How to Deal With a Bridezilla in Wedding Photography

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  By Michael Moodie
How to Deal With a Bridezilla in Wedding Photography

Weddings are probably one of the most beautiful and sacred events to do as a photographer. You are trusted with the responsibility of capturing every detail and memory of the ceremony which encompasses two people making a promise to each other to share their life together. As someone who’ve done weddings a bunch of times, I can appreciate the emotional atmosphere that comes with it. Something else I can also appreciate and understand is the stress that comes with it as well, not only for the photographer but for the individuals involved. You will mostly find that in most couples, the woman/bride or a wedding planner is the person in charge of getting the wedding done properly.

Even if it isn’t the bride herself who is in charge, she will eventually find a way to make sure everything is going as planned for her big day. Anything out of line may cause a meltdown because of all of these emotions that are in the atmosphere on that day. In this article, I will be sharing with you some tips that just might save you from getting cursed out by a bridezilla. For those who are not sure as to what a bridezilla is, the term can commonly be explained as an overly demanding and boss bride on her wedding day. A bridezilla will definitely come in different ways but the behavior is usually the same. As the photographer, you may just end up in the line of fire when working with a bridezilla but these tips will help you to manage and avoid that from happening.

1. Understanding

The first step to managing a bridezilla is to understand her perspective and where she’s coming from. There almost a guarantee that she won’t be that same demanding or condescending person when the wedding is over but she is that way now because of the situation at hand. To understand bridezilla you have to put yourself in her shoes. Please don’t try this literally. Try to view things whereas she is worried and trying to prevent any hiccups or issue from happening that might hinder or cause embarrassment at her ceremony. This is also why brides carefully pick who they invite and seat the guests accordingly. Once you’ve come to an understand and she has established that you get it, things will become that much easier.

2. Listen

When she talks, just listen. If you’re a photographer who’s already married or in a committed relationship then this tip probably shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. A bridezilla likes to know that her demands are being heard and met as best as possible. As soon as she starts to give you orders as the photographer just listen and show no sign of confusion or discomfort.

Once you’ve heard all her demands, make it your duty to ask if she needs anything else just so you don’t miss anything and there was a full line of communication between you both. I can guarantee you, the bride will be more concerned about the images than the groom unless the groom himself is a photographer as well or as meticulous as his bride to be. Nonetheless, make sure to listen and cover all your bases as much as possible. Because the moment a bridezilla catches you slacking off or not meeting the expectations she has, then you’re in trouble.

3. Make Jokes

If you see an opening to lighten the mood and crack a few jokes then I recommend you take the opportunity. Those few hours before the ceremony can be filled with stress, anxiety, and emotions all in one mixing pot. This often results in either a tense or stress filled atmosphere which doesn’t help for pictures, nor does it help when the bride is stressed about her day and not as excited as she should be. So I encourage you to break the ice and share a joke or few with her so she becomes comfortable but not too much for the groom to get jealous. A comfortable and relax bride makes for some gorgeous images and I can promise you that she will appreciate them when the ceremony is all done and gone.

4. Be Flexible

In my last tip, I encourage you to be ready for anything. To the best of your ability, always be prepared to shoot even if you don’t have to because you never know when the bride might ask for something specific and you being unprepared might just not make her so happy. Bridezilla is always on edge and can often be spotted from a mile away so try to always be ready to give them what they want and make them as happy as possible before and during their ceremony. It often becomes easier during the reception because the most important part of the is pretty much over with and it is now time for everyone to relax and share a toast to the bride and groom.

I hope these tips were helpfully in tackling a bridezilla while at a wedding. In a next article, I will be sharing some more tips as to how you can become prepared for a wedding. Until next time, thank you so much for stopping by.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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