Importance Of Having A Photography Buddy

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  By Michael Moodie
Importance Of Having A Photography Buddy

We all need a friend or some friends at some point during our life or even our career. Some friends tend to be our saving grace while others are there to always lend a helping hand or even give a few words of encouragement or advice. Today we will be discussing some of the importance of having other photographer friends like yourself and the benefits of them. It always a great feeling when you can connect and share experiences with someone in the same career field or profession as you. The conversations and ideas flow so easily and can even help to improve your skills and motivate you to do other things as well. Without spending too much time on this introduction, let’s dive in as to why it is important to have a photographer buddy or even a few.

1. Gear Sharing

One of the first important and beneficial reasons for having a photographer buddy is gear sharing. Photography is a very expensive career and most photographers like myself will sometime find that they can’t afford a particular piece of equipment or it’s not available to them as they would like. Another photographer might just have this same piece of equipment you need and is willing to share it for the benefit of your craft. I have found myself in many jams where I need a specific lens or some lighting and having the freedom to call upon one of my photographer friends to give me a helping hand has helped me so much on past projects.

Not only can they help you with their gear but you can also lend a helping hand to them as well and see what projects they have coming up. It all about forming or developing a mutually beneficial friendship that will serve well each of you.

2. Having Company

By nature, I am a true introvert and sometimes find that I enjoy working alone for an extended period of time. This is not completely healthy as it is always good to take a break and socialize or hang out with a friend overall. Having a photography buddy will serve as a good company while working on a project or even just doing post-production editing. Engaging in meaningful conversation or activities while you work can help to add some fun to your daily task and not have them dull or lonely.

3. Different Perspective

Everyone sees things differently and have different opinions about certain topics or things. Some of these opinions or views can serve as very useful to your craft as it opens up your eyes to a whole new way of think or viewing something in particular. The way two or more people can think completely different about one topic will always amaze me in ways that I have used to my advantage. Photographers with a different style of shooting will always have something to add to your work which might just enhance it or make it that much better.

4. Networking

As I’ve mentioned in many previous articles, networking is the key to building your brand as a photographer. Other photographers can easily help you network yourself into knowing the right people or getting involved with the right brands to boost your brand as well. What might be your strength might be other photographers weakness and that’s where you come in handy. Your photographer buddy has the potential to recommend you to a client who needs your style of photography which will further earn you a new client and also increase your network.

Likewise, you should do the same for your photographer friends as well and help them meet and network with possible new clients. For example, I have never really been the absolute best at wedding photography but I do know someone who is that could capture some amazing shots at a wedding. Instead of me taking the client and by chance not giving them the quality shots they deserve, I would rather pass it on to my friend. The world works in very mysterious ways and what you do for others, they just might do for you.

5. Learning Opportunity

Nobody actually knows everything. In a growing industry like photography or even videography, there is always something new to learn. With that said, there is always the opportunity to learn some new things from your photographer friends as well. As much as I give tips and tricks to beginners and other professional photographers, there are often things I learn from them as well. Never think you’re so smart that you don’t need someone else to teach you something. The world of photography is always evolving as you should too as well. Keep your mind and ear open and to what others like yourself have to say.

I hope these points about the importance of having a photographer buddy has helped you to find yours and connect or bond more with them. It’s always a pleasure sharing and I look forward to doing it again, thank you.

Rating: 4.00 based on 2 Ratings
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