Importance of WiFi In Cameras: What You Need to Know About It

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  By Michael Moodie
Importance of WiFi In Cameras: What You Need to Know About It

Technology has grown so much over the decades even Millennials like myself tend to lose track or can’t keep up with it. There have been so many moments I can recall where I was baffled with a device I had and realized all the additional things it can do. Phones are becoming so advanced and equipped with some amazing cameras, all that’s left to be done is to be able to change your lenses and who’s to say this isn’t already in the making. Manufacturers have to find now a way to keep up with the growing demand for more in our camera, phones and almost anything that is tied to technology. It’s almost like we can’t be pleased or what we got is never enough. I was once told that technology makes mankind lazier, but I had quite a different perspective and figured technology makes complex tasks easier and quicker to get done. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of having a camera with built in wifi. Just a few years ago I thought wifi was only on the internet but as we can see technology is always changing the game up. A few cameras with wifi capability will also be mentioned for to look into and check out but let’s begin.

1. Live Blogging

If you’re an Instagram fanatic like myself and enjoy uploading and editing while on the move or location than a WiFi camera is definitely a tool to have in your knapsack. Not everyone really has the time or luxury to wait until their home to transfer images to their phone or do post production on their lap top and then transfer images to their phone. That sounds like something people in the stone age would do so you have to catch up. Not only is it a great tool for personal live blogging businesses are no venturing into the field of having a live update posted on their social media platforms so it may also be a tool to earn some good money by offering prime services. You can’t go wrong once it comes to doing something you love and earning money at the same time, you’ll never work a day in your life. Post production of these RAW or JPEG files can also now be managed and edited on your phone by simply downloading photo editing apps like Lightroom, VSCO Cam or even Snapseed. You have no excuse as to why you can’t capture and post on the go.

2. Storage

Being an iPhone user like myself, you find where you tend to make the “Cloud” more useful to you as you don’t really have the option of changing the memory on your phone like others. So in this case having a Wifi capable camera helps in the process of storing your images properly if you do not intend to save them on your lap top. Case in point, let’s say you’re out for brunch with a couple of friends and you bring your camera along to capture some great shots of the meet. It’s now easy for you to take those images and save to either the cloud or your phone and share with all these friends in probably less than 15 minutes and if you like, you can then delete them off your camera. Sounds crazy right? But that’s the benefit of having a camera with built in wifi, creating a medium for easy sharing and storing.

3. Less Chords

Never really been a fan of hoarding around USB cords or a bunch of SD cards. They can often cause a lot of chaos and stress before you even get to the part where you enjoy your images. Your camera will completely cut this out UNLESS you are completely adamant on doing your edits on your lap top. If you’re like me however and would enjoy cutting away the excess, unnecessary things, then you should already be on Amazon looking for an affordable wifi enabled camera.

4. Sync Capability

Depending on your camera manufacturer your camera may very well be able to be controlled by just your phone. Apps are being created that can sync with your camera via passcode just like you would on a GoPro and controlled by your phone. When I found out this was possible I was taken back myself but given your camera have these built in capabilities there is so much you can actually do.

There are affordable cameras like the Canon T6s or the Nikon D5300 and other that carry these features and more like even GPS. It’s been so fun giving you guys tips on how to better and enjoy your craft as photographers. I appreciate you stopping by and until next time remember you miss every shot you don’t take so keep shooting and capturing great moments.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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