Face Aware Liquify Filter in Adobe Photoshop CC

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  By Jordan Younce
Face Aware Liquify Filter in Adobe Photoshop CC www.sleeklens.com

Face Aware Liquify is a new Photoshop CC feature that gives Liquify filter some face-detection capabilities thus allowing you to distort or reshape a person’s facial features such as the nose, eyes and mouth among others. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use this new feature as which basically allows you to alter the facial features automatically without doing much. To begin with, it is worth noting that Photoshop detects all the facial features of the person whose photo you intend to edit. Photoshop allows you to move these features around, change them and change the scales among other things.

To begin with, you will need to choose the photo whose facial features you intend to manipulate. Once you have your photo ready, go to ‘Liquify menu’ which is located on the top part of the screen and on the Menu Bar. From there, you will be able to choose ‘Filter Tool’ > and then ‘Liquify’. If you are familiar with Liquify Menu, you will note that most of your favorite features haven’t changed a lot but most of the previous features are intact. However, you will realize that there is a “Face Aware Liquify” section on the right side. This is where Photoshop CC detects the facial features and allows you to move them around much easily.

You can either go to the face and change the little notes resting on different facial features such as the eyes or the nose and move them around easily or go to the “Slider Menu” and start messing the sliders. You can increase the eye size for example by dragging the sliders to different direction. The sliders will allow you to either increase or decrease the size of the different features depending with your preferred editing needs. However, you will find it fun to play around with the notes. As you play with the notes, you will realize that the pixels around the face are kind of blending together very well making your editing really realistic and easy.

You can exaggerate the editing to help you see what is really happening. You can do that with the different parts until you have achieved your desired results. For example, you will realize that the mouth gives you a number of possibilities and you can either make the person in the image to frown or smile by either dragging the slider up or down. With the Face Aware Liquify Filter, you will be able to make the mouth narrow or wide, chin longer, pull down the forehead or make it look just anything you imagine about. Once you are through with your changes, just click “Ok” to save the changes.

Once you are though with your experimenting, you should be able to notice the difference by looking at the “Before” and “After” photos. This is a great tool you can use in your photo shoots if you want to contour facial features and make them look really good.

Face Aware Liquify Sliders are basically designed to help correct any unwanted distortions in your pictures especially those making one to look different from the way he or she appears in person. Amazingly, you can also use the feature to make someone look absolutely different or like someone else. The process is very easy and you can start your portrait edits now.

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