Tips for Photographing Grandparents with Their Grandchildren

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  By Taya Ivanova
Tips for Photographing Grandparents with Their Grandchildren

Grandparents are true blessings; in addition to inspiring, comforting, and nurturing their grandchildren, they give their own children a chance to relax and be grateful. The bonds between such family members are so indescribable that only photographs can capture their immense value. It’s not surprising, then, that many people want to document these relationships as accurately as possible.

Family photos, like family photoshoots, are unique. Couples, families, friends, etc., all demand different creative approaches. If you learn how to work with different types of people, you’ll attract more clients and significantly refine your portfolio. Whether you’re photographing your own parents or working with clients, the tips below will help you take authentic photos of real emotions.

If You Don’t Know Them, Get to Know Them

Getting to know a family will help you build a strong photographer-client relationship and allow you to take photos that both you and your clients will love. Get to know what your subjects regularly do together. Be politely curious and open to sharing information about yourself. Ask them questions like:

  • Do you have any mutual hobbies or interests?
  • Where do you usually go together?
  • Do you have a favorite location, toy, or activity?
  • What makes you the happiest?

Questions like these will show your clients that you care and make them feel more comfortable in your presence. They’ll also come in handy during the photographing process, as you’ll see now.


Subjects of any kind (especially children) shouldn’t have to pose throughout an entire shoot. Their true nature will show when they play, talk, and don’t pay too much attention to your camera. Instead of asking your subjects to say cheese, let them interact with each other. Ask them more questions (now that you know them better, you can have comfortable discussions), give them fun activity ideas, and most importantly, observe. The advantage of having multiple subjects is that they’ll feel more comfortable in the presence of someone familiar. Don’t take this for granted.

Observation will show you details that you overlooked in the past and give your artistic self-more room to grow. Your clients will love this spontaneity and admire your ability to document life at its purest. There’s nothing quite as special as knowing that an artist lovingly crafted a world just for your family. Be the kind of person who makes people feel this way.

Photograph Mutual Interests

Having a proper conversation with your clients before a shoot will give you valuable information about their relationship. Think about what your clients love most. Do they like to cook, read, walk, or play certain games together? Knowing this will let you take the best photos of their bond and let them have lots of fun. Photos of people enjoying one another’s company are nothing short of delightful and portfolio-enhancing.

Choose a Familiar Location

Think of your favorite place. How does it make you feel? Mine is a tranquil park located on a mountain; it feels like my very own secret place with neat surroundings and few visitors. There, I have the opportunity to take joyful photographs of myself and my family. If I had a shoot in an unfamiliar environment, on the other hand, my self-awareness would be intense and my smiles would probably be forced.

If you let your subjects interact with each other in a place they love, it’ll be much easier for you to take fantastic photos of them. They’ll be too immersed in their surroundings to even notice your camera!

Your creativity and skills will freeze time in the best way possible; by photographing grandparents and their grandchildren, you’ll store precious memories that your clients will cherish forever. Most importantly, you’ll give your subjects a reason to spend even more quality time together. Imagine that: you’re a photo-taking wizard who can lift people’s spirits, store heartwarming moments, and give families a reason to smile. You are more than enough. Go out there and document valuable moments that no one will forget.


Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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