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When it comes to getting amazing photos, taking the photo is only the first step. Editing your photos is just as important and one of the most popular tools used by photographers is Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom is specifically designed with professional photographers in mind but it can seem overwhelming at first. That is why we have created the Adobe Lightroom for Beginners to eBook. This ebook contains everything you need to know to start editing professional photos in no time. Our Lightroom Guide also offers access to over 20 instructional videos as well as real-world editing examples so you can see how to apply the tools to your own photos.

Whether you are a beginner or you have struggled with learning Lightroom in the past, this eBook will give you everything you need to start editing professional photos right away. Learn Lightroom the easiest way possible – our eBook Lightroom Guide for Beginners.

You will learn:
  • Organization: Learn how to use Lightrooms many organizational features.
  • Brushes and Presets: See how to use brushes and presets to enhance certain parts of your image as well as make editing faster.
  • The Develop Mode: See how each slider affects your photos and how you can use them to create professional effects.
  • Real World Examples: See exactly how to edit 4 different types of photography situations.
Lifetime Access
All skill levels
8 In-Depth Sections
20+ Videos Included
    Installation Process

    Learn how to properly install Adobe Lightroom using the Creative Cloud subscription or the stand-alone software.

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    Working with adobe lightroom

    In this section, we will show you how to setup your Lighroom Catalog properly as well as how to import your photos into Lightroom.

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    The lightroom interface

    Get a full walkthrough of the Lightroom Library Interface.

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    File Organization

    Learn how to setup Lightroom to keep your files organized so you always know where they are.

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    Tools Explained

    Get a walkthrough of the Lightroom Develop module and see what each slider does and how it affects your photo.

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    Using Brushes and Presets

    See how to use bushes and presets to make editing even faster.

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    Exporting Your Photos

    Exporting your photos might sound easy but we will walk you through the exporting process to make sure you get the most out of your photos.

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    Using real world examples

    Using real world examples, we will show you how to take everything you learned throughout the book and apply it to four different styles of editing situations.

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    Even though we go through all of these sections in depth you still might have questions. In this section, we go over some of the most frequently asked questions about Adobe Lightroom.

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    Verified buyer

    The beginners book is so simple to understand. I wish I had the months ago it would have saved me a lot of headaches and disappointment.

    Verified buyer

    Very easy to follow! Was broken down so anyone to figure out Lightroom Classic. Very informative information & is well worth purchasing.

    Verified buyer

    This beginners guide to Lightroom was very easy to follow and now I feel that I understand the basic concepts. It is a great place to start and now I think I'll be able to build on that knowledge.

    Verified buyer

    It is very easy to understand, goes step by step, helped me a lot to understand lightroom.

    Verified buyer

    Very well laid out ans very well explained.

    Verified buyer

    A comprehensive guide that is easy to follow plus videos = the way Lightroom should be presented to be utilized the way it was designed. Brilliant!

    Verified buyer

    As a beginner to lightroom and photography in general, this beginner's guide was a big help in learning about the post-processing capability of lightroom. The video tutorials featured in the ebook were very helpful and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this ebook to anybody who is just learn Adobe lightroom.

    Verified buyer

    I really like how the videos compliment the material in the book.

    Verified buyer

    Love this guide! It’s comprehensive but extremely easy to understand. Definitely worth a read if you’re brand new to Lightroom as it covers all the fundamentals.

    Verified buyer

    Very easy to understand for beginners .also the link to the videos is great.

    Verified buyer

    As I started to read this guide, my initial impression was that it was simplified beginner, and I questioned my purchase. Then I started clicking into the videos, and learned quite a few things about Lightroom that I didn't know before. Definitely a good read and worth the investment.

    Verified buyer

    Great tutorial!

    Verified buyer

    Simple, clear, efficient for beginners .

    Verified buyer

    Great book which makes it easy to start with lightroom or ease your work if already a bit more experienced. In combination with the really good and easy to use presets a perfect bundle.

    Verified buyer

    I am very thankful for making this purchase and I have learned so much. They really go into great detail for a beginner. Thank you and you will love this

    Verified buyer

    Initially it seems as though this E-book course is short and a little light, but on further investigation, this isn't the case. Each chapter provides a training video dealing with an aspect of Lightroom in a thorough but simple way. For instance the section on the Lightroom controls provides a run through of every slider and option which is both clear and informative (although I suspect that I may well have to go back and watch this on several occasions). Already, I've learned new information about Lightroom that I hadn't picked up (or understood) before - the Snap section (which has now become a free sample) is an indication of this where the concept of having several virtual 'snaps' of the same photograph hadn't quite lodged into my mind.

    Verified buyer

    I am an independent contractor and many photos I take, I don't have the time or money to allow others to help me edit my photos for my website. Now, I do it all myself! Thank you Sleeklens for providing a great product to save me time so I can stay focused on my business.

    Verified buyer

    I thought the book was excellent for a 1st timer user like me. I was very pleased with the instruction and have made additional purchases because I was so satisfied with this product.

    Verified buyer

    Great for beginners to understand the fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom. I would highly recommend this product to help lay the ground work for anyone new to Adobe Lightroom.

    Verified buyer

    Excellent product. Very clear instructions. The course is laid out in a very logical way, which makes it easy to follow.

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