5 Photography Genres and How They Can Help You Grow

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  By Taya Ivanova
5 Photography Genres and How They Can Help You Grow www.sleeklens.com

The photography world is filled with genres that anyone could fall in love with. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to pick a favorite, especially if you’re a beginner. When you do find your strength, however, you might forget about all the other genres out there. In doing so, you’ll stop yourself from growing.

When you familiarise yourself with various photography genres, this will happen:

  • You’ll become a more open-minded individual
  • You’ll be more appreciative of various kinds of art and their creators
  • You’ll have a deeper understanding of diversity, which will help you have more meaningful conversations with others
  • You’ll have enriching knowledge that will help you improve your work quickly

Why not start introducing yourself to more worlds, then? To get you started, here are 5 genres that will inspire you to take more photos, give you a motivational boost, and open your mind.

Self-Portrait Photography


is a sub-genre that revolves around independence, emotions, and self-confidence. Even though it’s often mistaken for arrogance, it continues to be a cathartic hobby for many people. Being vulnerable in front of a camera takes a lot of effort, which is why every photographer must give it a try.

Self-portrait photography will help you feel more comfortable in your skin and show you your best angles. If you’re a portrait photographer, it will help you understand your clients on a deeper level. It will also make you more aware of lighting and camera settings, which will improve your overall knowledge of photography. To put it simply, it will improve two important parts of your life: you and your love for art.

Black & White Photography

Seeing the world without color is something most of us can’t do naturally. A world without various shades and tones feels surreal and foreign, which is why b&w photography is the perfect genre for growth.

To really appreciate your genre, you have to try out something completely different. If you’re used to working with colors all the time, challenge yourself with a monochrome project. You’ll get access to a new perspective that will not only make you appreciate your own work but sharpen your image.

Landscape Photography

To really embrace landscape photography, you have to go out and appreciate your surroundings. You have to leave your home. This is refreshing for several reasons, one being that you’ll have the chance to get some fresh air and take photos simultaneously. Who says photography can’t be a healthy hobby?

Even though a lot of landscape photographers travel a lot, you don’t need to visit extravagant places to be a part of this genre. Sometimes, all you need to do is look at your area from a different perspective. Your curiosity might lead you to stunning places you didn’t even know existed!

Conceptual Photography

Concepts usually require a strong knowledge of photo manipulation. To recreate your wildest ideas, you need to be familiar with layers, masks, and brushes. The better your editing skills, the more eye-catching your results will be.

Not every conceptual image requires a knowledge of Photoshop, though. Photographers like Oleg Oprisco use real-life props to create magical environments. Other artists, like Rosie Hardy, rely on their imagination and editing skills to create equally magical worlds.

Either option will inspire you to play with your imagination and come up with very exciting ideas.

Nighttime Photography

As intimidating as this genre might be, don’t let it scare you off. Nighttime photography will inspire you to work with very different settings to the ones you’re used to (e.g. high ISO numbers). It will also introduce you to artificial lighting, a side of photography that is often overlooked.

In addition to learning more about your camera’s settings and artificial light, you’ll discover that almost everything has potential. For example, you can easily take a beautifully-lit portrait of a friend with simple string lights.

If you want to really take your photos to the next level, experiment with every genre you come across. Starting with the five above will give you lots of new skills and knowledge. The more genres you familiarise yourself with, the more open-minded you’ll become and the quicker you’ll grow. Learn, practice, repeat. Eventually, you’ll get there.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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