5 Instagram Accounts We Should Follow as Photography Lovers

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  By Diego Sanchez
5 Instagram Accounts We Should Follow as Photography Lovers www.sleeklens.com

Without any doubt, Instagram is one of the platforms who has impulsed the development of the mobile photography worldwide. With almost 600 millions of users and more than 40 billions of published photos and videos, Instagram is a big example of the mediatic power of social networking.

With this overwhelming number of images, the task to determinate what is really quality content and what is casual photography have become a very difficult one.

Because of this, today we will like to share the top 5 profiles that we considered are actual referents in mobile photography. To clarify, our main filter for the election confirmed that the material of this profiles is 100% made with mobile phones and they have a considerable quality.

So, we have avoided the “friends influence” that could appear in this kind of article and end up in acquaintances list with barely technical quality.


Nazaret Sanchez profile stands out for the technical quality at the moment of getting black and white images, with an exceptional tonal richness. As is well known, mobile phones have a fixed dynamic range, so when you look photos made with these devices that show such a good transitions from pure white to intense black (very, stylish of Ansel Adams zone system) it is easy to understand the reasons that have made this profile internationally well known.

It is our recommendation for those interested in mobile photography with aims of black and white images. Minimalistic photos, geometric compositions, human figures and well-defined lines are at one step in this gallery.


A gallery with plenty of visual richness must be this one of our today lists. With great portraits variety with unique creative compositions this project bets for showing people on their day to day routines or spaces. Black and white, color…it is all permitted as long as the people and their space are shown through unique sights.

This is the perfect gallery for those photographers looking composition and portraits references. Plus, they usually made mentions to selected profiles chosen among the ones who use their hashtags. Without any doubt, it is a great opportunity for those who want to be known in the mobile photography world and also know many other passionate photographers of that world.


If sports photography is your call, then you must follow this profile. Brad Manguin, well-known photographer all over the world from his work for almost 4 years with mobile phones in sports events, especially with baseball and golf. Not just as a pathfinder for using the mobile phones as professional photographic tools, he has also achieved a very particular style in sports photography, permanently loaded with telephotos and distances. His mobile telephony allows him an evident nearness between the photo and the sportive moment he gets to register.


Ekaterina Mishchenkova profile, visual artist distinguished for the selective colouration of esthetics richness. This profile’s master pieces simulate the first colouration techniques known from the past century in places like Japan. In which it was necessary to use photographic plaques who were then manually colorized, generating a very particular effect in those colored areas.

In this case, the artist realized the same process in a digital version by only using red over monochromatic images of sepia tones. A high recommendation for those looking to make art with a mobile phone.


An iconic profile in the world of street mobile photography. These gallery photos involve an admirable capacity of forms composition will be in color or black and white, this is one of the big lures of this profile.

One of the best recommendations for those betting to take the streets with their mobile phones and generate unique images. Here you can find more than one example that will get your interest and add up to your creativity.

We hope these profiles can give a helping hand to develop your mobile photographer skills. Good luck and see you next time!

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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Diego Sanchez

Foto ensayo is the name given to the proyect of Diego Sanchez, a social communicator and journalist who was born in Marinilla (Colombia) in 1990. He started his career as a reporter and graphic editor in “Contexto newspaper” and as a freelance photographer in the development of documentary products. In 2013 he moved his residence to Seville, where studied travel journalism and started his collaboration with magazines like “Mas Viajes” from Spain and “NAO” from Mexico. In 2015 he started a new stage in Barcelona, where he was part of the documentary Cities for Life, it maked for What's Up Doc and he develop stories for magazines “Viaje con Escalas” and “Enfoque Visual”. During this time his photographs were exhibited in countries like Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the United States. Also, he has the opportunity to be part of publishing projects as “La Ruta del Condor”, “Maguaré “ and “Los viajes de Sancho”.

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