Shooting Anniversary Sessions – Making the Couple Feel Special

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  By Jonathan Ma
Shooting Anniversary Sessions – Making the Couple Feel Special

Anniversaries represent a historic achievement in the lives of two best friends. It is an honor to be chosen to photograph such an important occasion. The photographer should, therefore, strive to make the couple feel special during the anniversary photo shoot. They should feel the bond for each other as strong as ever. There are certain methods that the photographer can use to help the couple feel the love for each other and relax during the photo session. We will discuss these points below.

Setting the Mood

One of the most romantic drinks for many people is wine. It also helps serve the purpose of helping the couple to relax and feel at ease during the photo session. As a bonus, setting up a little picnic is a great way to start an anniversary photo shoot. The props will provide some nice background context while setting a romantic mood for the couple to enjoy. The key during an anniversary photo shoot is to create an atmosphere where the couple can feel like themselves and enjoy each other’s company. In so doing, the photographer will just need to wait for the perfect opportunities to snap away. As the couple is enjoying their light picnic, feel free to give them pointers here and there as to where to look or which way to face. Try not to overdo it and give them too many instructions, though. Doing so would ruin the mood and they would start to feel self-conscious about how they look in front of the camera. Instead, focus on taking natural portraits as the couple interacts with each other.

Intimate Poses


As the couple starts to relax, see if they would be up for more intimate poses. These types of poses allow the couple to connect and support each other. This is especially important when one person or both of them are camera shy. A good rule of thumb is to have the photogenic person look at the camera, while the other person looks at their mate. When both people are warmed up then you can transition to having them both look at the camera. Intimate poses also look great during anniversary photo shoots because they symbolize the connection between both mates over time. There is a special feeling when two people who love each other embrace. It connects them in a way that is hard to describe and it will lead to genuine smiles and kisses, which is like gold to a photographer.

Isolate the Wedding Rings

Wedding rings

are an important part of every couple’s lives. They symbolize the commitment and vow to each other. Being able to hold on to the wedding ring after many years of marriage is also a great achievement. Ask the couple before the anniversary photo shoot if they have their wedding rings available. Let them know that you’ll want to isolate the rings and take photos of them together sometime during the photo shoot. This will give the couple an opportunity to prep the rings and clean them if they want to. Before having the couple take off their wedding rings, make sure you already have a location in mind to take photos with them. It might be a good idea to bring a nice cloth to overlay on a picnic table or other surface in order to have a clean background. Either way, it is important to take the photos of the wedding rings right away and then directly hand them back to the couple in order to prevent accidentally losing or damaging them.

Bring the Wedding Attire

This may not be possible for every couple but is quite fun for the couple if they are able to pull it off. It would mainly be the couples that bought that wedding dress and tuxedo that can pull this off. Because modern fashion changes over time, it can be hard to find the exact wedding dress and tuxedo that was rented for an older wedding. If the couple still has their wedding attire though, ask them where they took their wedding photos. It might be worth going down memory lane with them and taking them back to where it all started – their wedding day!

Happy shooting!



Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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