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Rating: 4.50 based on 4 Ratings
  By Pia Lopez
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One of the biggest projects you can start for next year is getting your own website live to start attracting a bigger audience. Don’t get me wrong, social media does a superb job on this regard, however, social media apps like Instagram process the images so much that the can lose quality and not to mention you cannot customize or brand these social media platforms to match your style. Putting that simple factor aside, a website can also be a platform for getting in contact with potential customers, it can act as a gallery for displaying your high-quality work, sorted by date, event, location or whatever kind of organization scheme you prefer. And if all that isn’t enough, WordPress may also enable us to convert our website into an e-commerce platform with the help of plugins like WooCommerce: the options are endless. WordPress is one of the largest hosts of all websites on the internet today and with that comes a ton of competition of how your website looks. It can be hard to stand out and this is where changing up website themes, or layouts, come in!

In this review, we are delighted to share all of our insights testing the Cannes WordPress theme by FloThemes, and why we believe it’s a quality asset for any photographer or videographer who desires a mixture of efficiency and quality aesthetics. Let’s get started!


General Aesthetics

Overall you will appreciate this themes modern feel, with a good typography kit to enforce that feeling and a clean scheme, which allows us to use a photograph as the entire header without covering it with any linear or color element – just clean and elegant.

When using the demo theme we checked that by scrolling down we came across a tile scheme for sorting out the main elements we want to promote. This is an elegant yet functional way to differentiate your website from other competitors.

We can quickly upload videos by URL to be placed on some of those tiles – which they can be watched at an integrated media player – and then also feature links to other pages, like information about sessions made or other relevant content, with the layout of a simple phrase to keep up with the minimalistic/modern approach.

Right below you can appreciate a block structure that works as a quick gallery, quite elegant to be scrolled and we didn’t notice any lag whatsoever despite being high-quality photos. You don’t have to stick with this gallery style either. You can fully customize almost every aspect of the site to suit your needs.

What then follows is an area where you can display brand partnership or any other topic of your business’ interest and the footer area with the same stylish fashion.

The galleries for this theme can be found on the top bar. Neatly packed on a menu that shows as a grey-tinted overlayed area, once you pick a gallery to open you’ll see a slider area where you can upload photos or videos – again, with the same media player structure – and then a bottom area ideal to fill in some description of the event.

The contact page looks lovely. You can appreciate the quality and effort made as, to be honest, it can outlast a good number of homepages for photographer website templates that we can see in the market.


Switching to the WordPress backend area, we can start to customize this theme to your taste with a fairly easy process. To be honest, not much knowledge on how WordPress work is required, so this theme can fit the needs of beginners that do not wish – or have the budget – to hire professionals to manage their websites.

All the options for customization are placed under the “FloThemes” menu on the left bar. Every single area of the website is easily accessed to be customized, with a preview of how the typography style looks like for the section, but what we loved the most was the fact that they were so kind to include video tutorials on how to customize each area at the “Introduction” tab of each customizable section. That takes the web design learning process to a whole new level, reducing the stress and anxiety it can produce on beginners.

With this theme, you can import content from a previous blog version you had – that’s all accessible at the “Getting Started” tab – and once you switch to “Header” this is where the true customization process begins.

You get 7 different types of Header templates, entirely customizable, where the logo can be typed into its embedded typeface or you can upload a logo image with ease.

Videos are accessed at a different tab, where each video gets its own mini-screen with options for link placement, general formatting options… you get the meaning.

Creating Pages

The theme is entirely accessible when creating new pages, offering not only the learning videos on how to get the most of it but also the options to tweak the page layout directly in the New Page area. Amazingly done to save us a lot of time and effort by scrolling among options!

If all that isn’t enough, once you switch to the “Layout” tab of that “Pages” area you can add blocks to create new sections right from that very place, showing you the different styles provided by FloThemes and you can click and drag the position of the section in a very WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion, undoubtedly user-friendly.


The Cannes Theme by FloThemes may be just what you are looking for. Easy to use, entirely customizable and you will certainly feel the benefits of its tailored design aesthetic on your photography/videography business. This is a theme for those who seek to showcase what they can bring into the market but without bothering to code areas of their website, or in case they are not familiar with the whole website building experience.

Take a look now at this theme or their selection of products at https://flothemes.com/!

We hope you liked this review and see you again next time!

Rating: 4.50 based on 4 Ratings
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Pia Lopez

Pia Lopez is a self-taught photographer, graphic designer and ArchViz artist. As Content Director of Sleeklens.com, her work is driven by her two biggest passions: technology and art.

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