Photo ideas when you have no idea what to photograph

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  By Blagoja Martinovski
Photo ideas when you have no idea what to photograph

Rainy day? Stuck at home? Few spare hours? Bored? But your camera is within your reach, you love photography and want to practice your photo-taking abilities. There is just one thing standing in your way – you have no idea what to shoot. No problem at all – as here are few ideas of things you can photograph at your house and garden.

Photo ideas: Food-o-graphy
  1. Food-o-graphy

Vegetables, fruits, sauces, pasta, desserts… take out whatever you have in your fridge and place it by the window as a side or back natural light is the key. You can also take photos of actions in the kitchen while preparing food, but if are not a good cook – no worries, order a pizza and take photos of it. Remember, a lot can be learned about lighting by doing food photography.

  1. Plates and cutlery

Everyone has spare plates and cutlery laying around in the kitchen. Position only plates, or only cutlery or make a combination of both in an unusual, evocative way. Imagine storylines involving them and illustrate those stories from start to finish by moving the objects in different directions.

  1. Consumer products

Shoes on shelves or in your hands closed or opened perfume bottles, clothes on hangers or on the bed, wrist watches, wall clocks, toys, jewelry and the list of consumer products that are in your house goes on and on. If you keep their original boxes, even better – you can play with them as well, as long as you think outside the box. The number of objects in your house you can shoot is only limited by your imagination.

Photo ideas: Things on the floor
  1. Things on the floor

A big vase, a candle holder, an antique, a potted plant or even your sleeping baby can take the center stage in the middle of your floor and be photographed from above. You can be as creative as you want with different objects and shooting angles.

  1. Portraits and self-portraits

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot a self-portrait or portraits of people currently in your house, nor whether you show happy or sad emotions. You can create a simple portrait studio at home and experiment with different poses and expressions of your subjects. If the people in your house are camera-shy, then just focus on their hands, feet, lips, silhouette or anything else that captures that person without showing their face.

  1. Animals and insects

If you like animals

, here is a challenge for you. Photograph your pets or your neighbour’s pets, the fish in your aquarium, the insects on your window sills, the bird in the tree outside your window or flying over your house. If you have an aquarium or terrarium at home – you don’t need an underwater camera, just use a polarizing filter to be able to cut out the glare on the glass.

Photo ideas: Water drops
  1. Water drops

Another cool photography idea is to capture rain drops on windows or water droplets on glasses and plants. A variation on this topic would be to have the water drops on portable small items frozen in the freezer. You will have only a short time to shoot them before they melt but that would add the excitement and increase your focus on extreme close-ups. After the droplets melt and combine they will create fascinating patterns on the dry surface.

  1. Street life outside your window

The everyday life right outside your window can be a theme for many photo projects. For example, shoot the ever-moving clouds, mystical sunrises, magical sunsets, busy road workers, random passing strangers and cars. Take your tripod out, set your camera to take single images or time-lapse and always be mindful not to take photos of people’s faces without their permission first.

  1. Garden photos

Flowers, fruit trees, vegetable plants or even grass – all of them can be reasons for colourful and unique series of narratives. If it has been raining for days and no beautiful flowers are available in your garden – then check for worms, insects or wild weeds. Beauty can hide in the most unsuspecting things.

  1. Fun with photos

If you have photo prints or photo negatives you no longer wish to keep or you can print duplicate photos, you can either burn parts of them or poke holes and shine light through them and re-shoot them . You can also cut and fold them in different ways from unusual angles to create dramatic photographs.

Have fun with any or all of these 10 ideas and really go after it. Give yourself a mission to try them out at the first moment you feel like wasting time and find the beauty that is often overlooked – photography has the power to bring it out your creativity.

Rating: 3.33 based on 3 Ratings
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