The Perks of Being a Lifelong Photography Student

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  By Taya Ivanova
The Perks of Being a Lifelong Photography Student

Photography is an amazing passion to have. It’s filled with never-ending inspiration, curious people, and an abundance of creative opportunities. These benefits are all particularly evident at the beginning of every photographer’s journey.

After some time, these photographers may believe that they’ve learned enough. An impressive social media following, along with a striking portfolio, might encourage them to sit back and forget the importance of learning. I know this, I’ve been there.

Learning, like photography, can be a lifelong passion. This doesn’t mean you should stay in university forever. All you have to do is go out there, expose yourself to knowledge, and never settle.

Here are the perks of being a lifelong photography student.

Your Portfolio Will Never Look Boring

Since there are millions of tutorials available online, free knowledge is limitless. There’s always something you can learn, be it a new Lightroom shortcut, macro photography secrets, or that tutorial you’ve been too afraid to watch. These tools are keys that will open new creative doors for you, no matter how small. In the long run, every single one will pay off.

With so much enriching knowledge, you’ll inevitably improve your own work. As a result, your photos will look different. Within a short period of time, you’ll have an exciting portfolio filled with impressive experiments, elements, and tricks. Your followers will notice this and admire your hard work.

Your Mind Will Remain Open to Fresh Ideas

An advantage of being open-minded is the possibilities that come with every new idea. Even if an intimidating concept comes to mind, you won’t be afraid of bringing it to life. You’ll fearlessly look for answers in books, articles, and videos. Because of this openness, your mind will accept all kinds of ideas. Your work, in turn, will quickly bloom.

To become more open, observe your favorite photographers. If they have motivational videos, watch all of them. I highly recommend checking out Sue Bryce’s videos. She not only photographs beautifully but inspires her followers to love themselves. Witnessing the strength and fearlessness of others will give you the courage to reach new heights. As this happens, your mind will naturally open itself up to new information.

macro butterfly on a shoe

Life Will Be More Exciting in General

When you see potential everywhere, the world will become a universe of fascinating ideas. You’ll always have something to do, which will prevent unnecessary phases of boredom and feelings of uselessness. In short, you’ll feel more alive, both as a human being and a creator.

I used to think that the best photographers out there had access to lots of equipment and money. I thought that travel photographer were the luckiest of all. When I started challenging myself with various projects — like trying to take interesting photos in the same room — these assumptions disappeared. Before I knew it, I was finding inspiration in the most insignificant details!

If you want to improve in a similar way, challenge yourself. Commit to projects that stand out, no matter how difficult they might seem. As you experience obstacles, you’ll learn more about yourself and your passion for photography. You’ll find inspiration in more places, feel more energetic, and be more appreciative of your curiosity.

Your Knowledge Will Help Others

Once you acquire a lot of knowledge, you’ll be able to use it for the benefit of others. No matter how simple your photography tips may seem, there’s someone out there who would be grateful to know them. The same goes for any kind of knowledge, be it related to editing, self-help, or photography in general.

Imagine this: your knowledge can be used to improve someone’s creative life, make them feel better about themselves, and give them a helping hand during a hard time.

Your knowledge can also give you job opportunities. A lot of artists write tutorials, make Youtube videos, and talk at events. Their experiences become valuable lessons that not only support them financially but motivate others.

Knowledge is limitless. Don’t let your success or confidence stop you from becoming a lifelong learner. The more knowledge you acquire, the more interesting your life will be. The more knowledge you share, the more fulfilling others’ lives will be. It’s a precious circle of love and acceptance that the world needs more of.

And it can all start with you.


Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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