How to Remove Chromatic Aberration in Lightroom

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How to Remove Chromatic Aberration in Lightroom

How to Create Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

How to Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

Hi all, today we are going to be doing this Tutorial on Chromatic Aberration and how to fix it in Lightroom.

Ok so what exactly is Chromatic Aberration and how does it affect your Images? It is the purple fringing which isn’t good to see in images more so when it’s golden hour photo editing and there is chromatic aberration there.  Would you like to find out how you can remove chromatic aberration? Install Lightroom presets first then you can now remove those chromatic aberration in Lightroom presets. Here’s how.

Well if you look at the image I have below, at first sight, it looks perfectly fine no issue there…

Well if I zoom into my image then my views change quite significantly!

So imagine that you are out taking photos and as you are taking photos your camera is taking in the light flipping it and bending it onto your sensor.

Normally there isn’t an issue here but sometimes, just sometimes especially with lenses that don’t cost a whole lot, the lens will bend the light as normal but it will split up the channels… the channels being Red Light, Green Light, and Blue Light and they will land in slightly apart onto your sensor.

What then will happen is you will get what is known as color fringing around your image, so like a blue or red hallow sort of effect which is not what we want if we are taking professional images and not actually going for this effect.

You can see it in the previous image on the shoulder were you can see the blue on the shoulder, this won’t just be in the folder, it will be on the entire image, so imagine it’s like a separate image overlaid on the image you actually want and then slightly nudged to the side and up a bit for example.

So in our image, we have a problem with the right-hand side, something it will be on the left-hand side and will be red light instead.

Also take note, that it may not always be just blue or red that it could be purple or green, it just depends on the image below and the colors that will be mixed with the Chromatic Aberration.

Ok, so how do we fix this in Lightroom.

Well, click on your Develop module.

You will see this on the top right-hand side of your Lightroom workspace, in between the words ‘Library’ and ‘Map’

Then on the right side, you will see a panel that has a whole lot of different tools in it, the first thing you will probably notice is the histogram, this is where you have all your editing tools.

Click into that and depending on what version of Lightroom you have you will see some words that are menus in there, one of them will be called profile, click on this first [don’t worry if what we are looking for isn’t in there because it’s not on mine, but! it may be in some other versions of Lightroom so I just want you all to check there first just in case] as said it is not in there for me, instead of mine is under Color.

So right there look for the box ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’ and click the box.

When you do this you should see the Chromatic Aberration reduce a good amount, but don’t worry if it did not, we aren’t done yet.

Below that [or if in your version of Lightroom it’s not below that] go to Manuel.

You will see the little double sliders.

They are called Purple Hue and Green Hue.

So the first way to correct this is to click on the little eye dropper and making sure that you have checked that box we talked about remember ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’

Then you simply go the area that you want the Chromatic Aberration to be like, so in my case, it would be the left-hand side on the white of the shoulder, so I click on that and it should eliminate the Chromatic Aberration.

If not then the manual way to do it is with the sliders.

So for this because the Chromatic Aberration is blue I would go to the bottom slider I’d first pull the second slider all the way over to the right-hand side then I’d click on the amount slider and do the same until the Chromatic Aberration disappeared.

Yours may be different but the formula would still be the same, so I would recommend playing around with the sliders and seeing what different types of results you get, and if you go wrong then just click on Reset below your options.


Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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