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Free Photoshop Actions Bundle

Free Photoshop Actions Bundle

Designed for you to try our Actions before you buy. Made with the same quality and professionalism you can expect from our premium and paid Photoshop Actions here.
  • 12 Free Photoshop Actions
  • Instant Download
  • Works for Mac and PC users
  • Works with RAW and JPG photos
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Photoshop 4-6
  • Photoshop Elements 11-14
Earn 20% of every purchase!
  • 12 Premium Starter Photoshop actions
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Learn how to install and use Photoshop actions by watching the easy to follow video below:

You can also follow our step by step guide here.

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Free Photoshop Actions Starter Pack

If you are a new photographer, you may find yourself overwhelmed at some point. The market is growing and changing almost daily, so you need to keep up with the trends and fads. Learn to choose what’s best for your hobby or profession, and make sure the offers match your style. Your “photographer’s eye” may be spotless, natural and priceless. You may dream of becoming the next Steve McCurry or Annie Leibovitz, and maybe you’ll become a famous photographer that will exceed their work and the work of many others. Still, when technology is advancing at faster rates, you may want to take advantage of the many tools at your disposal.

The times when you had to edit a single photo for hours to make the best of it are now over. With just one click your photos can be transformed into something even Mother Nature can’t complete to perfection. At Sleeklens, you will find the Photoshop presets to help you achieve that perfection. One of the reasons why professional photographers are called professionals is because they know what a photo is missing at the first sight. You may lack that skill if you are a beginner, so it will be best to look at the free presets which Sleeklens offers. That way you can try them out, see how they doll up your photos and choose the right workflow for your style.

The free Photoshop action bundle you will find on the site will allow you to use 12 actions, created with the same quality and dedication as the premium workflows. They work on RAW and JPEG images and you can install them on your Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 or Creative Cloud. Once you discover the magic they carry, you will start searching for the other, more advanced and specialized presets.

Before and Afters
What is included:
12 Free Photoshop Actions
Download the Sleeklens Photoshop Bundle Starter Pack.
Works With Both RAW and JPEG File Formats
Whether you are shooting RAW or JPEG, these Photoshop Actions will give you amazing results.
Instant Download
Immediately after you purchase your Photoshop Actions, you will be sent a link to start downloading and start making great photos.
The perfect companion for any photographer
Free Photoshop Actions Bundle

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