Photoshop Overlays

Sleeklens Photoshop Overlays for Photographers

Just as the name would suggest, our professional overlays Photoshop for photographers for use with are, essentially, a group of specific effects which have been prearranged to be quickly and easily applied over the top of your images. However, although our lighting overlays come adjusted to apply specific effects, they can be easily customized to best suit the photograph that you are working with to create the best result possible.

pumpkin Glaze Autumn Overlays and Actions

How to Use Overlays in Photoshop

There are five basic steps to applying our lighting Photoshop overlays for photographers to your images. In addition to selecting your photograph, the steps involved:

  1. resizing
  2. choosing blend mode
  3. adjusting colors to fit the scene in your image
  4. changing the opacity, and if needed (see step #5)
  5. applying a layer mask.

All of these steps can be done quickly and easily, and more advanced options can be applied after the basics are done. In most cases, our overlays require only minimal tweaking to achieve your desired appearance.

In case you still have trouble to work with the PS Overlays we recommend you to check this quick guide or our YouTube Channel, with plenty of examples on how to create stunning edits.

Different Demands, Wide Range of Overlays for Photoshop

Perhaps you simply need a quick and efficient tool to enhance the natural conditions of illumination a scene or you want to completely transform a summer photograph to look entirely wintery. Adding a rain effect? That is also possible, and in only in a few clicks, thanks to the advantages of working with Overlays.

Snow Photo Overlay CollectionThinking about how to add winter effects to your photographs? Perhaps you took a tour through our winter-themed set of Presets and Brushes for Adobe Lightroom; However, Photoshop also has a lot to offer. What if I tell you that you can add incredible snow effects to your photos just by adding an image as a layer and adjusting your Layer Blending Mode?

With our Snow Overlays for Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to experience the best of winter from the comfort of your home using our 35 different overlays of snow, ready to become a part of your editing process.

Rain Photo Overlay Collection: Not all SLR cameras can be classified as “weather sealed” – which actually means they do not have internal sealing to protect them from being severely affected in the event of rain, dust or very low temperatures, or even to put at risk their future operation. But, one day, a customer comes and wants to book for his/her daughter’s birthday on a rainy day… How do you solve it?

Very easy: Using Adobe Photoshop and our Rain Overlays, you will be able to add realistic rain effects in just a few clicks, with 35 different effects to mix and match.

Light Flares Photo Overlay CollectionWith our “Light Flares” overlay, a collection of 14 white flares and 11 color flares, you will have the convenient ability to easily recreate the effect of sunlight that is glaring down such intensity that it causes a dazzling effect in your image which pushes right through to the foreground of your scene. This overlay works great when you want to add that extra bit of drama and intensity to the present lighting situation in your photograph.

Light Leaks Photo Overlay CollectionOriginally, these effects were unwanted and caused by faulty equipment or an improperly attached lens resulting in an uncontrolled intake of light that was not meant to be part of the planned photograph. Today, this effect has become a commonly used artistic application, adding life as well as realism to an image. With our “Light Leaks” overlay, a collection of 18 white light leaks and 13 color light leaks, there is no need to unnecessarily risk your equipment to replicate this creative effect, it can be easily applied and adjusted to compliment your photograph in seconds.

Light Rays Photo Overlay CollectionA collection of 15 White Light Rays and 10 Color Light Rays, these lighting overlays will help you add the effect of warm rays streaming across the sky and down onto your scene. Quickly add warmth and colorful life to your images with a few simple clicks. From subtly enhancing a warmly lit scene, to pushing the envelope of natural effects from sunlight, this Photoshop overlay puts the creative ability at your fingertips. Quickly and creatively add colorful rays of sunlight which pierce right through to the foreground, adding more focal points to the photograph.

Starbursts Photo Overlay CollectionWith our “Starbursts” lighting overlay, easily and effectively create an intense burst of sunlight gleaming from overhead, like an explosion of light in the sky. This collection of 18 white starbursts and 11 color starbursts will surely supply you with enough of the right tools to easily create the effect of the sun shining over the horizon as if it refuses to set. From applying subtle enhancements to turning the sun into a blazing focal point in your photograph, our “Starbursts” overlay will allow you to adjust and apply your desired effects quickly and easily with as little as a touch of a button.

The Sky Overlay Collection: You know how frustrating it can be to end up with the perfect scene but a not-so-fancy sky ambience for it. The reason can be as simple as a focus/exposure setting to more complex situations like obstructions, cables, bad weather, etc. So, how come we deliver a stunning result with a “bad” sky appearance? The answer to that question are sky overlays. These impressive sky photos can be used within Photoshop as overlays, meant to change the original sky conditions for jaw-dropping results. Almost 200 sky overlays for photoshop, and the bonus pack of 77 sky-enhancing PS actions. Are you going to miss them?

Let’s Bokeh Overlay Collection: Bokeh effects are known in portrait photography as those light particles where the shallow DOF effect was applied, meaning the whole scene is blurred except for the subject of your photo. When we start to practice this technique, not always we get the result we aim for, and even as professionals our photos deserve that extra kick that takes a simple portrait to a masterpiece. Meet the “Let’s Bokeh Overlay Collection” for Photoshop, 125 bokeh overlays for photoshop and 86 bokeh-enhancing ps actions for better matching your photos to the overlays effect.

Autumn Pumpkin Glaze Overlay and Action Collection: The definite solution for autumn photography in Photoshop. Not only you’re getting a set of professional autumn-themed actions for Photoshop but also bird overlays. leaves overlays, leaves brushes, exclusive sky and rain overlays, color filters and so much more!

Complete Photo Overlay CollectionFor those who would use all of our different Photoshop overlays for photographers, we have put together a complete collection of all four different effects. With this complete collection, you will get more than 400 overlays and more than enough to create stunning effects and enhance your photographs in your own unique and creative way. Since these overlays are the same as those found in the individual collections, they offer the same flexibility of adjustment and even the speed and efficiency of one-click applications.

How to Add an Overlay in Photoshop

The first step towards the addition of overlays will be to choose the ones that you intend to use from those available. Once this is done, you will get a download link for use in your computer which you can then download and install into your system. It is good to note that these overlays are not installed into Photoshop but instead will be downloaded into your PC from where you can use them anytime you intend to create different effects.

With the overlays already downloaded into your computer, the process of using them is always simple and straightforward. However, you will need to learn how best to use them so your photos don’t appear to have been obviously manipulated and thus lose the level of professionalism that you would want to exhibit.

Import and resize

To use the photo overlays, you will need to open up the image/photo you intend to edit then go to file click ‘Place’ (or Place inverted for Mac) and then choose your desired overlay image. It is good to note that overlays are basically images which are intended for use on top of your photos in order to create the desired effects.

Once you choose the desired image, it will be imported to your original photo from where you can now resize it in such a way that it covers your entire photograph or even goes beyond the borders of your photo. You can also drag the overlay from the folder where you’ve saved them and place it on top of your image before going ahead with the resizing process. Once you are happy with the position and the size of the overlay, press enter or click on the checkbox icon to accept.

Pick the right Opacity and Layer Blending Mode

The choice of the blend mode is very important as it determines the appearance of your Photoshop overlay. Depending with the choice of your overlay you should also change the Opacity in a way that allows you to get your desired intensity. Select the layer containing your selected photo overlay and above the layer panel, choose the Layer Blending Mode where you find ‘color dodge’ ‘screen’ and ‘linear dodge’ which you can choose thus causing the black parts to disappear leaving you with the effects you intend to add. For a more subtle effect adjust the opacity by dragging the slider or typing the desired percentage.

Coloring and Blurring

You do not have to go through this step but it is important especially if you want to add some slight warm tone or color to the overlay but make sure the overlay layer is selected while lining it to layer below. Click on “Clip to layer” on the bottom of Saturation/Hue panel and on the left side of the Icon row and tick the ‘Colorize’ box. Use Saturation/Hue filter to add some color or Gaussian Blur to improve the harsh effects of the weather.

Apply the Layer Mask

In case any element in your picture is covered by the effects you are adding, use the layer mask to remove it. This will help prevent the weird look that is likely to be created by the raindrops or mist without ruining the pictures. You will have to create the layer mask to use by clicking on ‘layer mask icon’. This creates a white layer mask which leaves all the white elements in your layer mask visible while hiding everything that is black. Once this is done, select your brush tool and select a soft brush in black to help paint any parts you want to remove in the Photoshop overlay. This will get rid of unwanted rain, snow or other elements you are adding to your image.

Using Photoshop overlays is an art that you will need to perfect. You can play around with different overlays and just enjoy the endless possibilities available. With time, you will be able to master the art and work things out like a professional.