photoshop textures

Using textures in Photoshop can really add some amazing effects to your images. Whether you want to add a grunge texture to make your images dramatic or you are a portrait photographer who wants to change up the textures in your backgrounds, these textures for Photoshop are the best and of the highest quality. These are the best Photoshop textures include a huge variety of fine art and brush stroke textures that are also highly customizable and are delivered as high resolution JPEGs. These Photoshop textures also work with other editing and design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Paint Photo Shop Pro, Gimp.

If you are looking for a texture collection capable of delivering fine-looking and integrative, fine-art inspired textures, then Aquarella Dreams Texture Collection is the right pick for you. This collection offers some subtle tones which have stunning lowlights and highlights to deliver an extra touch on your images thus producing high-quality finishes that are captivating to the eyes. You can use the dreams texture to add a touch of heavy painterly effects or soft artistic brushes.

You can use this creative set of unique and high-quality fine art textures to enhance your creations. Just add realism, texture, and spice to all your JPEG and RAW images quickly with the help of the wide-ranging colors and brush strokes available in this pack.

If you are a photographer or designer, then you understand the importance of a quality Dry Strokes Texture Collection. While there are many brush strokes available out there, getting something of the highest quality is essential, and this collection gives you nothing but the best brushes that will guarantee excellent results. The different dry brush stroke textures can even overlap with each other, thus giving your images some depth and background.

The different colored brushes allow you to edit your images in an easy and effective way, while at the same time giving you more power over your work of art. You can now enjoy professional results, no matter what you are working on. The collection offers some rough dry brush strokes which come with detailed edges and wispy lines, perfect for distressing your edges or roughing up your image.

What are Photoshop Textures

In total contrast with Photoshop Overlays, Photoshop Textures serve the purpose of adding an embossed effect to your photographs, emulating how they would look like as if they were printed on many mediums than the average photo paper.

How to Use Photoshop Textures

The workflow for adapting these textures to your usual work is quite simple: you have to open the files in Photoshop, resize them to match the needs of your project, choose a blending mode, change the opacity, and apply a layer mask – if needed. These steps can be expanded with other tools if your work requires more advanced techniques; overall, it’s quite simple to use these textures in your daily work.

Why Would Photoshop Textures be Worth the Investment

Think of these textures as a new medium to create subtle effects for your work. Imagine you need to create souvenirs or cards for a client’s event (like a Sweet 16 party, or a Baby Shower). The common ways to present photographs may differ from what your client might have in mind…

What if they aim for a more “homemade” or “DIY” look for some of the photos? What if they would like to test different looks for a potential scrapbooking project later on? These may be valid questions, however, counting with various means to present your work is always a plus; therefore, the more tools you can access, the merrier.

Sleeklens Photoshop Textures

We take pride in the process of developing our products. Our range of solutions for both Photoshop and Lightroom were tailored to match the needs of both amateurs and professionals.

These Photoshop Textures are handmade by professional artists. Take for granted that your projects won’t look like anything else around the market.

Dry Strokes Texture Collection

Have you ever imagined how your images would look if they were, let’s say, painted upon a canvas? Well, thanks to our Dry Strokes Texture Collection you can now emboss such feeling into your pictures. 60 fine art dry stroke textures available in 55 different schemes with 5 variations – all files with a high-quality resolution of 300 DPI. Perfect for creating diffuse effects, or roughing up your images a bit.

Aquarella Dreams Free Photoshop Textures Collection

Fine art solutions can be available in just a couple of clicks! For those who love the blurry, watery effect that watercolor paintings can bring into our lives, be sure to check the Aquarella Dreams Texture Collection: A compendium of 60 textures with a wide range of color solutions to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. All files with high-quality output in 300 DPI.

Various free textures categories are as follows –

Paper Textures
Wood Textures
Polygon Textures
Halftone & Distressed Textures
Blurred Textures
Grunge Textures

Wood textures packs

With the images of aged wood, textures in desktop backgrounds, vintage style can be used. Also, you can use these in order to show the design or product and gain complete control over the PSD file.

Grunge textures packs

The grunge texture pack is of various kinds in nature. These useful textures vary from extreme to subtle and can be perfectly utilized in the form of overlay textures on typography, photos, backgrounds and graphics.

There are many free textures that are available for download. This means that irrespective of the effect, be it vintage or abstract, the only thing that will come handy are these free textures.

Blurred Textures

Used in personal as well as commercial work, these backgrounds are of premium quality and stand perfect for your graphic as well as web design project.