Improve Your Photos with Landscape Vista by Sleeklens

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  By Pia Lopez
Improve Your Photos with Landscape Vista by Sleeklens

As a part of our popular product “The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Bundle” we are going to go through the wonders that Landscape Vista presets can do for our pictures. In only a few clicks you can completely turn dull and inexpressive photos into beautiful works of art.

Start by opening Lightroom and selecting the picture you want to work with.


If you have to import the images from your camera, you can always do it by clicking the Import button on Lightroom’s Library Module and setting the destination for where you want to import your images.


As you can see, this set of presets offers us the chance of adding sunlight to the scene, like if the Sun was placed at a certain position of the scene, which can enhance the effect on this picture, as if it was inviting us to go into this forest.


Or you can boost the tints of your image by using one of the ClassicBright Preset adjustments, in order to tune the image for a better quality.


This package also offers some other really nice looking effects, like converting our picture to Black & White mode


Sepia tones


Travel back through time with Vintage tints


And why not fall in love with pastels?


But if we go back to the point where we were, all the image needs is a bit more detail, which I will add via Clarity Slider, and some good looking vignetting effect to get this appealing result.


Now, let’s compare with a Before/After how Landscape Vista helped this image to stand out, by enhancing its qualities.


The results speak for themselves, and now the image looks more pleasant and vivid for the public.

If you want to get really impressive results in only a few clicks, please take a look at our newest bundle “Through The Woods Workflow” – Meant for both amateurs and professionals, this bundle of presets and brushes can quickly turn your landscapes into professional pictures while conserving the intent of the photographer.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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