How to Add Birds to Your Photos in Adobe Photoshop

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Jordan Younce
  By Jordan Younce
How to Add Birds to Your Photos in Adobe Photoshop www.sleeklens.com

In this video, I will show you how to add birds to your photos in Adobe Photoshop. Adding birds to your photos are kind of a fun, interesting thing to do as it adds a little bit more subject to your photos. Sleeklens makes it easy to do that because they have birds’ overlays available and what they do is that take the pictures of birds and cut out the individual birds which allow you to have a little more flexibility and customization when adding them in. So, let’s get started and show you how to do this.

I took one of the bird overlays from one of the Autumn Pumpkin Graze Collection; you can see there are three birds which they have selected. If you toggle them on you’ll see that there are some actual birds from the photo, but they cut them out and you have the 3 e are going to use here.

To begin with, I will open the Photoshop file (there are Photoshop and JPEG to choose from). I will then highlight the three individual birds, click, drag and hold them over into my photo. After placing them on my photo, you can see they are little large and so with them highlighted, I will hit the Command/Ctrl-T which will allow me to do free transform and all I will do is size them down and put them on the area as seen in the tutorial.

I don’t want to make the very large since they’ll look a little bit out of place or unrealistic. Once I size them down, I will place them over people on the beach and since they are seagulls, they kind of blend well with a photo looking more realistic. I will size them down and position them strategically, and you can see we have birds easily added without looking fake or unnatural, but it adds a little more interest in the picture along with the folks.

Now I want to add a little bit more birds and make them a little bit larger, but I will leave the ones we’ve already added right where they are. I will go back to our original bird overlays, click and drag over the 3 birds again and follow the resizing process (Command/Ctrl-T) once again and keep moving the birds around there. Although the birds look good, the pattern is the same, and this could make your work look fake. So, I will position the birds in a better pattern, and this is easy because the birds are cut out individually. I will click on the individual bird and deactivate it, or I can click on it and move it around wherever I want to. I will keep playing with the birds a little bit to position them in a way that looks like they are flying in a certain order. I just added six birds in the photo, and this adds more interest and looks nice.

The only thing that I will do, which is a personal preference is to add a photo filter, and this helps the birds in the photo blend very well. I will click on the Adjustment > Photo Filter, and you can have a bit to choose from. I will choose a warming one and back it down a little bit to around 15 percent or so. We can then group them together and look at the before which looked ok but a bit plain but we added some birds and color pop we have a little bit more interest to the after photo.

Hope you enjoyed that quick tutorial on how to add birds to your photos in Adobe Photoshop. You can visit Sleeklens.com for more tutorials and great photo editing products.

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Rating: 3.50 based on 2 Ratings
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Jordan Younce

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