Benefits Of Having A Gorillapod in Your Travel Bag

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  By Michael Moodie
Benefits Of Having A Gorillapod in Your Travel Bag

As cameras start to improve at a very rapid pace faster than we can keep up, so does the accessories or tools around them. More frequently we begin to see upgrades in tools for our DSLR, mirrorless and even smartphone camera to help improve our quality of work or even make it a little easier. We will be talking about one of those tools today and discussing a little bit as to how it can help your quality of work get better but also just the overall benefits of having one of these on you. The tool we will be discussing is what is called a gorilla pod. Some of you may already know what it is or even have one yourself as it has grown very popular amongst photographers and videographers over a period of time. With that said, let’s begin.

1. Travel-Friendly

As a photographer who’s always on the move both internationally and sometimes locally, it’s always good to have tools or equipment that are very easy to take with you. The Gorilla pod fits right into that category is probably one of my favorite things to just pick up and go with. Depending on the size of your camera bag or backpack, it can easily fit without having to damage or force anything else to fit. As opposed to a tripod it’s not a hassle to carry around with you.

2. Weight

Contrary to its name, a gorilla pod is not a very heavy piece of equipment to have around. In comparison to a lot of tripods that are made out of metal or even rubber, the gorilla pod is definitely not too heavy. This comes in handy when on the move and not wanting to have too much weight on your back or just not wanting to travel with too much weight at all. The weight convenience of this thing pretty much allows you to just walk with it in your hand if you want to. Gorilla pods come in different sizes which are all relatively small and not too bulky. Given their small size they don’t carry much weight on them. As photographers, this is something we always want to take into consideration since most if not all of our job is spent on our feet and a very small percentage is probably spent in other positions to get our shot. Nonetheless, we want to limit our weight as much as possible so that we don’t get uncomfortable or annoyed while we are shooting.

3. Flexibility

This is one of the features that made this little piece of equipment very popular for some photographer and videographers. The flexibility of this thing changed the whole game in regards to capturing different perspective and getting creative with your angles. The legs on the Gorilla Pod are capable of being bent and wrapped around almost anything while still holding your camera or smartphone in place. Of course, you will have to be careful when doing this to make sure it has a firm grip on whatever it is it’s holding on to, to prevent it from falling. I can only imagine having to replace a whole camera due to a bad turn of events.

In addition to it being flexible, there are some Gorillapods that also offer magnetic capabilities. These come in handy when trying to stabilize or ensuring your Gorillapod is stabilized enough against any metal surfaces.

4. Balance

It is relatively easy to balance a Gorillapod as the legs are easily adjustable and can be bent into different forms or shapes to stabilize your camera a bit more. You may often find yourself using lenses that are a bit heavier than your camera and can throw your Gorillapod off balance but when you see this happening, simply adjust the legs for it to become more stable.

5. Size

Size always matters and can be a huge plus or minus depending on the setting it is in. The size of a Gorillapod helps in drawing too much attention to yourself when shooting or trying to capture a clip in public. With regular tripods, you find yourself having to do a little bit of work with extending the legs and locking them in place which can sometimes draw attention. With a Gorillapod, it actually looks like a toy so you will find that not many people will be paying attention to you when trying to set up a shot in public or when trying to capture a clip of yourself. This also made it pretty popular amongst YouTubers or Vloggers when capturing videos about their day to day life.

I hope these quick but simple benefits have motivated you to go get your own Gorillapod and enjoy the advantages as well. It is always a pleasure sharing these points with you and I look forward to doing it again. Cheers!

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