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Whether you are getting started in photography or have been in the business for a few years, finding a place for learning new skills and techniques to improve your photography can be difficult. It can also be difficult to find these skills that are just for photographers. Many online photography training courses will show you how to use a program like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom but just learning how to use the program isn’t enough. Photographers want to learn the skills that many of the professional photographers use to make amazing photos, not just how to use the programs. This is why we are are creating the Sleeklens Online Course Library which allows you to stream premium courses to any device.

Streaming only, not downloadable.

Why Learn About Photography?

Consider photography as a way of experiencing life rather than an expensive hobby to practice. The skills and knowledge acquired through the process of learning how to work as a photographer will radically change how you look at ordinary objects, how to appreciate the beauty of any landscape, how to get the most of a candid moment, but in general, how to enjoy the many faces life show us on a daily basis.

Does Photography Gear Matter?

Surprisingly, no. Though you will have to invest some money as you grow your skills and a possible business, photography can also be experienced by using entry-level cameras, and it’s not necessary to invest on high-end gear when you’re just starting your journey. No amount of gear will be able to overcome what learning the basics and experience overtime can bring

Why Should I Invest in Sleeklens Video Photography Courses?

We’re passionate about photography just as you are! The struggles all beginner photographers experienced are part of our knowledge backpack, and we would like to show you that photography isn’t something for the few “talented” ones but something that’s accessible to everyone. Something that inspires you to find beauty wherever you go, to frame memories for a lifetime and mostly to learn a bit more about yourself in the process.

Our photography courses are tailored for those who are busy with life. You can learn at your own pace, with lifetime access to the videos and learning resources provided by the course. Want to learn on the go and stream the videos through your smartphone or tablet? Yes! That’s also a possibility, although we recommend users to download the videos just to enjoy a smoother learning process without needing to worry about constant internet access.

Where Should I Start?

If you are new to photography, consider our Complete Course to Beginner Photography course. It covers all the essential aspects that we, as photographers, ought to know for both hobbyist and professional approach to this discipline. You can learn the fundamentals of using gear like getting to know which equipment will work best for you depending on your style of photography as well as learning about digital post-production. The perfect solution for those who crave the adventures of a photographer but seem to be lost on where to start.

I’m Familiar with Photography Basics, Any Suggestions?

As our photography courses are not only focused on beginners, you can improve your current skills depending on what you would like to learn next. The Complete Photographer Photoshop Course is a comprehensive guide on how to get the most of your images by using Adobe’s world-renowned software, Adobe Photoshop. Ranging from the basics to complex edits, this video course can start you on the path towards incredible, convincing effects to enhance any photo.

ThePortrait Retouching Essentials Course and Landscape Photography Editing Course are two of the courses focused on portrait and landscape photography respectively. You can start all the way as a beginner in this discipline, or simply to refresh your knowledge on the basics. Or, in case you would like to move on to more advanced tutorials, scroll down to check the later chapters included in this course as we will cover real-life examples on how to work with these unique setups that every photographer loves.

Finally, our Photoshop Compositing Essentials Video Course is the perfect go-to companion for those who have amazingly great images taken but want to create something totally different.. With this course, you will learn the essentials and advanced techniques on how to walk your way towards world-class Photoshop composition scenarios. Using real-life examples, our instructor will walk you through creating three separate composited images from start to finish just using stock photography. This is typically the hardest style of compositing and will give you the confidence to create anything you can dream up!