What Gift To Get A Photographer: Quick But Adorable Ideas!

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  By Michael Moodie
What Gift To Get A Photographer: Quick But Adorable Ideas! www.sleeklens.com

The holidays have passed, but there are still some of you like myself, who decide to do some late shopping for those friends and family members you missed during December. Well if any of these members of your family, friends or loved ones just happen to be a photographer, you’re in luck. Don’t tell them I gave you all the answers but in this article, I will be telling you just a few items to pick up if you’re planning to get a special gift for a photographer.

Most people are really unaware of the tools a photographer uses day to day apart from just his camera and maybe a tripod. In addition to not really knowing what a photographer uses day to day, it’s often assumed everything we use is expensive. Well, for the most part, a majority of the tools we use are indeed a bit pricey, but there are still other small items that play a considerable role and cost just a fraction of the price you probably have in your head. I promise this article will help you put a smile on a photographer’s face and keep your bank account intact at the same time, so let’s begin.

SD Memory Card

A photographer can never really have too many SD cards, especially if they’re an active shooter. When shooting in RAW format, memory cards tend to get full pretty quickly, and as a photographer, it’s so annoying. You find yourself having to pause and skim through old images or videos on your SD card while trying to remember if you backed them up or not to your computer or hard drive. So if you’re on a tight budget but would still like to show you care, this is a pretty good option.

Prices on Amazon vary depending on the capacity of the memory card itself or any special features it may carry. For example, some memory card comes with wifi capability which helps enable your camera to transfer images to your smartphone or any other device. Those memory cards are pretty amazing too, but if those are too pricey, a 16GB or 32GB memory card should be just fine.

Battery Grip

Most cameras tend to come with one battery and charger as part of the basic package when a camera is bought. In most cases, this battery doesn’t last too long for the photographer to get through the day. As a result of this you find some photographer travel with a charger or an extra battery, but even traveling with these can still hinder workflow on a photoshoot. To solve this problem, you find photographers investing into a battery grip for their camera.

Each camera is different, so you have to make sure you research the camera your loved one is using before ordering one on Amazon. What the battery grip does is increase the functionality of the camera. It allows for long battery life by fitting two batteries at once, expanding the camera’s battery life. Next nifty thing functionality it has is to help capture portrait style shots, which comes in handy more often than you think. The battery grip is very affordable depending on the camera you’re buying it for so be sure to find out the camera model.

External Hard Drive

I’m sure some of you may already know what this is but not sure how it applies to being helpful to a photographer. Well like I mentioned earlier, you can never have too much memory for your images and short of loading up a laptop with a bunch of image folders, the smart thing to do is back them up on an External HD. Man-made things eventually fail, and in this event, it is always important to be prepared for whatever life may throw in your face. It’s heartbreaking to see a computer crash and all the important files are lost so imagine a photographer losing all of his work.

You’re promised to get a huge smile from a photographer with this gift because it’s something every photographer needs. The price of these also varies depending on the capacity of the hard drive itself. If you’re buying an active shooter, then a 2TB hard drive will definitely make their day, but if the person is a beginner, then 500GB or 1TB should be more than enough.

External Flash

This is another simple but important tool you’ll find most if not all photographers have at all times. Yes, most Canon and Nikon cameras come with a built-in, pop up flash, but that doesn’t always get the job done. As you gain more and more experience in the world of photography, you realize as you progress in skill, so does your equipment needs to progress in quality and capability. So, for example, you will see where photographers expand their lens collection, and some of you may ask, why so many? The answer to this that each lens comes with a different capability so for the things one lens may not be able to do, the other makes up for it. Likewise, this analogy can be applied to the flash. At some point that built in pop up flash just isn’t enough to get the job done. The price on these tend to vary depending on brand there isn’t much of a difference.

Giving is always great, especially when you know you just made someone’s day. I hope this article was helpful in you finding a gift for that special photographer. Until next time, Thank you for stopping by!


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