Landscape photography can be thought of as an easy style of photography but, in reality, it can be fairly difficult as it involves a lot of factors. From knowing what gear to use depending on the situation to knowing how to correct for difficult shooting situations, you have to understand more than just the basics. This is why we have created the Beginners Guide to Landscape Photography eBook. This eBook offers everything you need to make the most of your landscape outings and make sure you capture that perfect shot.

Using this beginners guide, you will learn everything from the basic elements of composition, essential gear needed, commonly used post-pressing effects, and also 5 instructional video walkthroughs that will give you the basics of Adobe Photoshop. In these videos, you will see how to transform your photos using Photoshop Actions, HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques, and how to develop your own photography style.

If you have ever wanted to create works of art when it comes to landscape photography but just didn’t know where to start, this Beginners Guide to Landscape Photography is for you.

You will learn:
  • Composition Learn the basics of composition to instantly enhance your landscape photography.
  • Essential Gear A walkthrough of the essential gear needed to get started in Landscape Photography and the different features to look for when choosing gear.
  • Shooting In Difficult Situations Learn simple ways of correcting your photos when shooting in difficult situations as well as using editing techniques.
  • Adobe Photoshop Video Walkthroughs Learn all of the major techniques in Photoshop to bring out the best in your photos through post-processing.
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Perfect For Beginners
8 In-Depth Sections
5 Photoshop Video Walkthroughs

A brief introduction to what Landscape Photography
is exactly and techniques that are recommended.

Elements of composition

Learn all of the basics of composition and when and
how to use different strategies to make your photos
look instantly better

Essential gear

See the basics of gear for Landscape Photography as
well as the settings to use.

Introduction to photoshop

Learn some simple techniques in Photoshop and see
why Photoshop can be better in certain situations
thank Lightroom.

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Commonly used effects

See some of the most common effects applied to
landscape photos that can really make your photos

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Actions in photoshop

See how to use the popular Sleeklens Landscape
Actions in Photoshop as well as create your own
to easily apply edits to multiple photos.

Develop your own workflow

Learn some different things to think about when it
comes to planning a Landscape Photography trip,
while taking the photos, and then thoughts on

Difficult situations

Since photography is all about light, learn how to spot
possible difficult shooting situations and learn how
to correct them both in the field as well as in editing.

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