Import Essentials Lightroom Preset

Import Essentials Lightroom Preset

Save time and achieve great looking effects with the Import Essentials Ligthroom Presets Collection.
  • 20 Import Presets
  • Instant Effect
  • Instructions included
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom CC Classic 7.3+
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What’s Included in the Motherhood Moments Presets Collection?

20 Import Essentials Presets

  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto Level
  • Auto White Balance
  • Center Focus
  • Classic Fade
  • Dreams
  • Enhance Blues
  • Enhance Greens
  • Fake Sun
  • Fake Tilt-Shift
  • High Contrast
  • High Contrast B&W
  • High Contrast Fade
  • Mimic HDR
  • Orange and Teal
  • Remove Aberration & Defringing
  • Sepia Film
  • Sharpen / Print Ready 300DPI
  • Sharpen / Web Ready 300DPI
  • Vintage Film Grain
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To install your new Presets for Lightroom, go to Develop Module. In the Presets Tab, Click the “+” sign and select IMPORT PRESETS.

Select the ZIP file that was downloaded from Sleeklens and click OK. Your presets will appear in the Presets Tab in its own folder.

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Import Essentials Lightroom Presets

Using Lightroom Presets are a great way to achieve a certain look to your images but you can also use them to save time in your editing process. This is why we have created the Import Essentials collection of Lightroom Presets.  The presets can be used as normal presets like you normally would in the develop module but the effects are really meant to be applied during the import process. You can use them to apply automatic exposures, fake tilt-shift effects, print ready sharpening, vintage film, and much more!

This Lightroom collection includes 20 premiere presets that work with both Lightroom Classic CC and Camera RAW and installation instructions.

Learn more about our other presets for any occasion here

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What is included:
20 Lightroom Presets
Bring your photos to the next level thanks to these 20 Import Presets for Lightroom.
Install Instructions Included
Easy-to-follow install instructions to enjoy your product quicker than you can imagine!
Exclusive Lightroom Facebook Group
Access to the Sleeklens Members Club Facebook Group where you can share your photos, ask for help and stay up-to-date on future products.
The perfect companion for any photographer
Import Essentials Lightroom Preset
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I was looking for cheap, quality presets to process my photos - but not to make them look so "baked". This pack was the right answer for a bit more than I originally intended to spend (still waaaay better than those at CreativeMarket)

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