How to Use the Perspective Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop

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  By Jordan Younce
How to Use the Perspective Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop

The perspective crop tool is one of the most effective tools in Adobe Photoshop but it is also little known and little used by many people. This video will show you how you can use this tool effectively and get great results as you do your photo editing in Photoshop. We all know what crop tool is and we have used it at different points in time. But if we take it for example in this video and crop the sign in the image, we will end up with a slanted image and doesn’t look as though you took a photo of it.

We will undo that and then click on the “Crop tool tab” and this will give us a few options to pick from. The available options include Crop tool, Perspective Crop Tool, Slice tool and Slide Select Tool. We will choose the perspective crop tool and this allows us to draw the same box as we did previously and when we let go, it gives us a number of options. We can take the little nodes in each of the corners and drag them thus transforming what we are trying to crop out and then hit enter.

What this does is that it straightens the image you are cropping thus making it look as though it was taken head on instead of a slanted angle. This is a great tool to use if you are cropping images of a sign on the wall but can’t shoot them straight on or have some signposts which are high and you can’t get close enough. You can take a photo on any angle and use the perspective crop tool to straighten them up and they’ll appear as though you the photos were shot straight on. The Photoshop tool, therefore, helps you straighten the images fast and in a few steps.

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Rating: 5.00 based on 2 Ratings
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