The Importance Of Connecting With Your Talent as a Photographer

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  By Michael Moodie
The Importance Of Connecting With Your Talent as a Photographer

Photography is often more than just capturing a couple cool or stunning photos but rather building a connection with the things or people you’re capturing. Many of us only see photography for its face value and not dig deeper to appreciate the gems within it and how it can benefit us in many other ways. Today we will be digging into one of those gems which are understanding why it is important to form or establish a connection with your subject before or during the time you’re capturing them. I will also be sharing some of the key things you can do to help establish a connection with your subject to yield very rewarding results. Let’s dive in.

1. Evoking Emotion

Connecting with your subject can be a huge boost in trying to evoke emotion or passion through your image. Many photos taken by great photographers are composed and timed perfectly but when you take a look and observe the emotions being evoked by their subject, you sometimes get nothing.

Once you’ve established a connection, the task of showing these emotions become a lot easier as you and the subject or talent now have a clear understanding of each other and what it is you guys are trying to create. This will help to create much more powerful shots and give your viewer the ability to see and probably understand what was going through the mind of the talent you were capturing or rather what emotion they were trying to evoke.

2. Comfort

Establishing a connection can easily help your subject to feel a lot more comfortable when conducting a shoot with you. Sometimes as photographers we can be so straight to the point in getting our camera out and preparing to get a session done that we don’t take the time out to speak with the talent or rather spend some time with them a bit more. One of the keys to capturing definitive images of someone or even something is to understand their reason for wanting to be in front of the camera.

Take the time out to talk to your talents a little bit more to understand a few things about them as a person and what it is they look forward to achieving from the session. This will help to guide your style of shooting in a path that is more agreeable with what your talent expects or even better. Connections can serve as a very useful creative tool when working with different talents and it is important you that you use these connections to your advantage.

3. Simpler Edits

Having an understanding of your talent can also lead to providing simple but meaningful edits. As photographers, we must admit that we can sometimes get very carried away with some of the images we’re editing during our post-production process. Having a clear understanding of what your talent is looking to evoke through how they want the image to feel can also help to guide the editing process. Many will prefer a simpler way of editing so the image is not ruined or distracted by the edits but rather they both compliment each other and work perfectly. Connections with your talents can run very deep through the veins of your images and help to give your shots the ability to speak for themselves without explanation from you or the talent.

4. Adds Meaning

As I mentioned earlier, there are many times were even photographers like myself may capture a subject or a talent simply because they look cool or we thought the frame would make for a cool shot. This leaves no particular meaning behind the images aside from the fact that we thought it was a good shot. There completely nothing wrong with this and it is perfectly normal to have this thought as a photographer but once you have a connection with your talent or subject, that all changes. Your images are no longer meaningless but now rather filled with meaning. You can now tell a story behind every shot, sharing every little detail as to what inspired it. Images with a pure meaning will always seem to get better feedback from viewers than those that were a bit meaningless. For some reason, it is not difficult to differentiate the two.

Before you even take your camera out, think about what it is you’re looking to capture from this photography session and also try to understand what it is your talent is looking to achieve from this photography session as well. Establishing a connection with your subject or talent is definitely something that is worth the effort as it will yield very rewarding results. You will gradually understand the huge difference between shooting a subject or talent without meaning as opposed to having a meaningful photography session. I hope these points have served as a huge help in showing you the importance of having a connection with your talent. Until next time, thank you for stopping by.

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