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Lightroom Presets & Brushes

Lightroom Presets and brushes are designed to enhance the beauty of your photos in just a few clicks. They make your photo editing effective, efficient and easy while helping you stay organized. Check out these Lightroom Presets and Brushes for artistic enhancement of your collection for that perfect look.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are sets of saved settings, effects, and edits that are used to add effects to and changing the looks of your photographs and images. They can be used to give your photographs a whole different feel, as well as help improve their appearance and quality. At Sleeklens, we have created a number of presets that challenge the status quo, and which aim to challenge the existing photo editing companies. This is because they are of the highest quality and their diverse nature makes them suitable for almost any form and type of photography. These presets are going to take your photography to the next level.

Adobe Lightroom Presets vs Brushes

Perhaps you never heard of brushes before, but these fantastic tools actually work on the very same fashion as presets, only that they are applied locally. Sleeklens as an author of Lightroom products are constantly looking for inspiration with the help of finest photographers in order to give Lightroom users smart and efficient solutions so they can handle most of the postproduction process without requiring extra software. By using the Adjustment Brush tool you are establishing a whole new level of postproduction work to your images and broadening your limits. Enhance your photography work with the help of carefully crafted Adjustment Brush presets (also known as Lightroom Brushes) which can become loyal tools in a blink of an eye.

How to install presets and brushes in Lightroom 

Our customers always come first, and this is why we have created guides on how to install and use these presets if you are new to Adobe Lightroom. We have detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as a video that will make it very easy for you to follow along. All of these in a bid to ensure that regardless if you are a beginner just starting out with Adobe Lightroom, or a seasoned user who would like a refresher course, you will be able to catch on pretty fast and be creating your own masterpieces in no time at all.

How to get started with Adobe Lightroom is by far one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter. While we do have a detailed step-by-step tutorial that is very easy to follow, as well as a video to show you how to go about it, people still ask. We take the time and effort to explain these steps to them, as well as showing them how our presets will help elevate their status in the photographic community. Another relatively frequently asked question is how to create their own filters or brushes. Creating Lightroom goodies takes a keen eye for detail and a sense of photographic style that you can call your own and that is truly you. If you do not have all of these things, we encourage you to use our presets to create the photographs and images you need. As we have stated above, all of our presets are quite easy to edit and customize. After learning all the controls and adjustments that are available under Lightroom’s hood, you will be customizing our presets and using them to create your own breathtaking images and photographs in no time.

Who is Sleeklens?

We are a group of designers and photographers who were having a hard time finding presets to fit our purposes. After looking around for and trying literally hundreds of presets, we decided to start creating our own. Our Lightroom Presets and Brush bundles are the product of brainstorming and collaboration by designers and photographers who, for a long time, have been working with photography and Adobe Lightroom on a daily basis. We create beautiful, creative and easy to use Adobe products

We have created bundles for just about anything you could possibly need presets for. This includes vintage, black & white, golden hour and many others. We make every effort to ensure not only that our Adobe Lightroom inspired products are of the highest quality but also that they are easy to use. Our templates are beginner-friendly – beginners will have no problems getting started with LR, while those with a bit of experience and skill will find it easy to edit and customize to their own liking.

Our creative and carefully crafted Lightroom presets & Photoshop Actions eliminate most of the time it takes to create amazing photographs. We do most of the work, so you do not have to. The workflow does most of the work for you, so you are left to worry only about what matters, creating breathtaking images and photographs. At Sleeklens, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. This is why we continuously will be adding more presets to our collection of Lightroom workflows. This is also the reason we are always standing by to help and answer questions, any time. In short, we always put you and your photography needs first.

Do I have to own an expensive camera?

Your choice of camera is a truly personal one. Many people ask us which camera works best with our products, and we simply tell them that it’s the one they are holding. This is because no one knows the camera you have better than you do, and most likely you know your particular camera better than you know any other.  So fear not, the camera you have is precisely the right one. As long as you know how to use it to take beautiful photographs.

We are sure that regardless of the presets you purchase, be they stand-alone presets or the Sleeklens Complete LR Collection, you are going to get awesome presets that will let your creativity and photographic talent shine. Whether you decide to use our presets as-is or edit and customize them, we always love to see what you create with them.  We would appreciate it if you took the time to share your photographs and images on our exclusive Facebook page, which we give you access to after your purchase has been processed. This is another step in allowing others to learn from you while showing what you and our Adobe filters can accomplish.

I am a new user in Adobe Lightroom, how can presets help me grow as a photographer?

A vital part of the learning process inside the fantastic photography work is to learn from the work of others as well as your own. By using LR presets and brushes not only you are learning which parameters are essential in order to improve the natural conditions of an image, to post-produce it if we are talking about a RAW image file or to add fantastic effects but also you are learning your best and worse points while doing a photography job.

When you use Lightroom goodies such as presets and brushes you are expanding the limits of your creativity while having fun in the process; now you can take a close look at your camera parameters and know beforehand how the final image is going to look like: predict adjustments, learn how to set a proper exposure value that will require only a few tweaks inside Lightroom.

Not only an intuitive software is required only to grow as a photographer but also enough practice with the right resources can set a difference without you even noticing it. We can guarantee you won’t regret the time spent inside Lightroom’s interface after comparing the job you have done before you ever heard of Lightroom (and digital postproduction) existence.

What is a “Workflow”?

When we talk about workflow we mean the process done inside a software from the very first moment you decide to open it to the final product produced by it. If we talk about Lightroom’s Workflow then we are referring to the process made by the user from importing the picture to the output process going through the vital and ever cared to Develop process.

It is not enough to know what a workflow is but also it is needed to create an efficient one in order to avoid losing interest in the software and producing a nice result at less time possible.

Sleeklens keeps users’ needs in mind and designed carefully crafted workflow products that set a revolution inside Lightroom users’ communities: it is not enough to work with presets but also to know how to process your image correctly since the very first moment you plug your media storage device to your pc to the moment you define which tools are you going to use for the job needed.

Communities of users with the same interests as you, in-depth guides on how to produce amazing post-production results, fully designed suites of Lightroom products which enhance the outcome of the final product… all of that and more is what you can expect of Sleeklens to sum into your own workflow.

Overview of our some of Lightroom Workflow series

A Winter’s Tale Workflow: There is nothing better than a winter image that has been done just right. For you to get all those winter looks and effects right, you not only have to have a keen eye for design but also a sense of just how good winter looks and feels. It is for this reason that we created Winter’s tale workflow. This is a rather unique and special workflow that included everything that you need to create awesome winter images and photographs. You now no longer have to struggle with getting just the right amount of light or shade or even snow effects on an image. We have done it for you! And the best part? All the effects can be applied in just one click of the mouse. We have done this to ensure that our presets and brushes are not only very easy to use but that they save you lots of time when editing your images. Have fun!

Brick and Mortar Workflow: When we work with architectural photography, there are a lot of things that have to be considered. We must think about lighting, contrasts, shadows and all together capturing the beauty of the building and the composition of the environment surrounding it. This oftentimes leaves much to be done in post-production, so for that, you must have the right tools. Sleeklens has you covered! With our “Brick and Mortar Workflow”, You will have everything that you’ll need to turn your Architectural photographs into stunning works of art. With this workflow, you will be able to enrich the colors, enhance lighting and even adjust shadows. It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting in a modern city or a historic village, with 78 presets and 28 brushes, “Brick and Mortar” will help you up to your game when it comes to editing your architectural photography.

Chasing Light Workflow: Say goodbye to old days where you thought your work was ruined due to over/underexposure by wrong camera settings. Sleeklens comes to give a helping hand with the Chasing Light Workflow bundle of presets and brushes. All the power of studio and natural sun lighting conditions are on your hands and it is up to you how to boost your images in a new, friendly way that you have never seen before. Learn how you can renew your images with Chasing Light Workflow and establish the difference between those “old you” shooting days and your new professional image.

Color Fantasy Workflow: A special pack of Lightroom products that can enhance both colors and natural lighting in a picture that almost makes you feel you are inside of the scene that was shot. You can now naturally create any kind of color effect you ever dreamed of regardless of the area it requires to be applied. Watch how we can edit an image while using the Color Fantasy Workflow because editing is just not tweaking values as you go, it requires dedication and experience in order to produce a fine looking product.

Forever Thine Workflow: Wedding photography is all about the details and capturing the emotions present during the exact moment the photographs are taken. A lot of what keeps those memories alive happens during your post production work, which means, the better the tools, the better the finished product will be. Sleeklens can help you out with that! Our “Forever Thine Workflow” for Adobe Lightroom contains 112 presets and 23 brushes, specifically designed for wedding photography. With these tools, you will have the ability to polish and sharpen your images, as well as adjust or fix colors, contrasts, tone and even exposure. In addition to the professional grade brushes that will help with the fine details, there are also presets that will allow you to add vignettes, film or vintage effects and even change the atmosphere or feel to the entire photograph if desired. With our “Forever Thine Workflow”, the options are really limitless.

Greyscale Essentials Workflow: Black and white effects can be tricky. This is also very true about monochrome effects as well there is usually so much balancing that has to be done to get the effects just right. You no longer have to contend with images whose contrasts and grays look weird or washed out. We have engaged the services of some of the best designers and photographers in the world to bring you our best black and white bundle yet. And people are loving it! Take your photography to the next level with awesome b&w effects and presets and let your images and photographs not only stand out but look professionally made. Concentrate on shooting the images and we will take it from there. That is our guarantee!

Newborn Delights Workflow: Fall in love with the softness and tenderness of velvety look and flawless skin in either newborn or children photography. Warmth environments where you can tell another reality are taking place in front of your eyes while colorful pastel tones will remind you of how vivid the moment you shoot actually was. Focus on shooting engaging pictures while Sleeklens will let the magic flow!

Out of the Shadows Workflow: Because fine-looking HDR pictures don’t always need to look like computer crafted images, here we can speed up the process of a quality HDR image in a 100% without even requiring a full set of different exposure images for producing stunning HDR images. Subtle, sharp and unique effects will tell many stories inside the big city or the relaxed outskirts of tender landscapes. You only need to pack your camera and lenses for performing a quality job in a few amounts of time, Lightroom and Sleeklens will put hands-on producing the finest outcome you deserve.

Strike a Pose Workflow: Who says you can’t have fun while you edit your pictures? Now your subjects become an active part of the postproduction workflow by enhancing the final image result in a way you have never seen before: you will have to remember that you are editing an image instead of believing you are looking at the scene with your very own eyes as if you were the original photographer. Delight yourself with short footage on how this workflow for Lightroom works and you won’t regret the moment where you decided to take your portrait images to the next level!

Through the Woods Workflow: Landscape photography doesn’t have to look dull and lifeless; with the help of finest-crafted brushed and stunning presets you can quickly turn your images from just point-and-shoot images to amazing displays of professional art. Let the soft sunlight caress your hands while you imagine the smell of fresh grass just below your feet; old days where your landscapes pictures were just that, pictures, are gone; now you are part of a delightful scenario that invites your public to jump right in front of the screen in order to be part of it.


What do I need to get started with Lightroom?
Well, one of the most important things you will need is a computer, a camera and of course the Adobe Lightroom Program. From there, you shoot some images, install HQ presets and you are on your way to professional image editing.

What cameras can I use to shoot my images?
Although this is one of the most frequently asked questions have from some of our newer visitors, the answer is whichever one you have. It is true that the better the camera you have the better the images you produce but at the end of the day, if you know how to handle the camera you have, you will have a really nice time editing your images in Lightroom.

What is this I hear about RAW and JPEG?
As you may know, all files have a format. There are several image formats that common cameras shoot in with two of the most common ones being RAW and JPEG.

OK, so what is the difference?
The main difference is the depth of quality and features, image size and the ability to make non-destructive changes to the images you shoot. JPEG images come in smaller file sizes, are usually of a lesser quality then RAW images because the RAW format captures a lot more detail and it is much easier to make non-destructive changes on a RAW image than a JPEG image.

That is all fine but what format should I be shooting in?
Most professional photographers advise that you shoot in both formats. The RAW images will be for your editing work while the JPEG will work more like your originals.

How will I know what format I am shooting in?
Well, if you have not made any changes to the settings on your camera you are probably shooting in JPEG. That said, you should consult your user manual or the manufacturer website to know what format you are shooting in as well as how to adjust or change the format.

And all your Adobe Products work with all these formats?
Yes, all our workflows are compatible with both RAW and JPEG formats. It is advised that you work with RAW images because they produce images of better quality and all changes are very easy to reverse should you make a mistake or need to start afresh.

Have you been featured anywhere on the internet?
As a matter of fact yes! We have been featured on as having some of the best free adobe Lightroom downloads and – awarded because of our continuous high-quality products and customer service.