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Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to photo manipulation and one creative way to use Photoshop is compositing. Having the knowledge of how to use compositing techniques is great for all styles of photography. Whether you are a landscape photographer, product photographer, or even a portrait photographer, these compositing skills will improve the creativity in your photography. This is why we have created the Photoshop Compositing Essentials Video Course.

This course is different from the others you might find. In this course, we are going to create 3 totally different images that are completely composited from scratch. The first image is called “War Plane” and will show some simple skills and techniques to consider when putting together your first composite. Next, we will get a little more advanced with creating two more images from scratch called “The Walk” and “Sail Away”. These images will walk you through cutting out difficult subjects, compositing, and placement, adding special effects created in Photoshop, and color correction to make sure your image looks perfectly cohesive.

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You will learn:
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bg Cutting Out Complex Objects
bg Adding Color Effects
bg Color Corrections
bg Element Style Compositing
Simple Compositing Part 1

In the first video of the Photoshop compositing course, we are going to cover some of the simple techniques when it comes to compositing images together. Using our first image “War Plane” we cover ways of blending the mountain range into the book and adding the plane and shadow.

Simple Compositing Part 2

This video is all about finalizing our first composited image. We will add in the clouds to the image, add additional visual effects in the clouds, and then applying global corrections to make the image blend in together.

Sketching Your Idea

In the next section of the Photoshop compositing course, we will talk about the importance of sketching your idea out before you start compositing in Photoshop. This will not only save you time but also makes adding the images together easier.

Finding the Images

Finding images for your compositing can be a bit tricky. Most people think that Google Images is the answer but you can actually find a lot of copyright-free images on other websites.

Developing Your Scene

Now that we have our sketch and our images, it is time to start putting everything together in Photoshop. This video will begin with cutting out our foreground, adding a new sky and a few other special effects.

Adding the Main Subject

Now that we have our main scene put together, it is time to add out main subject. I will show you how to cut out the subject from a different photo and place it in you image while keeping it proportional. This is usually the difficult part of compositing in Photoshop but we will show you how easy it is.

Color Corrections

In the last video of our second composited image we will bring everything in our image together which includes, special effects and all elements included to make the perfect final photo.

Sketching the New Idea

In our final composited image, we will cover even more advanced editing techniques for both putting images together as well as creating effects directly in Photoshop. We will sketch out another idea in this video and throughout this section you will see that sometimes it is okay to not follow the sketched idea.

Developing Your Scene Part 1

Now it is time to start putting a very complex scene together. In this video, we will start adding in the background elements in our scene. It is a small step but sets the tone for the rest of the image.

Developing Your Scene Part 2

In this video of the Photoshop compositing course, we develop our scene even more by adding in part of the main subject and adding other specials effects to start creating the mood of the photo. Adding in the different elements correctly is important but selling the mode is also very important.

Adding in Your Model

Much like the other images we have put together in this course, we need to add in our main subject/model in our image. In this video, we will cut out a difficult model and place them in our scene as well as adding in other visual elements.

Special Effects and Final Edits

In this final video, we will cover everything needed to pull the image together to make a perfectly composited image. We will add in rain, lighting effects, and global adjustments to further sell the mood and blend in the images perfectly.

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Verified buyer

I was in a hurry to get a project for university done that required Photoshop editing skills. After browsing for a while, this course came as a blessing. Really detailed content for those of us who never used photo editing software before, now I can say I know how to photomerge scenes!

Verified buyer

The content was very well done. Enough information to guide and not too much to overwhelm. Thank you! I will definitely be looking at other content. Very well done!

Verified buyer

By far the best course for learning composing in photoshop. Thank you :)

Verified buyer

Very good course. Teacher is knowledgable and easy to follow. The course is well presented and shows us an organized way of going about this type of art that makes sense and helps us create beautiful finished composite images. Enjoyed this course!

Verified buyer

I am thoroughly enjoying Photoshop Compositing Video course. I have found all components to be very clear and easy to follow. The very personable instructor is likewise very clear and easy to follow, each instruction can be seen quite clearly in the video. A very measured presentation. Looking forward to completing the remainder of the course.

Verified buyer

I've used the basic fundamentals taught in this class for some time, but the course lends a simplicity and flow to the process that is very useful. It is a very informative and well structured. The instructor is articulate and explains the process in simple terms. If you are someone interested in learning the ins and outs of photoshop, these courses are a good choice. Five Stars!

Verified buyer

This program has made compositing so much fun. The course is easy to follow. The material supplied for the tutorials helps in learning to create beautiful woks. I don't do a lot of compositing but its nice to know how its done. Especially when I want create something different. Its just a great course!

Verified buyer

Pleasant voice to listen to and easy to follow.

Verified buyer

Compositing is something I've wanted to learn how to do for a long time, but I didn't know where to start. Sleeklens course "Photoshop Compositing Essentials" gave me that starting point. Easy to use and follow along, I'm enjoying the course immensely.

Verified buyer

This course is a great start to help you understand and create photo compositions. It is fun and the instruction is really well done. Easy to follow and all steps well defined.

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