tan
  • Fix Under Eyes Circles
  • Reduce Shiny Skin
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Soften Skin
  • Subtle Smooth Skin
  • Tone and Smooth Skin

3. 5 Hair Brushes

  • Add Punch
  • Add Shine
  • Define Blonde Hair
  • Define Dark Hair
  • Define Hair

4. 4 Haze Brushes

  • Cyan
  • Golden
  • Neutral Haze
  • Rose

5. 8 Light Brushes

  • Add Golden Sun
  • Brighten
  • Brighten Highlights
  • Brighten Shadows
  • Bright Shade Light
  • Darken
  • Darken Shadows
  • Reduce Highlights
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Installing the presets and brushes included in this bundle is very easy. Learn how to do it below with our very easy to understand instructional tutorials.

1. How to install Lightroom Presets

If you prefer reading, see our detailed tutorial on how to install Lightroom presets here.

2. How to Install Lightroom Brushes

You can also read our written tutorial on how to install Lightroom brushes.

We have included images in all the tutorials too so as to make it as intuitive and easy to follow as possible.

3. How to Stack Lightroom Presets

Don’t miss our written tutorial on how to stack Lightroom presets.

Read more
Before and Afters
What is included:
69 Presets Designed for Enhancing Portraits
These presets are specifically designed for portrait photography and can greatly enhance your photos in just a few clicks.
62 Custom Brushes Perfect for Local Adjustments
Our portrait brushes give you the ability to make even the smallest adjustments to your portrait photos. From Skin Softening to Teeth Whitening, these brushes do it all.
Fully Customizable & Stackable Actions
Stackable presets allow you to apply a endless combination of edits to your photos so you can find your own style and the perfect effects for your photos.
Installation Instructions
Easy to follow installation Instructions for both PC and MacOs Operating Systems.
Recipe Guides
Our recipe guides include sample before and after photos showing the exact workflow combination used to help jumpstart your creative edits.
Sleeklens Members Club Access
Access to the Sleeklens Members Club Facebook Group page where you can share your photos, ask for help and stay up-to-date on future products.
The perfect companion for any photographer
Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow
Reviews for Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow
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g1eagle Verified buyer

The brushes have really helped improve some of my images, while I haven't found a use for the presets yet they all appear pretty helpful.

rodrigomortaguaphotography Verified buyer

I bought this presets few days ago, i found it very usefull. Cuts the workflow by half of the time! I'll try the photoshop actions too.

Paul Squirrell Verified buyer

I really enjoy using the "Strike a Pose" presets. Firstly, they are very easy to load (watch the videos) and use. The videos take you through the whole process and make the learning easier to climb. I'm sure the pre-sets will become a regular part of my editting workflow. Thanks again.

Galgonegreencleaning Verified buyer

I searched around at several sites which had portrait retouches. I chose Sleeklens Strike a pose after reading such good reviews. I am extremely happy with all the retouch options in this package. Would most certainly purchase again!

antoinette Verified buyer

Amazing ! this workflow has made my editing process much easier and my work looks amazing!

acartwright728 Verified buyer

Amazing brushes and Lightroom presets!!

ddroth Verified buyer

The first time I have worked with presets. I´m astonished and overwhelmed by the special effects of my "new pics"! Editing photos is great fun and gives me satisfaction to see what new touch I can attribute to them!!!

JMAHMUD186 Verified buyer

One of the best preset batches I have ever come across - great value with tons of optionality. Definitely looking forward to trying some more work flows.

karengowanlock Verified buyer

Excellent tools. Straight forward workflow. Wise investment for photographers.

samtheman145 Verified buyer

Love using the presets. My photo come out so clean and polish using this presets.Thank again Sleekens for awesome Presets & brushes.

lcoleman77 Verified buyer

I really enjoyed working with this product. It allowed me ( a relative newbie to Adobe Lightroom) to get professional looking results with the filters and brushes. Giving 4 out of 5 stars, because while it is an excellent product, I had to do a lot more editing on top of the layers and filters than I've had to do with other presets. Overall, still really enjoyed.

Mike Verified buyer

Presets are great, particularly for sunsets. Simplified a lot of the process by giving me that kick start...

cookesp1 Verified buyer

My first purchase of presets and brushes.I am fairly new to Lightroom, but have basic knowledge. I thought it was time to try presets and brushes. I found the website and was impressed with what was available. I purchased Strike a pose. Payment Was easy and it was delivered to my computer instantly. What I like is that the presets and brushes have names that tell you exacltiy what they do. I had seen free presets with wierd and wonderful names. The instructional videos are excellent as are the exemple photographs. I am enjoying experimenting and will no doubt purchase further workflows.

anderson1 Verified buyer

Já tinha usado presets de outros lugares antes mas nem se compara a este que comprei adorei! melhorou muito o meu fluxo de trabalho e posso aplicar em camadas, agora minhas fotos ficaram ainda mais bonitas e com aparência profissional!

khakihicks Verified buyer

Strike a pose was the first of 3 workflows I purchased from Sleeklens and first impressions matter! They are so easy to use with the help of tutorials and the amazing recipe books. I am still getting the hang of retouching on this level but sleeklens will be my go to from now on when looking for help and new workflows to challenge my growth.

Graham Verified buyer

Made the job of editing photos of grandchildren so much easier . Thank you

angessmith Verified buyer

I have only used the preset so far, but they are excellent. I was recently tasked with editing 150 photos in a couple of hours. I knew I didn't have the time to edit them manually so I grabbed this. The presets worked great and I was able to get the photos in on time.

Sonya Verified buyer

I was very pleased with my purchase. I felt it was a good price for what I got and has definitely improved what I can do with Lightroom. I also feel that this site will prove to be useful over time to helping me grow as a photographer.

Juan Verified buyer

Fine collection of presets & brushes. Works great for landscapes too :)

Honey Verified buyer

The presents are awesome, helpful and easy to use, It makes my photos look more professional. highly recommended for every photographer.

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