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Lightroom Books


A Beginners Guide to Adobe Lightroom


Set your path to digital post production with this entire book dedicated to introducing yourself to Adobe Lightroom!

A Beginners Guide to Adobe Lightroom See More

Lightroom Books

Education is an essential part of the process for becoming an accomplished photographer, and fortunately for us, there are plenty resources to consider to date. From video tutorials to articles, field experience and workshops, perhaps the oldest and most accessible resource happens to be the one that proves to be timeless: books.

But how can we be talking about books toward the end of the 2010’s? It’s not all about technology replacing old-fashioned knowledge methods, but giving a revision to world’s preferred method of wisdom and development.

Choosing a proper format

Is there any real difference between a common book and an Ebook? Most certainly! For starters, conventional books can only be acquired through physical means, either by visiting a store, library or ordering through the internet, requiring shipping, which obviously delays the entire process. Ebooks, on the other hand, only need to be downloaded and can be accessed from just about anywhere, needing just a smartphone, tablet or computer to be read. Plus, you will have the ability to add many other extras, like the possibility of searching by word or specific topic you are looking for.

About Sleeklens Books

As we do with our Photoshop and Lightroom solutions, we take praise of the content published at our blog. Our writers are consistently adding rich, interesting content whose target is to instruct photographers worldwide, with a considerable variety of points of view given in the instructions and background of our international crew of photographers.

Our books have been written in detail, considering all the possible elements that may draw the interest of different users, regardless of their skill level, while also keeping a neat layout that helps offer a visual understanding of the concepts being explained.

Each of our Ebooks include their own set of video tutorials, to further provide information on any topic showcased throughout the book, only requiring internet access to be able to stream them.

Which topics do our Ebooks cover?

Anything you can imagine! Our aim is to provide a continuously growing library of resources for photographers, putting all of the experience we have gathered through the development of our brand out there to help photographers to develop their own skills.

Beginners guides, landscape photography, newborn edits, portraits… anything you can imagine will be covered, from mindsets to have before performing specific work, techniques, gear and post production skills that are needed to reach the best quality photography work you have always dreamt of producing.

 A Beginners Guide to Adobe Lightroom

This is a complete, detailed guide covering why Adobe Lightroom is a great resource for digital post production. You will learn how to operate Lightroom without any background knowledge required, covering the entire install process and first config details for making Lightroom run smoothly for you.

Then, we move on to cover basic knowledge, explaining the modules, Lightroom features, tools to be used and even file organization within Adobe Lightroom.

And as promised, we also put a good emphasis on explaining how Presets and Brushes work, and what they can provide to your editing workflow. The exporting process is also explained in detail, covering common user questions such as ‘how to add a watermark’ or ‘how do I maintain image quality’ and so on.

Next, we will explore Real-World Edits, putting the knowledge acquired throughout the book to practice, studying topics like: Astrophotography, Landscape, Newborns and Portraits.

Finally, we also feature a FAQ section to help troubleshoot some of the most common Lightroom issues faced by users each day. All of the areas in this book include videos for a clearer understanding of the concepts detailed within – a must-have guide to engage successfully into this passionate world of digital post production!