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Light Rays Overlay Collection


 What is included in the Light Rays Overlay Collection?

  • 15 White Light Rays Overlays & 10 Color Light Rays Overlays
  • Compatible with Photoshop 4-6 and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Works both with JPEG and RAW images
  • Works both on Mac and PCs
  • Recipe list and sample images to get inspiration from
  • An easy-to-follow guide on how to install the Photoshop Overlays
  • Easy to adjust to fit your own style
  • Exclusive access to our private Help and Tutorial Facebook Groups
  • File size of the overlays is: 117 mb

Click here to read our full guide on how to work and apply Photoshop overlays

Imagine the power of natural lighting effects at your fingertips! Tired of always getting the same results from every one of your outdoor photography sessions? Do you feel that the effects of natural lighting which you are framing could be much better? There is no need to feel anxious: not everything is solely controlled by the camera. Allow modern advancements to help you achieve warmly lit outdoor scenes, in which your subject and surroundings are equally complemented by the perfect natural lighting effects.

As we have by now come to realize, the digital post-production industry is a reality, no longer merely a trend, that came to stay. And, with an increasingly more amount constant of progress, it is natural to think that certain effects can only be obtained through this process. At Sleeklens we are  constantly thinking about what tools our users may need for their many different types of photographic work, so for that reason our interest is to provide quality solutions for not only producing beautiful work, but also the dramatic reduction in the time spent editing.

With our bundle “Light Rays Overlays” you can let your creative instinct take the reins, creating great edits, often times, in just seconds! This toolkit contains 35 various effects of light rays, which will surely bring more warmth and realism to your scenes – the perfect complement to any outdoor photograph. Editing photos has never been so fun and easy!

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Reviews (6)

  1. paulo0valentim Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    good material with a lot of quality. Teaches how to do and even beginnrs achieve good results.
    I am Very pleased With my purchase.

  2. Donah Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    Very nice look to my photos

  3. Jose Antonio Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    Muy fácil de instalar
    Me gusta trabajar con estos presets, y han sido útiles para mis fotos de paisajes
    Recomendaría estos presets.

  4. christianuhl Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    With the LIGHT RAYS OVERLAY COLLECTION you really can improve your pictures too something special! They are easy to use.

  5. Lynn Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    Love these overlays!! Easy to use and add great interest and dimension to my photos!!!

  6. Elvio Verified buyer
    5 out of 5

    I state to be an amateur photographer, I make photos for passion and fun.
    The Seekins product I purchased is very useful, easy to use and speeds up image processing.
    These rays of light very meet my expectations.

Summary of Photoshop Overlays included:

1. Black and White Overlays

  • Light Circle
  • Light Ray – Medium 1
  • Light Ray – Medium 2
  • Light Ray – Subtle 1
  • Light Ray – Subtle 2
  • Light Ray – Strong 1
  • Light Ray – Strong 2
  • Light Ray – Strong 3
  • Light Ray – Strong 4
  • Light Ray – Strong 5
  • Light Ray – Directional 1
  • Light Ray – Directional 2

2.  10 Color Ovelays