5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Photography Blog

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  By Michael Moodie
5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Photography Blog www.sleeklens.com

Social media platforms have been the cornerstone of growth for business and individuals for the past few years. These platforms have helped business and photographer like myself to build their own audience and be able to reach out to others that they never saw possible. I’ve personally met some of my greatest inspirations in photography not only through my work but rather keeping up to date with them through their social media platforms and or their blog postings as well. These blog postings help to keep their viewers or fans more informed as to special events or workshops they have coming up or sales on things such as presets or even prints. Photography blogs in this day and age have proven to be very helpful in many ways more than one. In this article, I will be listing some of the best advantages that come from creating your own photography blog. If you are indeed passionate about your career or love for photography then some of these tips will encourage you to get started on creating your own.

1. Inspire Growth

Having your own will help you grow in many ways more than you thought. You will be updating your blog on weekly basis or more frequent depending on the type of photographer and blogger you are. As you begin the habit of uploading and reviewing your work, you will start to notice different things about yourself and the work you create. Sometimes as photographers or individuals we tend to not see things from a different perspective until it is shown to us.

It is easy to get comfortable shooting in a particular way or sticking to a certain style that does not really inspire growth or adds much diversity to our work as photographers. When your photography blog you will begin to acknowledge these bad habits or trends in your work and then be inspired to make a change or try something new. Switching it up is always a good thing so don’t be scared or discouraged when you see that you need to make a change. Sometimes the best things for us are never the easiest things to do.

2. Establish Your Own Platform

With your own photography blog, you have the freedom to do pretty much anything you wish with it. One of the advantages of this is the ability to establish your own platform where you can share opinions, views, your work or even a quick video of a session you did. You are not limited to what you can do or say like other platforms.

When you have a platform for yourself, you can start to try different ways of getting your people to view it and tune in. For example, the photographers that I look to usually use Instagram to promote their own platforms. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms used today by millions of users and this can work to your advantage. Simply upload stories and make posts promoting your blog will help to send traffic to it and slowly but surely build an audience.

3. No Limits

As I mentioned earlier, a photography blog gives you the freedom to pretty much do whatever you want as the owner of it. One of the best reasons to have your own photography blog is to upload as much of your work as you please. You have no limits to how many photos you can upload as well as no limits to the type of images you can upload as well. This freedom is great when you want to keep your blog as fresh as possible and replenish it with new content whenever you’ve done a recent session or find some old images you’ve revisited and would like to share.

4. Create Relationships

Having your own photography blog is another way to build relationships with your viewers and giving them a better understanding as to who you are and what inspired you to do photography. Creating and maintaining these relationships will eventually help you to develop a loyal audience who will always be looking towards seeing new content from you or see a new update on your blog.

People will generally pay more attention to what you say or share on your own blog than on Facebook or even Instagram. The reason for this is that these other platforms have so much to see and can keep viewers distracted with so many other things very easily. Things such as likes, comments or even friend request can easily grab a viewers attention these days. I am a victim of doing this as well because it is so easy to get distracted. With your own platform, you can demand the attention of your viewer and control the things they get distracted by while on your blog.

5. Inspire Others

Controlling your own photography blog will not only inspire you but help to inspire other creatives as well. So easily we get inspired by others and forget that we can inspire as well. Putting in all the hard work into building and promoting your own photography brand will motivate others to do the same as they see the passion and commitment you have for your craft.

It always a pleasure sharing some of these simple but short points with you. I hope these points have inspired you to go ahead and start your own photography blog and build your own platform as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and see you again soon.

Rating: 5.00 based on 1 Rating
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