Photoshop Textures

Using textures in Photoshop can really add some amazing effects to your images. Whether you want to add a grunge texture to make your images dramatic or you are a portrait photographer who wants to change up the textures in your backgrounds, these textures for Photoshop are the best and of the highest quality. These are the best Photoshop textures include a huge variety of fine art and brush stroke textures that are also highly customizable and are delivered as high resolution JPEGs. These Photoshop textures also work with other editing and design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Paint Photo Shop Pro, Gimp.

Which PS Texture to Choose?

If you are looking for a texture collection capable of delivering fine-looking and integrative, fine-art inspired textures, then Aquarella Dreams Texture Collection is the right pick for you. This collection offers some subtle tones which have stunning lowlights and highlights to deliver an extra touch on your images thus producing high-quality finishes that are captivating to the eyes. You can use the texture of the dream to add a touch of heavy painterly effects or soft artistic brushes.

You can use this creative set of unique and high-quality fine art textures to enhance your creations. Just add realism, texture, and spice to all your JPEG and RAW images quickly with the help of the wide-ranging colors and brush strokes available in this pack.

If you are a photographer or designer, then you understand the importance of a quality Dry Strokes Texture Collection. While there are many brush strokes available out there, getting something of the highest quality is essential, and this collection gives you nothing but the best brushes that will guarantee excellent results. The different dry brush stroke textures can even overlap with each other, thus giving your images some depth and background.

The different colored brushes allow you to edit your images in an easy and effective way, while at the same time giving you more power over your work of art. You can now enjoy professional results, no matter what you are working on. The collection offers some rough dry brush strokes which come with detailed edges and wispy lines, perfect for distressing your edges or roughing up your image.